Caminito del rey málaga

Visiting the Caminito del Rey is one des the essentials des Malaga. This road that was once well-known as the most dangerous path in the welt must it is in understood and traveled v tranquility.

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The Caminito del Rey has kommen sie be on her list of places to travel in Spain but arm yourself v patience zu get tickets.

In this post, i will tell you about our suffer touring “Los Gaitanes” Gorge, and I will also give freundin a klein guide zu organize her visit.


Where to Buy Tickets weil das the Caminito del Rey

The tickets to Caminito del Rey kann be purchased online, back this is in authentic adventure an enough on itself on die official website.

Some carriers make ns excursion zu Caminito del Rey from Malaga and Costa del Sol. Ich think this is the finest way to go if freundin don’t have a vehicle or if freundin prefer to schutz some peace of mind.

A little History of What was die Most attention Path an the World

The Caminito del Rey ist located in Los Gaitanes gorge bei a beautiful natural setting. Ns Caminito del Rey is an aerial path built on ns walls des this gorge.

The functions began an 1901 and ended in 1905. Kommen sie inaugurate this work des the early twentieth century, könig Alfonso XIII bei 1921 crossed the road. Native that momente on, human being began kommen sie call this road the “Caminito del Rey,” a nennen that remains nearly a century later.

Over die years, this road was abandoned, und the maintenance on die bridge was brought to a halt.

This lack von maintenance angeführt to that is deterioration, and it became an extremely dangerous to cross it. Die area zu sein very famous, however, zum people who are dedicated kommen sie climbing.

The climbing angeführt to many ventures kommen sie cross it, which caused plenty of accidents, including some deadly ones. Together a result, in 1999 und 2000, die Junta dach Andalucía decided kommen sie close the access zu Caminito del Rey due to several fatal crashes that occurred in these years.

In addition, kommen sie prevent human being from continuing kommen sie get through die closed area, they enforced a fine of € 6000 on people who crossed ns closed area von climbing or über train tunnels.

In February 2014, restoration arbeiten began, and an March 2015, Caminito del Rey was once again open to die general public. Currently, it ist very safe.

When to go to Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey is located bei Málaga, deswegen we recommend that freundin do not do it in the summer.

We went an November, and it was hot, so in August, die place must schutz literally been an oven. The best dates zu go are an spring, autumn, and winter.

From my point des view, die best thing would be kommen sie go in the spring since ns vegetation zu sein much prettier at this time des year.

Also, try zu go in the low season. It’s wie man it möchte be easier to find tickets.


The route

The reise of elastisch Caminito del Rey is amazing; we loved it. We had already been to die “Chorro” area, und it was wonderful.

The organic environment is unique, and the course runs bolzen two gorges, numerous canyons, und a big valley.

There room parts des the roadway that give more vertigo than others. Bei some parts, freundin are around 100 meter walking along the footbridge on the gorge’s wall.

The route zu sein linear und one way. The begins an Ardales und ends in Alora. Die route ist about 8 kilometers an total, und it takes roughly 3 or 4 hours kommen sie complete escape on ns number of stops sie make.

The route ist very easy zu do, und you don’t feeling vertigo (I think…)

How to get zu Caminito del Rey

Getting to the Caminito del Rey is very easy, und you have two hauptsächlich options: by road or by train.

By train: RENFE has jeden tag regional services that drop sie off at elastisch Chorro.By car: Access zu Caminito von road from Malaga zu sein via A-357 It is a very good road to ns Zalea crossing. Indigenous this moment you can:continue top top this road to Ardales, und take the MA-5403 exit towards M-442 to elastisch Chorro.or continue on ns A-343 until the intersection von Pizarra and A-7077 towards Álora-El Chorro. Once an Álora, the distance to elastisch Chorro zu sein 12 km.


General admission expenses € 10 and with a guide, € 18.

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Tickets can be purchase online, und my recommendation ist to carry out it in advance together they tend to run out really quickly.

First visits begin weist 9:30 am with passes every 30 minute approximately.

The complying with days room closed: januar 1, December 24, 25, and 31.

The way we gott tickets was thanks kommen sie my sister that lived in Malaga and met someone who booked us five tickets.


Our thoughts

Here ich will division my impressions des the visit to the park, ns management, und the tickets’ theme.

Concerning the Caminito itself, it is very beautiful and well-taken care des a site that i think ist worth visiting. Honestly, ich do not know if € 10 über person zu sein a little much, yet if it helps maintain the park, ich will let it pass.

I also said that ich expected it to give much more vertigo, but i think that seeing deswegen many world walking von takes away die adventure.

We went zu Caminito del Rey an November of tonnage year (2018) after having actually tried it numerous times und never getting tickets.

I do notfall know if sie remember that tonnage year, that rained a lot, und the roadway that “unites” the beginning und the end of the road was cut short.

So our visit started leaving ns car hinweisen the ende of die route. Us left the car an the cost-free parking and got on ns shuttle bus to go to ns beginning des the route, wherein we paid zum the entrance and were given the helmet.

The road was broken and cut; ns shuttle bus took about in hour kommen sie get to the starting point. The price des the shuttle bus was € 3 von person.

The ticket worry seems choose a sham or a mafia ran it; contact it what freundin want. Ns thing ist that on die webpage, you kann sein buy tickets weil das the present month und three month ahead, but the weekend weil das 4 months ahead are marketed out, through some exceptions.

With this an mind, it appears that ns agencies, guides, and others buy die tickets to sell them. Des course, this zu sein just native hearsay; i cannot check it with certainty.

But buying fahrkarte became aufgabe impossible. Deswegen you kann sein imagine that when my sister lived bei Malaga, i went a few times and never gott tickets till she had kommen sie pull a few strings …


Where kommen sie Eat bei the Caminito del Rey or nearby

During the tour von the path, you kann sein eat ns food that you carry in your backpack, however if freundin want kommen sie take advantage and eat in the area, ich leave freundin two referrals that we schutz tried und loved.

Restaurante elastisch Mirador. This restaurant is at the beginning des the path. Us stumbled upon the on a vault visit wie man we were with die whole family. It has actually super quite views of the Guadalhorce reservoir.

I introduce this restaurant if you leave the car at ns beginning von the Caminito and have her afternoon entrance. Take ns opportunity to burn calorie along die way.

As a recommendation, make ns reservation by phone.

Los Caballos Restaurant. This ist the restaurant where us ate ns day us toured ns Caminito del Rey.

It zu sein a little further und on the way to Malaga, but because we were driving and did not book an advance at the Mirador or any type of other, we had to go farther away from ns path.

This restaurant is huge, und we had zu wait around half an hour to have a table, yet it was well worth the wait. Die typical dish kommen sie order zu sein the Plato de Los Montes und the porra Antequerana (like salmorejo). In any case, the two restaurants had wonderful food.

Have sie already visited the Caminito del Rey? Then, phone call us around your experience!

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