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This zuerst statement was found ~ above Eva Herman"s webseite July 23 and July 24.

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Below that zu sein the current statement on Herman"s site, i beg your pardon appears kommen sie replace the zuerst one.



Statement by andreas Popp and Eva Herman on die defamatory spiegel article von 23.07.2020 von Martin Doerry, which is currently gift adopted von other "quality media" without any criticism or research.

Part I

It had been known kommen sie us weil das some time that the winter on ns Canadian island of Cape Breton was conducting research study against ns Knowledge Factory. A geldspiegel employee von the benennen of martin Doerry had made a phone call call zu look weil das "facts" bei order to discredit andreas Popp and the understanding Factory, consisting of Eva Herman.

The intention to misunderstand was made clear von several questionnaires he sent out us, his concerns were formulated an a purposeful, military tone. Several previous participants of the Canada seminar deshalb received calls indigenous Doerry, wherein they so insisted in a occasionally unpleasant way.

One crucial fact an particular increase from his questions:

Doerry apparently bases his find on two messages published in January 2018 by the dubious portal Gerlach Report, bei which a downright adventurous story around us had actually been published. Through a couple of glances, however, everyone kann see the this webseite neither has in imprint nor publishes significant reports. Die formulations represent ns quality von the many evil robber pistols.

The operators of the Gerlach Report are verbrecher fraudsters who have demonstrably defrauded thousands of investors des many millions and are want internationally von warrant. The head des the gang is Rainer von Holst, several von his adult kids are deshalb said kommen sie belong to die fraud ring.

Mr. Doerry indigenous the winter could have found the end all this with two computer mouse clicks. Yet we are happy to assist him.

These two Gerlach-Report articles schutz been online weil das over two and a geholfen years now und everyone kann sein immediately seen that this ist absolutely dubious reporting and bei internationally sought-after blackmail gang.

The unternehmen model is simple: Envious des successful people apparently oase the opportunity here kommen sie use these cyber criminals weil das their own purposes. Since there is neither in imprint no one a summonable address, it seems difficult to prosecute these human being legally.

But that zu sein not all:

The German consumer protection organisation Stiftung warentest has clearly warned against exactly these authors number of times in recent years. Grundlagen, spenden Warentest reports ~ above damaged companies and celebrities that are jetzt extensively defending us against comparable allegations, among other sachen on the Internet:

"Several windy prosecutor"s offices in Germany und the general Prosecutor"s Office weil das Cybercrime in Bamberg are investigating ns Gerlach Report. Finanztest has filed dues against ns Gerlach Report as well as versus those behind die Gerlach Report zum extortion, libel and other offences.

Stiftung Warentest so states:

"As publisher von the dubious Gerlach Report, a agency called Newsroom LLC zu sein mentioned an the imprint. The companies conclude contracts with this company. However, the money ist transferred kommen sie the man behind die Gerlach Report, Rainer by Holst. über Holst, in equally shady character together autarkic boss Kühn, zu sein said to have moved his residence to die USA bei order kommen sie avoid the access of German authorities. In order kommen sie prevent legitimate action von injured neben against the Gerlach Report, ns Gerlach Report go not schutz a ideal imprint with a person responsible über name und a summonable address.

Elsewhere it states on the part von the aggrieved companies

"The reporters are more victims des the Gerlach Report, which is apparently donate by in organized system similar kommen sie protection money. Ns agents of the complainants alone oase already been i was delegated with about 20 mandates, through which die affected providers throughout Germany space trying to verteidigung themselves versus their massive damage zu their reputation und credit.

It was also revealed that the alleged employees of this fraudulent kopieren, gruppe of companies, whose names and activities were detailed on die Internet, were fakes: It has been proven that ns persons named are in fact models for the Shutterstock photo Agency.

We would like zu point this out: Everyone who spreads this reputation-damaging verknüpfung of die said Gerlach-Reports write-up or its declaration must know that he/she is supporting bei obvious cyber crime. Bei addition, he have to face die question of his own seriousness, due to the fact that with a an easy entry bei a search engine the verbrecher connections appear immediately.

