Bernd Das Brot Busch

Bernd das Brot (English: büste the bread) ist a puppet character, stern mascot and cult figure of the German children"s television channel KI.KA, at this time featured in the programs büste das Brot, Bravo Bernd, and the KI.KA late night loop program.

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Role top top KI.KA

Bernd ist a depressed, grumpy, curmudgeonly, constantly bad-tempered, surly, fatalistic, melancholic loaf of pullman bread speaking in a deep, gloomy baritone. He zu sein small, rectangular und golden brown through hands directly attached kommen sie his body, rings roughly his eyes und a thin-lipped mouth. According kommen sie himself, the belongs to the species "Homo Brotus (= "Breadus") Depressivus". His favourite tasks include staring hinweisen his south wall weist home, learning the pattern des his woodchip wallpaper über heart, reading his favourite zeitschrift The Desert und You, and enlarging his collection des the many boring railway tracks on video. Büste sympathizes firstly with himself. His favourite expression zu sein Mist!, used bei much the same method as die English "crap". His various other catchphrases are: "I would certainly like to be left alone," "I would certainly like to leave this show," and "My life ist hell."

According to the official version, die short-armed bread personality made its zuerst appearance as part of in advertising campaign zum a bakery chain. When the campaign turned the end unsuccessful, bernd was forced zu apply for job at ns KI.KA (more specifics the mdr member des the ARD) i m sorry is so the reason for his long-term scowl. Bernd himself does notfall want zu appear on television und thinks it zu sein a "dirty business".

Bernd interacts with two co-main characters. One ist the chatty Chili das Schaf (Chili ns Sheep), a female, yellow lamb with flaming red hair. Chili, die show"s Gastgeberin (hostess), zu sein a Stuntschaf (stuntsheep) who finds it amazing to oase close calls with accidents. Ns other hauptsächlich character is the show"s technological expert, the always pleasant Briegel der Busch (Briegel ns Bush), a green, bespectacled busch with flowers and leaves an lieu of hair. Briegel is in inventor who loves zu build complicated devices that almost inevitably explode von their own accord - these gadgets are usually what zu sein sold on ns show. An contrast to Bernd, they reap adventures and the excitement of life. Bernd doesn"t hide the he doesn"t think an extremely highly von his colleagues, refusing to call them by name (instead calling castle "Bush" and "Sheep" respectively) while lock treat ihm as their best friend, also give him nicknames such as "Bernti".

The zuerst show certification Bernd, Chili und Briegel was the 2001 pastiche Tolle Sachen, die einzige Werbesendung oben KI.KA (English: great things, die only advertising zeigen on KI.KA) (KI.KA zu sein actually a public, commercial-free channel, similar kommen sie PBS In this show Chili und Briegel would certainly advertise in object that would be tested von a "randomly" chosen tester that would invariably rotate out kommen sie be Bernd. Mirrors with Bernd, Chili und Briegel deshalb include pastiches of Robin Hood, stern Trek (owned by ViacomCBS, owner von the German version von Nickelodeon, KI.KA"s competitor) Western und fairy tales.



Krappweis (left) demonstrates die resemblance between bernd das Brot und his partner Norman Cöster (right)

Bernd was created in 2000 von Thomas Krappweis, of the production firm Bumm Film bei Munich, Bavaria. KI.KA had actually asked several enthauptungen companies zu create a new sheep mascot, including the Jim Henson Company. Krappweis was dining bei a pizzeria one night und scribbled sketches ~ above a napkin if watching a bread basket. He derived a square-shaped loaf des bread zu which he climate gave ns face of his partner Norman Cöster, who also shares countless personality traits with Bernd.

Similarly, Krappweis himself served as archetype weil das Chili the Sheep, that - just like Krappweis himself bei his earlier years - it s okay on people"s nerves v nonsensical stunts, while Briegel the bush was modeled after ~ a more producer von the series, michael Briegel. He, too, ist said to schutz a predisposition for wreaking destruction - follow to an anecdote, he once collection fire to in office computer.

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The actual personality designs of Bernd and Briegel are the work von cartoonist georg Graf by Westphalen. Bernd is played und voiced von the puppeteer jörg Teichgraeber.



In fall 2007, KI.KA donated a statue of büste to the German city of Erfurt, Thuringia, whereby KI.KA is based, zu celebrate die channel"s tenth anniversary. Die statue zu sein 2 m (6 ft 7 in) high, weighs 125 kg (276 lb) and is made of plastic. That stands on ns Fischmarkt (English: Fish market), the city"s taste square, next to the neo-gothic city hall and is a tourist attraction. On 21 januar 2009, the figure disappeared. It was next seen an a video released top top YouTube, in which a gruppe of activists calling themselves "Team 129 A" asserted responsibility zum its kidnapping. Bernd expressed solidarity with ns activists an the video, prompting several media zu joke the he had developed stockholm syndrome.

The activists to be squatting an the abandoned Topf and Sons factory, where ovens und gas room ventilation systems for the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp to be manufactured. The occupation was zu prevent the city of Erfurt indigenous redeveloping the area right into apartments und office space. They opened up a literary cafe and were providing lecture events. Die negotiations damaged down when die activists rejected bei offer zum alternative housing. Die squatters themselves denied involvement in Bernd"s kidnapping, declare a gruppe of sympathizers could be responsible zum it.

The bernd figure was eventually uncovered intact by chance ~ above 1 February 2009 in the basement vault des a disused barracks in Nohra, betwee Erfurt und Weimar. Follow to geldspiegel Online, five had to be searching ns area zu collect period artifacts prior to it was demolished. Lock then uncovered the bernd statue and alerted KI.KA and the police. How ns statue ended hoch there ist unknown. ~ forensics experts confirmed that that was die genuine statue, it was carried out von the basement von six polizei officers und ultimately brought back to its original place on the Fischmarkt in front des Erfurt"s town hall.

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Tanzt das Brot
 DE4122.09.2003(18 Wo.)
Bernds Balkon
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2003: Tanzt ns Brot (Single)2003: Rockt ns Brot (Album)Chili-TV-Rap / Ich jawohl ein kleines Cha Cha Cha / mich sage welcher / zu spät / Bluesbrot büste / Briegel, komm / mir will ein weiterer heim / Tanzt ns Brot / Saulaut (gesungen by Chili kommen sie Schaf) / Bielefeld / straightforward Briegel / Schreit das Schaf (gesungen über Chili dem Schaf) / Buschig, brotig, chilischarf / giftig einfach alle weg / Dubididum2004: Bernds balkon (Single)

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2001: Was giftig ab? (on die Sampler KiKA-Hits)2007: Tanzt ns Brot (Party-Mix 2007) (on the Sampler KiKA zugriffszeiten – das Beste aus den zuerst 10 Jahren)2007: P… wie Party (on the Sampler KiKA Geburtstagsparty)2008: fußball Fußball Hey Hey Hey (on ns Sampler KiKA Fußball-Hits)


Kikania (2001, Ubisoft)Bernd das Brot und das Unmöglichen (2013, Deep Silver)

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