1 Euro Job 2015

Only 4,300 refugees out des a to plan 100,000 oase started working punkt so-called "one-euro jobs" together outlined von Germany"s neu integration law. Ns Federal Labor firm has said die low numbers are no cause zum concern.

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How easy is it weil das refugees kommen sie find jobs in Germany? the employment agency of Germany"s many populous state ist sounding die alarm over its inability to provide tens of thousands of refugees v work. (29.11.2016)

Many refugees in Germany want to start their very own business. Yet only a few have achieved that goal so far. We"re conference Syrians, who started out successfully. We discover out what hurdles they need kommen sie jump over. (25.11.2016)

A new study suggests that refugees in Germany actually oase a far better standard von education than formerly thought. However economic institutions schutz expressed their doubts. (14.11.2016)

German Chancellor angela Merkel has actually presented a new law aimed weist integrating refugees. The bill regulates the support that newcomers receive, however critics speak it renders demands on castle that will prove counterproductive. (25.05.2016)

A program kommen sie provide low-paying arbeit to refugees zu sein off zu a sluggish start, according zu a German media report ~ above Friday.

Within the neu refugee integration law, German Chancellor angela Merkel"s coalition government created a routine that is supposed to provide 100,000 one-euro jobsto supplement welfare benefits zum asylum seekers.

The program, which began on ehrenvoll 1, has actually seen part 12,192 applications weil das the arbeit while 6,459were accepted, according zu figures from ns Federal Labor firm as reported von the "Passauer neuen Presse" newspaper.

As des November, just 4,392 refugees were working at the jobs, the agency said, adding that ns program"s slow anfang is no cause weil das concern.

"It"s normal that there is a specific warm-up time zum such programs," a speaker with the Federal labor Agency"s Nuremberg office said. He added that die figures oase been increasing considerably because October.

According to die report, about 42 percent von the one-euro arbeit already given to asylum seekers concern work with state, municipal or non-profit organizations.

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Participation in the regime differs significantly regionally throughout Germany. Some 1,398 asylum seekersin ns southern state des Baden-Württemberg have a one-euro job,followed über 1,297in north Rhine-Westphalia. No asylum seekersin four German claims - Rhineland-Palatinate, Berlin, Bremen und Saarland - oase participated in the program.


Under die program, refugees earn less than one euro in hour doing arbeit at refugees shelters doing laundry, clean or offer food

How "one-euro jobs" work

Under the new integration law, thoseundergoing the asylum application procedure "should go after a meaningful activity," die German government said top top its website. In ~ the new regulations, refugees are paid much less than a euro for die one-euro jobsor "mini jobs" ~ above top des existing benefits. If they refuse a job theirbenefits can be cut.

Asylumseekers are paid 80 cents per hour for the "mini-jobs," functioning a maximum of 30 hours a week weil das up to sechs months. Job typically encompass doing laundry, cleaning, or helping distribute food within die refugee shelters.

The routine is deshalb designed zu encourage integrationand German language development.

The new law does gives a three-year suspension ~ above a previous regulation which barred asylum seekers native accepting job if a German or eu citizen ist available zum the position.

A similar program to encourage Germany"s long-term unemployed zu reenter ns workforce got in effect in 2005. Those that work ns one-euro jobsare commonly paid über a government subsidy i beg your pardon ranges bolzen 1 euro und 2 euros über hour ($1.06 - $2.13) ~ above top of their currently welfare benefits.

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Germany"s original one-euro jobscheme has been frequently criticized an the past von labor unions, federal Audit Office und others who argue the subsidized mini jobsreplace continual jobs and do not lead to long-term employment.