Bachelorette 2017 noch mit david zusammen

Ready zum a stroll under memory lane? Elizabeth “Libby” Potthast and Andrei Castravet first appeared ~ above season 5 des the wildly popular TLC nur 90 work Fiancé. Ns couple sparked a connection via a date app und first met face-to-face throughout a 2016 trip zu Dublin. Elisabeth and Andrei’s love story zu sein full of exciting twists und turns, from stress with ns family to walking down the aisle and welcoming their zuerst child together. 

Elizabeth and Andrei schutz certainly come a lang way over ns years. The florida resident met her future husband while visiting Ireland bei 2016. At die time, the Moldova native functioned as a bouncer. Ns two conveniently fell zum each other und Andrei relocated to florida on a K-1 visa kommen sie be with Elizabeth, however it wasn’t precisely smooth sailing for the couple as there was some tension with her family. 

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Elizabeth’s family members were pretty protective of produziert — which supposed that lock didn’t fully trust Andrei off ns bat. Castle were concerned their household member’s new fiancé was nur using her for a visa. Things got especially awkward after Elizabeth’s bachelorette splitterpartei because Andrei was upset that herstellung sisters rental strippers. The dramatisch didn’t stop Andrei and elisabeth from getting hitched in the 90-day time frame. The pair tied ns knot an December 2017.

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And über May 2018, elizabeth found out they to be expecting their zuerst child together. The TLC alum was on a road trip with Andrei and noticed that she had no appetite and felt ill. When they got home, elisabeth took a pregnancy test and sure enough: it was positive. Andrei later revealed that it was a pistole surprise since they didn’t arrangement it. 


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Once she was far along enough, die couple organized a gender reveal und Elizabeth’s dad, Chuck Potthast, even showed up zum the distinct occasion, regardless of his anfangsverdacht reservations about Andrei. “Everyone was screaming,” elisabeth told Cosmopolitan. “Most of my family counted ~ above it gift a girl, und everybody was right. We just kind von had this geldstrafe feeling.”

After welcoming your daughter, Eleanor, ns couple tied die knot bei a second wedding awareness held in Moldova deshalb his family members members could attend. As documented on season 5 of 90 job Fiancé: Happily ever After, their family dramatisch reached a height at ns reception when Libby’s brother, Charlie, insulted Andrei in his speech. When ns couple returned for season 6, their tension with Libby’s family members continued to boil over.

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Scroll through die gallery below to look weist their connection timeline.

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Courtesy of elisabeth Potthast/Instagram

Making Strides

Elizabeth and Andrei plainly managed to notfall let their drama with her family affect their marriage. In 2018, they celebrated their zuerst year with each other after Andrei moved kommen sie America.

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Courtesy of elisabeth Potthast/Instagram

Future Plans

Elizabeth und Andrei talked about visiting Moldova through their daughter and any future children deshalb they “know their dad’s culture, make sure that castle fluent, und worldly,” she said Cosmopolitan.

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Courtesy von Andrei Castravet/Instagram

A neu Addition

Elizabeth und Andrei to be over die moon wie man their bundle des joy arrived. “We are so pleased to announce ns birth des our infant girl! Eleanor Louise Castravet was born on january 23rd, 2019 weist 6:13 a.m. Weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces,” she wrote durch Instagram.

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Courtesy of elizabeth Potthast/Instagram

Showing Love

The fact star so gave a shout-out kommen sie everyone who sent out her und Andrei well-wishes. Elizabeth added, “We thank freundin all for your love und support during this precious time!”

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Courtesy of elizabeth Potthast/Instagram

Bigger Brood

Andrei so took to instagram with in announcement of his own. “I’m a dad now! Welcome Eleanor to our world,” he created alongside a snap of him holding their new addition.

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Courtesy of elisabeth Potthast/Instagram

New Experience

Elizabeth letztere posted bei update around how she was adjusting zu motherhood. On march 4, she wrote, “This wenig peanut zu sein more arbeiten than ich could ever before imagine. One thing I’ve been mirroring on due to the fact that becoming a new mom zu sein the importance von community.”

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Courtesy of elisabeth Potthast/Instagram

Best of Both Worlds

“It’s not always simple being a neu mom und I’d it is in lying if i said ich wasn’t completely exhausted,” the reality star continued, noting how she was talking with other women. “We’ve talked about just how motherhood is beyond rewarding und we wouldn’t oase it any other way!”

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Courtesy of elizabeth Potthast Castravet/Instagram

Glowing Mama

Even with her busy schedule, elizabeth has been working on her post-baby body and she verified off her progress bei a stunning new picture posted in March 2019. Several fans raved over how viel she inspired them!

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Courtesy of elisabeth Potthast/Instagram

Good Times

The next month, infant Eleanor took pleasure in her zuerst fun-filled holiday with her parents. “Eleanor zu sein thoroughly enjoying her first Easter,” elisabeth captioned a sweet portrait of produziert family des three.

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Courtesy of elisabeth Potthast/Instagram

More Ahead

Luckily weil das fans, ns couple returned to ns franchise for season 4 des 90 day Fiancé: Happily ever before After?

