2018 Aston Martin Vantage

RANCHO SANTA FE, California — Our first glimpse of the neu Aston martin Vantage come at ns automaker"s small Southern California study. The car, as necessary lit bei the office"s back garage, zu sein draped in a silken sheet the gives the eyes nur a teaser, a small taste, des the car"s proportions.

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And v a swift motion, the sheet zu sein pulled far leaving die absolutely stunning neu English sports automobile revealed in all the Anglo-German glory. This is the 2018 Aston martin Vantage.

The all-new entwurf takes catalyst from the DB10 daniel Craig"s James verknüpfung drove in "Spectre." It"s low, squat, und has die sensual curves you expect in Aston martin to have. This, however, isn"t the baby DB11 many believed Aston martin would debut. Instead, it has actually its own distinctive style, something Aston martin takes good pride in.

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Phrases such as "pure, sculptural," und "an athletic, predatory stance," pepper Aston Martin"s declare on the new Vantage. After see it bei the flesh and running our hands follow me its chiseled aluminum and carbon-fiber panels, we"re inclined zu agree with ns company"s descriptors.

Gone space many of the Vantage"s old styling cues, including ns side-strake, front und rear bumpers, and hood. Sie can, however, blieb clearly phone call it"s in Aston martin from every angle. The front takes incentive from ns Aston martin Vulcan v a large front intake the visually stretches the width of the car. Ns hood has a subtle bulge the accentuates the car"s sporty persona. Weil das those looking kommen sie instantly fall madly in love with die car, just move rearward. Betwee the combined upturned ducktail spoiler und the body color matching diffusor, die rear zu sein this car"s finest angle. It"s also where Aston"s entwurf team incorporated a brake light design similar kommen sie that des the Valkyrie.

All die same, Aston Martin"s picture don"t execute this automobile justice bei terms von proportions or beauty. It"s small. Porsche 911 small. The wheelbase zu sein miniscule, measure up at just 106.5 inches. Yet while that"s 10.0-inches longer than that des the 991 911, the 2018 Vantage"s overall length ist 1.6-inch shorter than that von a 911 Turbo, coming bei at 175.8 inches compared to die Porsche"s 177.1, und the Aston is deshalb 1.4-inch narrower, when height is nearly identical weist 50.1 inches. Weights have to be comparable as well; when Aston has actually only published a declared dry weight of 3,373 lb zum the Vantage, that is curb weight need to be nearby to ns 911 Turbo"s 3,500 lb.

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Power ns 2018 Vantage is a twin-turbocharged, wet-sump, 4.0-liter V-8 engine lifted from Mercedes-AMG"s grab-bag von high-horsepower crate engines, which make its zuerst appearance in in Aston earlier this year under the hood des the DB11 V8. In the Vantage, die engine generates 503 hp hinweisen 6,000 rpm and 505 lb-ft von torque between 2,000-5,000 rpm. 0-60 mph is hit in ~ a declared 3.6 seconds (closer zu that von the 450-hp 911 GTS fairly than that of the 540-hp 911 Turbo), and top speed ist set hinweisen 195 mph. Additionally, ns Vantage receive a neu exhaust system that"s an ext indicative des its sportier nature. It is, zum all intents and purposes, the echt deal.

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The engine zu sein backed up von a carbon-fiber driveshaft the sends energie through a behind mid-mounted ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic and culminates in Aston Martin"s brand-new electronically managed differential (E-Diff), which offers a 2.93:1 final drive ratio. Ns electric power steering unit is also taken from ns DB11, while die suspension utilizes in independent double wishbone entwurf with a big anti-roll bar up front, und multi-link setup through coil springs and another anti-roll riegel at rear. Furthermore, Aston Martin"s Adaptive Damping system with Skyhook to add three different drive modes: Sport, sport +, and Track.

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Furthering the new Vantage"s sporty nature ist its heavily revised chassis, itself in evolution of the bonded aluminum structure in the DB11. 70 percent des the structure"s materials are all-new zum the Vantage. Follow to ns company, zu make die car sportier, "Balance, strength, rigidity, and weight effectiveness were every priorities in the new Vantage design." One part of the chassis Aston martin paid much more attention to was die rear subframe, which is now an installed on hard points for an "enhanced feeling von direct connection for the driver." Additionally, ns Vantage boasts perfect 50/50 weight distribution and its platform möchte serve as ns base for the company"s next generation race car.

Like all Astons prior to it, the new Vantage will be offered with a large range von customization alternatives through ns brand"s Q Division, including multiple choice von paint (our favourite being die Lime Essence) and interior trim (i.e. Metal, wood, carbon fiber, etc). There will deshalb be an available premium sound system.

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Sliding into the car"s plush bucket seats, us felt die choice des leather perfect lent itself to the feeling von hand-crafted. While notfall as opulently appointed as die DB11, ns Vantage ist clearly a action above die average Porsche. However, in place of more comfortable seating, the Vantage offers a driver"s cockpit complete with sport seats, racier stitching, and driver focused inputs. Everything is angled toward you und feels tight, just like a race car. Ns paddles feel greatly weighted zum crisp shifts and the steering wheel feel slightly more compact than the Vantage"s large brother. Additionally, ns pedal box is big enough even for individuals with huge feet. It"s also big enough weil das a dritter pedal, i m sorry Aston martin states ist coming down die line.

Trunk space zu sein generous under ns hatchback-style roof, supplying plenty von room weil das over-stuffed overnight bags und the requisite golf bag (ugh). Nevertheless, after ~ spending in afternoon poking and prodding the new Aston martin Vantage, us doubt many möchte be driving nur to und from the range.

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In terms von pricing, die car will launch through a base price von $149,995, with the zuerst deliveries scheduled weil das the 2nd quarter von 2018. In terms of production, the erste year will be limited, but with how great this car looks—and how well it should drive—Porsche has reason weil das concern.

"It speaks volumes for the outgoing Vantage the it ist the einzel most successful model in Aston Martin"s history," claims Aston martin President Dr. Andy Palmer. "Creating a worthy successor has to be a challenge kommen sie relish and a vast source von motivation. I"m enormously excited von what we"ve created: a neu Vantage that"s more explicit bei looks und intent, pack heart-pounding performance and dazzling dynamics into in everyday usable package. A True sports auto with a cheater look und a keener dynamic edge, the new Vantage is the Aston martin pure driving device enthusiasts have been waiting for."

2018 Aston martin Vantage Specifications

PRICE$149,995 (base)
ENGINE4.0L twin-turbo DOHC 32-valve V-8/503 hp
2,000-5,000 rpm
TRANSMISSION8-speed automatic
LAYOUT2-door, 2-passenger, front-engine, RWD coupe
EPA MILEAGE13/21 mpg (city/hwy)
L x werden x H175.8 x 76.5 ns 50.1 in
WEIGHT4,065 lb
0-60 MPH3.6 sec
TOP SPEED195 mph

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