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Apple"s revamped 4K apple TV features in A12 Bionic processor, 32 zu 64GB von storage, und 4K high structure rate HDR support, plus it comes v redesigned Siri Remote.


4K supportHigh frame rate HDR supportRedesigned Siri Remote through clickpadA12 Bionic processor32 or 64GB storage optionsNew automobil color balance feature

The apfel TV zu sein Apple"s set-top box. Die latest apfel TV 4K features a much faster A12 Bionic chip, support weil das high-framerate HDR, und a redesigned Siri Remote. Sich entschuldigen typically updates the apple TV infrequently, release a new model around every three years.

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Announced in April von 2021, die second-generation apfel TV 4K zu sein the newest apple TV an Apple"s lineup und is very early an its product cycle, an interpretation that now is the ideal time zu buy it.


There space two different apple TV modell currently available. One zu sein the apple TV HD from 2015, special support weil das displays v up to 1080p resolutions, an A8 chip, 32GB von storage, HDMI 1.4, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 4.0, und a price of $149. The other zu sein the second-generation apple TV 4K indigenous 2021, featuring support zum displays through up to 4K resolutions, bei A12 Bionic chip, up zu 64GB von storage, HDMI 2.1, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, und a preis starting hinweisen $179. Both come with die same redesigned Siri Remote.

The second-generation sich entschuldigen TV 4K has actually better specifications in almost every area than the older apfel TV HD und will be much more future-proof. Due to its age und lower specifications, it ist difficult to recommend buying bei Apple TV HD, especially because it zu sein only $20 cheaper than ns second-generation apfel TV 4K.

Almost all potential customers need to choose die second-generation sich entschuldigen TV 4K. Ns only customers who should think about buying the apfel TV HD are world who room on a strictly budget, schutz no intention von buying a 4K TV, and are comfortable v buying a six-year-old device.

If sie need much more help deciding between the apple TV 4K and the sich entschuldigen TV HD, or die two 4K sich entschuldigen TV models, we oase guides easily accessible that carry out some useful feature comparisons.

The Second-Generation apple TV 4K


Apple bei April 2021 introduced a new version von the apple TV 4K, with in all-new Siri far a faster processor, and a couple of other notable interior improvements.

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Design wise, ns second-generation apple TV 4K continues to look like ns prior-generation version, through a simple black box design that plugs into a television set over HDMI.

The sich entschuldigen TV 4K, as the benennen suggests, supplies 4K resolution with support for high structure rate HDR content, consisting of HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Zum full performance, it needs to be paired v a 4K TV und 4K content is also required.

Apple states it is working with fox Sports, NBCUniversal, Paramount+, Red Bull TV, Canal+, and more zu stream content in high structure rate HDR. AirPlay jetzt supports high structure rates deshalb Dolby Vision videobilien shot on iphone phone 12 can be displayed an full resolution on the new apfel TV 4K.

There"s a faster A12 Bionic chip inside die new apple TV 4K that wollen offer a GPU boost, faster videos decoding, much better audio processing, und improved gameplay.

Though the entwurf of the apfel TV 4K has not changed, sich entschuldigen overhauled the Siri Remote, which jetzt features in all-new design with a one-piece aluminum body. There"s a clickpad regulate wheel with five-way navigation, with the clickpad also supporting touch gestures. The clickpad"s outer runde supports a one gesture that lasst uns you jog with TV und movie content.

The Siri Remote is larger than die prior version and it includes a dedicated stärke button the controls a TV"s power. It so includes volume buttons, a mute button, in option for pausing und fast-forwarding, and a food selection button. There"s a side taste for activating Siri.

Apple added a neu color balance process the uses ns iPhone"s front-facing camera to fine-tune die colors ~ above the sich entschuldigen TV von comparing die color to industry-standard specifications. This works with the new sich entschuldigen TV 4K and also older models.

The sich entschuldigen TV 4K ist priced starting weist $179, and it became available weil das purchase on Friday, april 30. Ns Siri Remote ist available separately zum $59.

Apple has discontinued die prior-generation 4K apfel TV that was released in 2017, however the apfel TV HD continues zu be available for purchase.

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The sich entschuldigen TV 4K came to be available zum purchase as of Friday, april 30, und the erste orders began getting here on may 21.

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The sich entschuldigen TV 4K zu sein priced at $179 for 32GB storage, or $199 zum 64GB storage. Apfel is deshalb continuing kommen sie sell the apfel TV HD, which ist priced hinweisen $149 weil das 32GB storage. The apple TV HD support 1080p resolution rather than 4K resolution.