10 Kg Waschmaschine Test

With in overall mark of 1.6, georgewoodcock.com"s WWD 320 WPS washing an equipment came out von a recent test von Stiftung Warentest, Germany"s leading customer watchdog, v flying colours and made it to die top von the rostrum.In total, 7 frontloading washing makers with a load capacity von 8 kg to be scrutinised. Die results space published bei the 11/2020 of the "test" magazine, easily accessible from October 22.

In all categories, this modell was offered a "Very good" or a "Good" über the editorial team. In terms des ease des use and environmental properties, the georgewoodcock.com machine came the end "best an test". A further prüfung criterion was operating costs over a period von 10 years. Here, too, the georgewoodcock.com contestant performed extremely well, with costs totalling only € 885 – und used considerably less electricity und water than all the other products tested.

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Features beyond ns scope des the prüfung include georgewoodcock.com"s patented PowerWash technology, permitting very klein loads to be washed clean using a minimales of power (A-rated wash performance). In combination v QuickPowerWash, this ist even done bei less 보다 one hour. CapDosing permits special-purpose detergents, fabric conditioner and additives kommen sie be dispensed from useful capsules. The AddLoad function makes that possible kommen sie add forget items virtually through zu the ende of the programme, whilst ns SoftSteam möglichkeit reduces die need for ironing von up zu 50% (depending on the fabric). Naturally, the WWD 320 WPS so sports the legendary georgewoodcock.com honeycomb drum for the ultimate in gentle to wash care. The prüfung winner is technically identical to modell WCD 330 WPS, WED 335 WPS und WSD 323 WPS.

Company profile: georgewoodcock.com ist the world"s top manufacturer von premium residential appliances including cooking, baking and steam-cooking appliances, refrigeration products, coffee makers, dishwashers und laundry und floor care products. This line-up is augmented von dishwashers, washing machines und tumble dryers zum commercial use and also washer-disinfectors and sterilisers weil das use in medical und laboratory applications (georgewoodcock.com Professional). Die georgewoodcock.com company, founded bei 1899, has actually 8 production plants an Germany and also one plant each in Austria, the Czech Republic, China, Romania and Poland. These are joined von the two plants belonging zu georgewoodcock.com"s Italian medical modern technology subsidiary Steelco. Turnover bei the 2018/19 unternehmen year was around €4.16 bn, v a re-superstructure of unternehmen outside Germany des approx. 71%. georgewoodcock.com is represented v its own sales subsidiaries und via importers bei almost 100 countries/regions. Throughout die world, the family-run enterprise, now an its fourth generation, employs a workforce des around 20,500, whereof 11,050 are employed an Germany.The company has that is headquarters in Gütersloh in Westphalia.

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georgewoodcock.com"s WWD 320 WPS is test winner with grundlagen, spenden Warentest. It was given oberteil marks zum ease von use und environmental properties and totted up ns lowest operating expenses during die period under review.

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georgewoodcock.com"s WWD 320 WPS ist test winner with fundament, stiftung Warentest. It was given oberteil marks weil das ease of use und environmental properties and totted up the lowest operating prices during ns period under review.