Adidas fast x gtx


Awesome under-ankle trail shoe protects feet native rocks, etc., while being lightweight.Waterproof however breathable Gore-TexStylish


Due kommen sie a damaged leg ich ended trost with some screws bei me the were supposed to stay put. Yet one screw has functioned its means lose and protrudes just above mine left ankle inside side. While the end on an 11-mile hike this came to be a real issue for me as ns back and forth rubbing from mine hiking boots to be killing me those last two miles.

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Not willing to give nach oben hiking ich went kommen sie REI and asked zum something under-ankle but still great on die trails here in central Texas. There is no hesitation die guy recommended these zu me. Frankly i never would schutz picked these out weil das myself. Ich prefer earth tones und most likely wouldn"t have considered Adidas. However based upon his recommendation i decided kommen sie give this a try. I"m an extremely glad i did.


I"ve never taken into consideration my feet kommen sie be narrow, however I also know relying on shoe style und brand i float bolzen a 12 and 13, commonly getting 13 although part I schutz are nur a bit too big. This shoes ich got bei a 14 (!!) und it"s ns perfect size zum me. Be aware von this because freundin really should shot these on bei a store and be willing to go a dimension or even two up before deciding what zu get IMHO.


Please be aware it bring away a long while zu break this shoes in. Ich wore them non-stop even in my house in in effort to break them in ASAP. Even still it take it a solid two months zu get these wherein they are entirely comfortable.

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These shoes oase the integrated lace with a finger tab to pull on in the center. One lace come out. Ich wasn"t thrilled but ich want to keep these too much to return them. Instead i just reduced off ns tabs, melted die laces kommen sie prevent fraying, and tied castle together. Works fine and a gram or two lighter. These laces lock und hold far better than what freundin get on a Keen und I"m glücklich with exactly how that has held up.



Great shoes. Lots des features, google these weil das all die official details. I like die tread zu sein made von a tire company and the Gore-Tex upper zu sein waterproof. The laces hold and I"m not too worried around the teil that come apart — die fix was simple und the shoes blieb work ns same. Yes, ns break-in period is very long and not constantly fun, yet stick through them and when you come out on die other next these möchte be very comfortable. Lock are fantastic trail shoes, really safeguard your feet.

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I"m not happy the screw come loose, but I bei der happy to oase found this shoes. I in getting the screw out des my foot but ich expect kommen sie continue attract these zum pretty viel all my outdoor hiking. I"m sure my boots will see some action but perhaps only in the most extreme backpacking situations.