Anne will 1.3 2020

may 20, 2020 — Garance has actually been ns managing director des the Anne frank House since 1 januar 2012, but she wollen leave us shortly. These past couple of months, right at the ende of her time v us, she has actually been faced with an interesting challenge.

It"s been three months since our zuerst internal corona crisis meeting. Approximately that time, bei the middle des February, there were no cases in the Netherlands and no one had actually heard des social distancing, however we were well mindful that this was no simple flu. Ns unthinkable taken place three weeks later: on the 12th von March, hinweisen three o"clock in the afternoon, us were notified that us would not be permitted to open the next day. That had never happened an sixty years. Even during renovations, ns Anne frank House has always remained offen 364 job a year, often weil das twelve hrs a day.With tears in our eyes we watched the tonnage visitors leave die museum. More than 100,000 visitors had already bought tickets zum the period up zu 13 May; it letztere turned the end that only one an four of the ticketholders would certainly reclaim ns purchase amount; ns others shown that they were donating die purchase quantity or planned to come rückseitig within 2 years, frequently leaving heart-warming messages. We möchte receive lock with offen arms (except that hugs are not allowed anymore...). Ns next day, we turned die closure von the museum into an event von finishing the Holtkamp cake stock of the museum cafe with the staff, und we checked the security und climate installations. The ICT room arranged weil das additional VPN licenses und installed the Teams app. The weekly online Friday drinks oase become a tradition und are a good opportunity to share our ups and downs.The required closure has actually hit die Anne offen House hard. Us do notfall receive government or municipal funding, und 90% von our visitors come from abroad. They may notfall be coming zum a while... Yet there are ausblüten many Dutch human being who would also like kommen sie visit the Anne frank House; hopefully they möchte seize ns opportunity in the coming quiet months (or years...?). Ns time slot that are now mandatory for all museums oase been bei place at ns Anne frank House zum three years, so we can not use seen any type of queues for a lang time... Still, social distancing does mean that ns museum"s capacity will be limited kommen sie a fifth von the number von visitors an 2019 (1.3 million) at die most.

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Die ticket revenues will notfall be sufficient to hülle the to work costs über a lang shot. This is because we operation educational programmes bei over forty countries, some von which space funded by the earnings from the museum und are therefore directly hinweisen risk, just when ns need zu guard versus discrimination, prejudice, and anti-Semitism ist more urgent than ever.During a crisis, you get to know your friends - and colleagues - really well, und we space fortunate the our colleagues turn out to have true business man spirit. A radically modification budget was available within 3 weeks; a reopening plan two main later, well ahead of the day that has because been announced von the element Minister: 1 June (fingers crossed...). Us launched die video diary the we had been functioning on zum months, and the plenty of positive reactions evidenced once again how belang Anne Frank"s history blieb is. A "lockdown" ist not die same together living bei hiding, but bei recent months, ns whole welt has proficient how quickly freedoms und things we take zum granted kann be taken away from us, and the historic parallels space hard to miss.Along came ns third of May. Sixty years since ns day Otto frank opened ns museum. The irony that on die very work that die Anne offen House had actually been open zum sixty years, the museum was closed, did not elude us. We sent customised cacao bars to all von our colleagues to unterschrift the occasion.On 1 June, Whit Monday, ich will be here kommen sie welcome the first visitors. Together it happens, that will so be my tonnage day on ns job, as ich will start as director of Plan international Netherlands die very next day. These space bizarre mal to be leaving ns Anne offen House, but i know I"m leave it bei the very capable hands des all von my colleagues. Ns Anne frank House has weathered numerous storms end the last sixty years, und we wollen overcome this situation as well.I will fehlschlagen my colleagues, ns bells of the Westertoren, und the buzz of the Westermarkt, which ist sure to kommen sie back. All die best and thanks for eight unforgettable years!


Feb. 25, 2020Two countries, one passionJulie Couture began working as a volunteer weil das the Anne offen House at the age von 28; über now, she has actually organised Anne frank exhibitions an over 80 various Canadian cities.


Dec. 3, 2019Goodbye kommen sie AnneAfter more than 35 year with ns Anne frank Stichting, Jaap Tanja, Project direktors Education, will retire early on next year. Time zu say goodbye to Anne.



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17, 2019Food for thoughtEducational employee member Gabri Brummelman invites you along on a gruppe introduction to the museum zum secondary institution students. Exactly how does she ensure the these college student leave ns Anne frank House through a neu perspective?