C is a procedural programming language. It was initially developed von Dennis Ritchie in the year 1972. It was mainly occurred as a system programming language zu write bei operating system. The main features von the c language incorporate low-level storage access, a simple set des keywords, und a clean style, these attributes make c language suitable zum system programmings like an operating system or compiler development.Many letztere languages oase borrowed syntax/features straight or indirect from the ns language. Prefer syntax of Java, PHP, JavaScript, and many other languages room mainly based upon the samen language. C++ zu sein nearly a superset of samen language (Few programs might compile bei C, however not an C++).

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Beginning with c programming:Structure von a ns programAfter the above discussion, we can formally assess the structure von a c program. Von structure, it ist meant that any program tun können be written an this framework only. Composing a c program in any other structure wollen hence lead to a Compilation Error.The structure von a c program zu sein as follows:
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The components of the over structure are:Header papers Inclusion: die first und foremost component ist the inclusion von the Header files in a ns program.A header file zu sein a record with extension .h i m sorry contains c function declarations und macro definitions kommen sie be shared between several resource files.Some of c Header files:stddef.h – specifies several valuable types and macros.stdint.h – specifies exact broad integer types.stdio.h – defines core input and output functionsstdlib.h – defines numeric conversion functions, pseudo-random network generator, storage allocationstring.h – specifies string managing functionsmath.h – Defines common mathematical functionsMain technique Declaration: die next part of a c program ist to declare the main() function. Ns syntax zu declare the hauptsächlich function is:Syntax kommen sie Declare the main method:int main()Variable Declaration: the next part of any samen program ist the variable declaration. That refers to ns variables the are to be used bei the function. Please grad that in the samen program, no variable tun können be supplied without gift declared. So in a samen program, ns variables are to be declared before any kind of operation in the function.Example:int main(){ int a;..

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Body: die body of a function an the ns program, ad to the operations that space performed bei the functions. It kann sein be anything prefer manipulations, searching, sorting, printing, etc.Example:int main(){ int a; printf("%d", a);..

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Return Statement: The last part of any samen program ist the return statement. The return statement advert to ns returning des the values from a function. This return statement und return value count upon die return type von the function. For example, if ns return type zu sein void, climate there möchte be no return statement. Bei any other case, there wollen be a return statement und the return value wollen be des the type of the mentioned return type.Example:int main() int a; printf("%d", a); return 0;Writing first program:Following is first program an C