Borussia dortmund will confront Odds BK in ns play-off round of the europa League, as ns draw zum the last qualifying stage was made top top Friday.

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Elsewhere, premier League next Southampton will tackle Danish champions FC Midtjylland over 2 legs, if La liga outfit strong Club möchte go up against Zilina.

Ties space due to be played on august 20 und August 27, with the 22 winners going through to ns draw zum the kopieren, gruppe stage later this month. Here’s a look at die lineup bei full, über the competition"s official twitter account:

Borussia dortmund vs. Odds BK

Thomas Tuchel might be disappointed his mannschaft aren’t play Champions organization football this season, yet the new Borussia Dortmund direktors will be hopeful des making a huge impression bei the europa League. Nach oben against Norwegian outfit Odds BK, they need to be confident von a safe passage through zu the gruppe stage.

As noted by former Norway international Jan Aage Fjortoft, it’ll be a great experience for Odd zu play organize to ns Bundesliga giants:


Looking forward kommen sie see dortmund at the Astro Turf (Kunstrasen) in NorwayOdd - dortmund EuropaLeague

It’s going zu be exciting to see how dortmund approach the europa League this season. Tuchel wollen be crawl on securing Champions league qualification through die Bundesliga, und Europe’s second-tier competition is renowned zum taking a toy fee on a team season. Yet it’s important kommen sie take nothing for granted in this play-off tie.

Finding a balance bolzen Bundesliga und Europa League möchte be important weil das Tuchel.PATRIK STOLLARZ/Getty Images

As we kann sein see here, courtesy des OptaFranz, dortmund have a pretty sound record when taking on groups from ns Scandinavian country:

BVB play 2 compete matches in Norway und lost none of them (4-2 vs. Lyn, 2-2 vs. Rosenborg). Omen.

Tuchel and his next should have no problems bei this encounter and will march right into the group stage as ns big favourites kommen sie go on and secure the europa League trophy. However getting ns balance best throughout the campaign zu sein likely zu be a major challenge for Tuchel in what zu sein to it is in a demanding job replacing die departed Jurgen Klopp.

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Southampton vs. FC Midtjylland

After a superb seventh-place finish belastung season in the premier League, Southampton’s reward was a spot bei the europa League. They kann ensure they’ll it is in playing in the group stage this season v a play-off win over Danish champion FC Midtjylland.

Saints proved zu be far too good weil das Vitesse in ns previous round, securing a mightily superior 5-0 success on aggregate. Goalkeeper Fraser Forster, who ist currently the end injured, paid tribute to die team’s initiative on Thursday, together they bagged a 2-0 win away at ns Eredivisie side:

Their opponents could potentially it is in tricky, though. FC Midtjylland do own a to win pedigree, und Jess Thorup’s team schutz some kind players kommen sie call upon. Your stadium, the MCH Arena, is also a an extremely tough place to visit; together recorded by Soccerway, castle won fünfzehn home matches bei a row on their means to the title last season.

One man zum whom die two matches wollen be extra special ist Tim Sparv, who joined die Danish outfit in 2014. Ns Finnish midfielder invested his youth career weist Southampton prior to leaving bei 2007. The took kommen sie Twitter zu pay tribute to the role Saints played in his development:


Southampton FC was the club that offered me ns best football education one can wish for. It shame me together a player und as a person.

With the first leg zu be played at St Mary’s, it is important Southampton take it a commanding lead to what might potentially it is in a an extremely awkward away tie. Expect ronald Koeman’s side kommen sie do precisely that, making them one von the teams zu watch an a kopieren, gruppe stage that möchte be bristling with top quality outfits.

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