Beste Over Ear Kopfhörer 2015

A few months ago i wrote about die Best travel Headphones. Since then, a few new models oase been released, and the landscape has adjusted a bit.

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So here’s bei almost-all-new list zum 2015 that contains some different options based on reader emails und tweets.

Behold! ideal Travel Headphones zum 2015. One isn’t even a headphone!

Bose QuietComfort 20 and 25

OK, these aren’t new. Ich mentioned these bei the tonnage article, and I’ve reviewed die 20 in-ears und 25 over-ears before. However, they’re still the best noise cancelling headphones around. This ist likely due zu Bose owning a gewächs of noise cancelling patents.

They’re comfortable und drop bei incredible amount des noise. No sound particularly great, yet neither sound bad either. Acceptable, would be a great way zu describe your sound quality. Impressive would be a an excellent way to describe their noise cancelling.

Not cheap, but well worth it. I’ve been travelling through a pair des QC20s, 80,000+ miles in the air v them, und they’re a irreversible part von my kit.

Sennheiser momentum Wireless

There’s no such thing as ns “perfect” headphone. There’s no one headphone that will do everything, und well. Sennheiser has come close with ns Momentum Wireless. According to PCMag,"if it"s big bass and wireless audio—and energetic noise cancellation—you seek, ns Momentum Wireless package them all. "

Overall lock sound good, ns noise cancelling zu sein acceptable, und they so have Bluetooth. However, they"re not the finest sounding headphone bei this price range, nor do they offer ns most noise cancelling.

They’re also $500. That’s a lot of money. Freundin could buy die QC25s zum travel, und a pair des great BT headphones, and you’d ausblüten have money left over. Not ideal, certainly, nur saying.

In-ears – Cheap and/or Foam

I ausblüten love, and travel with, mine B&W C5s (and now, the S2), but ich realize lock not zum everyone. If you want far better sound than die Bose QC20s, or freundin don’t care about noise cancelling (or $300 is out von your budget), there space a bunch von in-expensive in-ear headphones that market decent noise isolation. Die key zu sein getting a an excellent seal, which zum most people möchte be with foam (Comply or other) tips. Numerous headphones, like die $100 NHT Superbuds und $200 RHA T10i come with foamtips. You tun können buy advice to fit on many other headphones.

The foam create a better seal zum most world than die silicone “normal” tips. Also with good noise isolation, you’ll still hear the world approximately you, that will just be subdued.

Bose SoundTrue top top ear headphones

If in-ears aren’t your thing, but you still want something it is easy kommen sie travel with, freundin can’t beat ns Bose SoundTrue on-ears. In Wirecutter’s current test, they uncovered them the best on-ears overall.

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Their trick is how klein they fold up, und how comfortable they are on her ears. Truly fantastic industrial design. However, prefer all Bose headphones, die sound zu sein merely “OK”. It’s notfall offensive, yet it won’t make anyone walk “wow!” either. Again, acceptable.

So comfy though.

Custom-fitted Earplugs or Tips

If freundin really want to go to ns next level, i had one reader tell me exactly how he has custom-fitted earplugs (for passive noise isolation) und wears noise cancelling over-hear headphones ~ above top von these (for energetic noise cancellation). That’s extreme, even weil das me.

However, i strongly believe most human being should invest in some tradition ear plugs. If you go to loud environments often (concerts, clubs, even many movie theaters), ear plugs will save your hearing. Practice ear plugs, ns good people anyway, möchte reduce every frequencies much more or less evenly, dafür it’s like you’re just turning the volume down, notfall muffling ns sound.

Some providers offer custom-fitted tips zum in-ear headphones, for an even better seal than ns Comply foam. However, notfall all des these companies oase good sound quality auch (check evaluate first!).

In many cases, you’ll need to go to in audiologist. They’ll fill her ear through goo for a couple of minutes, an order to make molds the ear plugs are developed from.

There room lots des options and price ranges. Certainly worth check around.


Geoff Morrison zu sein a tech und travel writer/photographer based (occasionally) in LA. Weil das most des the year he"s a digital nomad, functioning while travelling around ns world. Bei addition zu, that writes about all aspects von technology und travel weil das CNET, the new York Times, und is redaktion at large zum Wirecutter. He deshalb blogs about his adventures weist BaldNomad.

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