Apple watch ekg app

An electrocardiogram (also called bei ECG or EKG) ist a prüfung that records die timing und strength von the electric signals that make die heart beat. Von looking at in ECG, a doctor kann gain insights around your heart rhythm und look for irregularities.

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The ECG anwendung can document your heartbeat and rhythm using the electrical heart sensor on apfel Watch collection 4, series 5, series 6, or collection 7*and climate check the recording for atrial fibrillation(AFib), a form of rarely often rare rhythm.

The ECG anwendung records an electrocardiogram which represents the electrical pulses the make your heart beat. The ECG app checks this pulses to get your heart rate und see if the upper and lower chambers des your heart are in rhythm. If castle out of rhythm, that could be AFib.

The ECG apps is currently accessible only in certain countries and regions.Learn where ns ECG app is available.

*The ECG apps is not georgewoodcock.comed on apfel Watch SE.

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The ECG anwendung is mounted during ns ECG app setup in the health app.Follow these steps to set up the ECG app:

Open the Health anwendung on her iPhone.Follow the onscreen steps.If you don"t seen a prompt to set up, tap die Browse tab, climate tap heart > Electrocardiograms (ECG) > Set up ECG App.After sie complete set up, offen the ECG appto take an ECG.

If you still don’t seen the app on your sich entschuldigen Watch, offen the Watch app on your iPhone and tap Heart. In the ECG section, tap Install zu install die ECG app.

The ECG app isn"t available an every country or region.Learn where the ECG app is available.



You tun können take in ECG hinweisen any time, wie you’re feeling symptoms such together a quick or skipped heartbeat,whenyouhave other general concerns about your heart health,or wie you receive in irregular valuation notification.

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Make certain that your Watch zu sein snugand on the wrist the youselected in the apfel Watch app. Zu check, open the Watch app, tap ns My clock tab, then walk toGeneral > watch Orientation.Open die ECG apps on your Watch.Rest her arms ~ above a table or bei your lap.With the hand opposite her watch, host your finger on die Digital Crown. Freundin don"t require to press the Digital Crown during the session.Wait. The recording takes 30 seconds. Punkt the end of the recording, you will receive a classification, climate you kann sein tap add Symptoms und choose your symptoms.Tap conserve to klasse any symptoms, then tap Done.