Always on my mind

Most human being associate die ballad "Always on mine Mind" through country crooner Willie Nelson. But die classic das lied has a rich, evolving history that begins in 1970 that includes an ext than 300 recorded releases -- including versions by Elvis Presley, ns Pet Shop Boys, und even Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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so what"s die story behind "Always on my Mind?"

The Inception des "Always on my Mind"

The writing von "Always on my Mind" was a collaborative effort. Songwriter Wayne Carson Thompson had actually completed approximately two verses while living in Springfield, Missouri in 1970. B.J. Thomas zuerst recorded die song, together a single, however it was a flop. If you listen to that ausführung now, you"ll notice something a bit off: there"s no bridge. There"s no "Tell me..." Carson was insistent the the lied didn"t require it, but producer Chips Moman disagreed. Ultimately co-writers markierung James und Johnny Christopher joined Carson bei the songwriting process. Only then, did ns lyrics yes, really fly. Carson discussed this fruitful teamwork with The Boot:

"Anyway, die three of us satellite there und finally wrote those 2 lines--you know, ns bridge. "Tell him that her sweet love ..."--that part. Hell, a hit"s a hit."

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Gwen McCrae recorded the song, licensed has been granted "You Were constantly on mine Mind," in 1972. That exact same year gehirn Lee released her version i m sorry peaked at number 45 on the US nation chart. But for the many part, ns true reach des this great das lied would be quite delayed. (Willie Nelson"s beloved take would not come out zum more than a decade.) however Carson well-known that the ballad, deshalb full von regrets, was something everyone can relate to:

""Always on mine Mind" happens to be one von those things that, universally, everybody on the planet has actually been there, freundin know. Und it win all at one time. Everybody touch base through that one. That was nur magic the it was deshalb simple and so right on die button."

A complete decade after ~ Elvis changed "Always on mine Mind," Willie Nelson recorded und released his own version in 1982. It invested a total von 21 mainly on the top des the Billboard"s Hot country Singles chart and hit number five on ns Billboard hot 100. The song went on zu win 3 Grammy Awards: Song of the Year und Best nation Song zum songwriters Christopher, James, and Carson, plus finest Male country Vocal Performance weil das Nelson. Die refreshed hit was such a continued success that it also won nation Music verband Awards: both 1982 Song des the Year und 1983 Song des the Year, an addition to 1982 Single of the Year zum Nelson. Nelson"s aptly title 1982 album, Always on my Mind, so won 1982 Album von the Year.

Thanks zu Willie Nelson"s unequaled "Always on mine Mind" triumph, the piece is generally thought about a nation song. But in 1987, the haustier Shop guys performed a synth-pop version von "Always on mine Mind" ~ above a UK television special commemorating the tenth anniversary des Elvis Presley"s death. Die unique power was so well-received, ns latter taped it as a einzel which topped charts bei both the UK und the U.S. An 2014, a poll von the bbq named the pet Shop Boys" version as ns song"s greatest cover.

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Alvin and the Chipmunks... Slowed Down

In 1988, one year ~ the haustiere Shop guys permanently altered die milieu of "Always on my Mind," Alvin und the Chipmunks included a high-pitched cover of that poppy version on your album die Chipmunks and The Chipettes: Born zu Rock. You kann sein listen zu it here. Like many (all) Alvin and the squirrel songs, it"s quite annoying. But in 2015, digital musician Brian Borcherdt edited slowed-old squirrel ditties slowed under to ns 16 RPM setting und the result ist strangely surreal. (All des Borcherdt"s squirrel remixes room worth checking out. Ns weird modification imbues these old pop with a new atmosphere des echoing layers.) exit online, chipmunkson16speed has become in internet cult sludge-metal struggle which, in my opinion, includes ns resounding victor von the "Always on mine Mind" evolution.

Yes, ns best version des "Always on my Mind" ist a SoundCloud DJ"s mix of in Alvin und the Chipmunks startseite of a 1970 nation single. Sorry, Elvis.

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"Always On mine Mind" Lyrics

Maybe i didn"t love youQuite as frequently as i could haveAnd maybe ich didn"t treat youQuite as good as i should have

If i made freundin feel 2nd bestGirl I"m sorry ich was blindYou were always on mine mindYou were constantly on my mind

And maybe ich didn"t organize youAll those lonely, lonely timesI guess i never called youI am so glücklich that you"re mine

Little things i should oase said and doneI nur never took the timeYou were constantly on my mindYou were constantly on mine mind

Tell meTell me the your sweet liebe hasn"t diedAnd gi-ve meGive me one more gelegenheit to keep you satisfiedI"ll keep freundin satisfied

Little things i should have said und doneI nur never took ns timeYou were always on mine mind (you were always on my mind)You were always on mine mindYou were constantly on my mind (you were always on my mind)You were always on my mind

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