Ard Live Dfb Pokal

The 2020/21 season opens with the zuerst round of the DFB Pokal. A week before the start of ns Bundesliga season, it’s david against Goliath again. SPOX gives freundin all the information about infection on TV und live stream.

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The reigning cup winner is deshalb the document winner des this competition. After ~ a three-month corona break, FC bayern Munich prevailed 4-2 against bayer Leverkusen in the berlin final in front des empty spectators and celebrated the 20th cup victory bei the club’s history.

DFB Pokal, 1st round: when do die games take place?

Due to the corona pandemic, the zuerst round of the DFB Cup this season will notfall start bei August, however only in September. Otherwise everything stays as usual. That means: die games möchte take location one week before the anfang of die Bundesliga und will be played from Friday to Monday.

The two Bundesliga clubs Mainz 05 and Hertha BSC möchte give die starting shooting on Friday, before Borussia dortmund will round off the zuerst round top top Monday evening.

The game of FC bayerisch is in exception. Since ns Munich team was ausblüten successful an the champion League final tournament bei Lisbon in August, ns meeting von the record winner was postponed one month kommen sie October 15. Die 2nd round wollen be held on December 22nd und 23rd.

Competition: DFB CupRound: 1Term: 11., 12., 13., 14. September, 15. October

DFB Pokal, first round: broadcast on totally free TV and live stream

Both ns ARD and also Sport1 Rights kommen sie broadcasts von the DFB Cup. The two cost-free TV channels nur two games live in the zuerst round.

While the ARD has chose on the ende of the zuerst round, and so the Borussia Dortmund’s guest appearance hinweisen MSV Duisburg möchte broadcast top top Monday night (8.45 p.m.) Sport1 be patient zum another month. The station will broadcast ns FC bayern game an October (Thursday, October 15, 8:45 p.m.).

In the ARD over there is so the possibility to watch ns BVB video game on Monday evening bei Livestream to pursue.

Duisburg – DortmundDuisburg – DortmundDüren – bayern Munich
ARDARD LivestreamSport1

DFB Pokal, 1st round: transfer on salary TV and live stream

Pay-TV broadcaster was standing out zum the transmission von all various other games von the first round of the DFB Cup sky responsible. Every games, including those of BVB, tun können be seen there individually as well as in the conference native Friday to Monday.

In order to be able to take advantage von this offer, a fee zu sein required SkySubscription required. Those that do notfall want zu be bound to lang contract terms also have the option von opting zum SkyTicket zu decide.

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Last uses Sky deshalb offers a live stream zu all von its customers. However, this kann only it is in called trost if you schutz a valid subscription und runs über the app SkyGo.

DFB Pokal, first round: all games hinweisen a glance

Usually it is david against Goliath in the first round of the DFB Cup. Ns draw often brings about some exciting sporting encounters.

For example, 1. FC nieders will fulfill RB leipzig on Saturday und the games ingolstadt against Düsseldorf und Karlsruhe – Union berlin promise excitement. Top top Sunday, Kaiserslautern against Regensburg and Magdeburg – darmstadt stand out, while die second division duel bolzen newly advocated Würzburg and Hanover 96 aussehen promising on Monday.

Friday september 11th8.45 p.m.TSV HavelseFSV Mainz 05
Eintracht BraunschweigHertha BSC
Saturday september 12th3:30 p.m.1. FC NurembergRB Leipzig
SV death fieldVfL Osnabrück
TSV 1860 MunichEintracht Frankfurt
MTV Eintracht CelleFC Augsburg
FV EngersVfL Bochum
Union FürstenwaldeVfL Wolfsburg
FC OberneulandBorussia Monchengladbach
RSV MeinerzhagenGreuther Fuerth
VSG Altglienicke1. FC Cologne
6.30 p.m.SSV UlmErzgebirge Aue
FC IngolstadtFortuna Dusseldorf
Karlsruher SCUnion Berlin
Carl Zeiss JenaWerder Bremen
Sunday september 13th3:30 p.m.Chemnitzer FCTSG Hoffenheim
FC Rielasingen-ArlenHolstein Kiel
Hansa RostockVfB Stuttgart
TSV Steinbach HaigerSv sandhausen
SV ElversbergFC St. Pauli
Eintracht NorderstedtBayer Leverkusen
1. FC KaiserslauternSSV Jahn Regensburg
1. FC frufurt 05Schalke 04
SC WiedenbrückSC Paderborn
6.30 p.m.Labor Wiesbaden1. FC Heidenheim
SV waldhof MannheimSc freiburg
1. FC MagdeburgSV darmstadt 98
Monday september 14th6.30 p.m.

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Dynamo DresdenHamburger SV
Würzburger KickersHannover 96
Red und white foodArminia Bielefeld
8.45 p.m.MSV DuisburgBorussia Dortmund