Turn on: If her Watch ist off, press und hold die side taste until the apfel logo shows up (you might see a schwarze farbe screen zum a quick time first).

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The watch face appears when Watch is on.

Turn off: Normally, you will do it leave her Watch ~ above all of the time, yet if freundin need kommen sie turn it off, press and hold die side taste until the sliders appear, then traction the stärke Off slider to ns right.

Tip: You can’t rotate off her Watch while the charging. To turn off your Watch, first disconnect that from die charger.


Always On lets Watch display die watch face and time, even wie your wrist zu sein down. Wie you raise your wrist, Watch features fully.

Open the Settings app on her Watch.

Tap display & Brightness, then tap constantly On.

Turn on always On, climate tap die following options zu configure them:

Show Complication Data: Choose die complications that show dünn when your wrist is down.

Show Notifications: Choose ns notifications that room visible wie man your wrist ist down.

Show Apps: Choose die apps that are visible wie man your wrist is down.

Wake the Watch display

By default, you kann wake ns Watch display in these ways:

Raise your wrist. Your Watch sleeps again when you reduced your wrist.

Tap die display or drücken sie the Digital Crown.

Turn die Digital Crown upward.

If sie don’t desire your Watch kommen sie wake wie you raise her wrist or turn die Digital Crown, offen the Settings app on your Watch, go kommen sie Display & Brightness, climate configure wake up on Wrist Raise und Raise ~ above Crown Up.

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Tip: To temporarily prevent your Watch from waking wie man you raise your wrist, use theater mode.

If her Watch no wake wie man you raise your wrist, make sure you selected die proper wrist and watch orientation. If your Watch doesn’t wake wie man you tap die display or drücken sie or turn die Digital Crown, it might need charging.

Return to ns clock face

You tun können choose how lang before Watch return to ns clock face from an open app.

Open ns Settings app on her Watch.

Go to General > Return to Clock, then scroll down and choose wie you desire your Watch to return to ns clock face: Always, ~ 2 minutes, or after 1 hour.

You can also return to the clock face von pressing the Digital Crown.

By default, ns setting freundin select applies to all apps, yet you can choose a tradition time for each app. Zu do so, tap in app top top this screen, madness Custom, then pick a setting.

Wake to your belastung activity

For part apps, you kann set Watch kommen sie return you kommen sie where freundin were before it went to sleep. This apps include Audiobooks, Maps, Mindfulness, Music, now Playing, Podcasts, Stopwatch, Timers, Voice Memos, Walkie-Talkie, und Workout.

Open die Settings app on your Watch.

Go zu General > Return zu Clock, role down und tap in app, then revolve on Return zu App.

To return to ns clock face, nur stop what you’re doing an the app—for example, prevent a podcast, ende a route in Maps, or publication a timer.

You can deshalb open ns Watch app on her iPhone, tap mine Watch, then go zu General > Return zu Clock.

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Keep ns Watch display on longer

You tun können keep the display top top longer when you tap zu wake your Watch.