In april 2020, fundament, stiftung Warentest published in article saying:

"According to die Augsburg local Court, there is in extradition inquiry from Germany for the investment shark Rainer über Holst, that fled to the USA. Nevertheless, the man has not yet to be arrested, return a journalisten informed die public prosecutor"s office des his address in mid-March 2020. über Holst has harmed thousands of investors and put service providers under press with his online leistungen Gerlach Report. The Augsburg publicly prosecutor"s office does not want zu answer inquiries from as to why von Holst has not been arrested deswegen far, in order not to endanger their investigations.

If the spiegel editor martin Doerry had done his research study properly, that would have received this und much more info from us around this distinctive case in the history des cyber crime: due to the fact that here ns true journalist will find a echt scandal!

We would schutz replied to großvater Doerry: Yes, we auch should be blackmailed. However we schutz not enabled ourselves kommen sie be blackmailed. Which zu sein why these articles are ausblüten on the net.

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One von the henchmen of the Gerlach Report, so known as a criminal, who worked with the geldspiegel author martin Doerry native Canada, und who is no much longer allowed to enter Germany because von his verbrecher past, is also part des the game. He zu sein a previous GDR officer who had contacted andreas Popp at ns time when he was kommen sie do ns commissioned work weil das drone recordings zum the Gerlach Report. The man works together a ja wirklich estate agent und cottage landlord on Cape Breton.

It zu sein doubtful whether martin Doerry has gott it every figured out.

By the way, we had constantly answered media inquiries about die Gerlach Report through a letter include a meticulous research about the people behind ns Gerlach Report. Deswegen far, every journalist has recognized die explosiveness und immediately left this dubious resource alone.

Only martin Doerry von the spiegel apparently did notfall do so. We would of course have sent him this statement together well. Andreas Popp had even pointed out zu him, zum the sake of good order, the he was being collection up by a cheat network throughout his "research".

Exciting: bei his questionnaires to the Wissensmanufaktur, Doerry provided some von the criminals" claims as his very own questions.

To it is in continued.


Press release Wissensmanufaktur, Institute zum Economic Research and Social Policy,

24 July 2020

Yesterday, Thursday, July 23, 2020, ns German nachrichten magazine ns SPIEGEL released a report claiming that participants bei our seminars, which us regularly hold on die Canadian island of Cape Breton, room being asked kommen sie buy land. This zu sein a false assertion and absolutely notfall the case.

We, as persons andreas Popp and Eva Herman, who offer lectures zum the Wissensmanufaktur, have never asked anyone to buy land. We space neither building dealers nor developers. Most von the participants bei our seminars schutz not planned kommen sie buy a plot of land either. Instead, lock attend the seminar for one hauptsächlich because they space interested bei the topics. Part seminar participants currently own festland on Cape Breton, which lock bought before die seminar, mostly individually from us. And there space actually some seminar participants who come with the intention kommen sie buy land.

Cape Breton has actually a great name an Europe, the island stands for in extraordinary organic beauty und for friendly, sorry people. Ns island ist considered ns pearl of the Atlantic and exerts a good fascination.

For festland issues us cooperate through the land developer Cape Breton ja wirklich Solutions. Us do notfall take part in sales or sales talks.

Furthermore, the spiegel report estimates a "businessman", whose name is not mentioned, together saying the a substantial number des "German citizens v brown ideas" had actually settled in Cape Breton, who were looking kommen sie found a "colony" und who earn a lot of money v it.

We are neither aware des the planning des a "colony", nor space we plan a colony ourselves. Nor space we an contact with people who oase "brown ideas", just as we ourselves do not have them. The people who attend our seminars are politically independent, open-minded, close

to nature and mostly spiritual. Us ourselves are also politically independent, we do not belong to any party or any other political association.

The author von the winter report accuses us in the report von being close zu the real estate agent offen Eckhardt who leben on Cape Breton.

The following zu sein to it is in said: Eva Herman does not know this einer at all, she has actually never seen ihm or spoken kommen sie him. Andreas Popp has not had any contact with mr Eckhardt for 15 years, since he does not want to oase anything zu do with his controversial unternehmen practices or

his political views.

We would like kommen sie point out that it ist very important zu us that he does not suffer die reputation von Cape Breton.

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We would deshalb like kommen sie point out that we have engaged lawyers to enforce our rights against ns untrue allegations des the SPIEGEL und against the media that oase spread this untruths.