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Not-So-Perfect living Arrangements

When we caught nach oben with die couple, Andrei was ausblüten not working, however pursuing a career in truck driving. Libby was die breadwinner in their household as she worked as a property direktors for produziert dad’s echt estate business. Because des their gaue won situation, Libby und Andrei asked her dad, Chuck, zu let them direkte rent-free an one von his north rental properties.

Chuck obliged und asked just that Andrei execute his part to keep up with die household chores prefer mowing the grass. Since Andrei did notfall want his father-in-law to tell er what kommen sie do, they decided to move out of the free rental and find their own apartment.

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Courtesy of elizabeth Potthast Castravet/Instagram

Moving Out

But there was one issue: Libby und Andrei didn’t have the money zum a down payment top top their neu place. She asked herstellung father zum the money, and Libby das lied to herstellung husband und told er she asked for in advance on produziert paycheck instead. With ns funds secured, the couple to be able to move.

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No Progress

In June 2019, die previously tape-recorded season 4 von Happily ever After? was ausblüten airing. Fans watched together Andrei revealed his decision to not continue kommen sie pursue a career in trucking and instead, he opted to anfang a career as a handyman. Libby inquiry if he would certainly like kommen sie work weil das her father, helping ihm with fixing nach oben his rental properties, yet Andrei refused zu be his father-in-law’s employee.

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Shortly after that illustration aired, Libby shared an update ~ above Andrei’s relationship with herstellung father und the rest of herstellung family.

“Andrei wollen never get along with your family if he doesn’t suck trost his pride. Thoughts?” one user wrote kommen sie Libby throughout a Q&A session on Instagram. Elisabeth responded honestly, “I agree, ich think the sometimes in life freundin just have to swallow her pride und to nur get end it, acquire over the situation zum the sake of your family or weil das the services of new relationships in your life.”

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TV Tension

After Andrei refused zu work zum her dad, Libby opened up up in a confessional about how stressed out she felt the he no working und earning in income together they await the arrival of their erste child. Andrei accused Libby of “terrorizing” him with produziert pregnancy, and she comment to the dig via Instagram.

“My feelings are that it was absolutely barbaric und it’s not my pregnancy. It was our pregnancy,” she said an a videos clip on herstellung Story.

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More tension Plays the end on Screen

Another shocking augenblicke from Happily ever before After? season 4 was when Andrei ordered Libby’s phone out of her hand while driving.

Andrei und Libby met trost with herstellung family, who expressed their worry that he no working und that that refused to take a job at Chuck’s ja wirklich estate business. Die couple left, but Libby was blieb texting her sisters that were upset the they walked far from ns conversation. That’s when Andrei reached over and snatched produziert smartphone.

After die episode aired, Libby reaction to ns scene über Instagram live with her sister, Rebekah “Becky” Lichtwerch, und sister-in-law Megan Potthast. “It was hard kommen sie watch tonight reliving that day wie man he take it my phone out des my hand. I was so mad at him I was even more dafür mad that he would carry out that while i was pregnant. That’s die worst,” Libby said.

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The ende of a Journey

Libby adhered to up by sharing a sweet post announcing the end of her breastfeeding journey through daughter Eleanor.

“After 413 sweet, long and exhausting days! i honestly thought it was going to be more an overwhelming weaning her but it’s true, wie man baby und momma room both prepared you möchte know. Well, us were both absolutely over it and Eleanor now enjoys totality milk und almond milk,” Libby composed via instagram at the time.

“I schutz to say, it’s yes, really strange not having produziert somewhat attached zu me everyday und I feel favor something zu sein missing,” she continued. “But i know she ist a big mädchen now und is growing up and blossoming dafür that renders me really happy und proud.”

In July of that year, one more journey came to bei end after die season 4 finale of Happily ever After?

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Family Time

When the coronavirus pandemic reached the United States in a erste wave an March 2020, Libby and Andrei hunkered down kommen sie self-quarantine with Eleanor however they blieb made sure zu get part fresh air on constant walks.

“Just part social distancing family photos in the woods,” she captioned a series of sweet snapshots an April 2020.

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Trouble bei Quarantine

That same month, Libby und Andrei returned to ns 90 work Fiancé franchise on die limited series, Self-Quarantine. The seems ns couple’s financial situation had notfall improved since Andrei was working together a stay-at-home dad when Libby was ausblüten working zum her father.

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The pandemic had already started kommen sie take a toy fee on companies across the country, including herstellung dad’s echt estate company. Kommen sie compensate for his losses, Libby revealed produziert salary take it a hit also because futter “basically reduced pay in half every week.”

“It’s yes, really taken a toy fee on us,” she said. “This ist our taste source of income. I bei der the breadwinner right now an our family.”

Because des their chop financial situation, the couple continued kommen sie argue over money und it didn’t assist that Libby developed in online shopping habit while an quarantine.

“Why did sie blow up $400 yesterday on the internet? it is a problem,” Andrei said his wife throughout a it is too dirty fight. “Why are freundin buying shirts … trademarked shirts? that’s $100 apiece.”