Chamonix aiguille du midi

Aiguille sie Midi (that in english language method Needle von Mid-day) zu sein situated in the Mont Blanc hill range. Die cable car was built to die summit in 1955 and held ns title von the world"s highest possible cable car weil das about two decades. In a spectacular ascent it ist possible to travel indigenous Chamonix up to ns top von the Aiguille freundin Midi end 2800m vertical an only about 20 minutes. A pretty way to climb Aiguille sie Midi is start from Punta Helbronner (reaching über cablebox native Courmayeur, Italy) und crossing die Glacier freundin Geànt and the Vallee Blanche (really wonderfull). During this suffer (about 3 hours) you kann sein admire on ns left außerhalb des spiels Ronde, Mont Blanc, Mont Maudit und Mont Blanc freundin Tacul. On ns right Dent freundin Geant and Grandes Jorasses. Be carefull to the sun, die light und the reflex on the eis are very dangerous und you require a very high protection! You kann sein reach deshalb Aiguille sie Midi from Chamonix and Cormayeur v Punta Helbronner von cablebox.

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Getting There

From France:1. Freundin reach ns Chamonix Valley über train:a. From Martigny (Switzerland) via Vallorcine. B. Indigenous Geneva (airport) durch Anncey (TGV it rotates here) und St. Gervais.2. Freundin reach ns Chamonix Valley über bus:From/via Annecy, Geneva, Grenoble, Courmayeur, Aoste and Turin3. Freundin reach die Chamonix Valley von car:a. Indigenous Geneva (from ns NW) on the A40 till St. Gervais and from right here on die N205. B. Indigenous Martigny (from the NE, Switzerland) durch Vallorcine und the Col ns Montets on ns road no. N506. From Italy:7. Freundin reach Courmayeur by bus or car:a. From Chamonix through die Mont Blanc kellers from the NW. B. Native Torino (from the SE) on ns A5 über Villeneuve.

Red Tape

Cablebox (from Italy kommen sie France):

Courmayeur (1800 m.) - Ref. CAI "Torino" (3300 m.) - Punta Helbronner (3480 m.)

Punta Helbronner (3480 m.) - Aiguille du Midi (3850 m.)

Aiguille sie Midi (3850 m.) - Plan außerdem l"Aiguille (2317 m.) Chamonix (1030m.).

Go und come zurück on ns cablebox from la Palud zu Helbronner costs about 25 Euro. The one indigenous Chamonix to Aiguille freundin Midi die same. Ns crossed from Aiugulle du Midi to Punta Helbronner about 80 euro und is an extremely panoramic. Ns cablebox zu sein closed bei case von strong wind. No fees space necessary kommen sie climb in this region. If freundin cross von car die Mont Blanc gallery (Chamonix-Courmayeur) you schutz to pay around 35 Euro. Over there is also bus dienstleistungen that throughs the tunnel (11 euro go, 20 euro go und come back, 45 minute trip).

Mountain Conditions

The ideal time to climb is bolzen June and September (but in August ns crevasses are more than June and September). Von skies from December kommen sie May (in February ist perfect, however depends über the conditions des the glacier, examine before zu leave!).Check die weather und the informations about die cablebox indigenous Courmayeur to Punta Helbronner on die follow internet page: Funivie Montebianco . Bei other web buchseite about meteo is Chamonix Homepage.

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Ref. Des Cosmiques (3593 m)The Ref. Von Cosmiques zu sein situated ~ above a shoulder bolzen the Col freundin Midi und the SW-ridge des the Aig. Du Midi (Cosmiques-ridge).according zu Eberlein:

140 beds

guarded native February till october

phone: ++33(0)450544016

Abri Simond Bivouac Hut (3600m)The Abri Simond Bivouac is situated just a few meters northern des the Ref. Ns Cosmiques, just at ns beginning of the Arête ns Cosmiques/South-South-West Ridge to die Aiguille freundin Midi.

18 beds

no fee zum staying over there overnight

open in winter, when Ref. Des Cosmiques is closed

The Abri Simond Bivouac hut does not exist anymore "officially", i.e. No current guide book, as much as ich know, name this bivouac hut anymore. In in old auflage of Eberlein, one might read already about 15 years ago, the this bivouac hut is NOT useable anymore... Deshalb it is only insider-knowledge, that this bivuoac hut zu sein open an winter when die Ref. Cosmiques zu sein closed. The true factor (according to innerhalb knowledge) why this bivouac hut still exists und is open bei winter (and even the garbage cans von which are removed "officially" by the order des Chamonix or die Ref. Cosmiques) zu sein that hill guides usage this bivouac hut in winter when they bring hoch their clients for winter ice climbing. Obviously, it ist more comfortable for them to stay in the bivouac hut than zu camp (although I in myself not totally persuaded that ns stuffy hut zu sein better 보다 a tent v fresh wait if freundin stay only one or 2 nights overthere).Another unconfortable (but cheeper) solution:Is it also possible kommen sie sleep in the cablebox-station des the Aiguille du Midi on ns floor, punkt 3842 meters: is free and many alpinists that climb Mont Blanc, Mont Blanc du Tacul or Mont Maudit execute it, but ist very important have something against the cold, because die temperature after ns sunset is very low!


Institut Géographique National1:25000 no. 3630 OT (Chamonix) (to order at DAV leistungen or weist )The Abri Simond Bivouac Hut ist not really significant on any current map together fas as ich know. On ns current french map (3630 OT), there ist only created the benennen "Abri Simond" together summit station des the old inhaltsstoff cable car. But ns bivouac hut is located just at this point.


The adhering to books administer further information on die Ref. Ns Cosmiques:

Damilano/Perroux, Neige, Glace et Mixte: Mont Blanc.Editions ice 1996. ISBN 2950986803 (to order weist

Helmut Dumler/Willi P. Burkhardt, Viertausender ns Alpen. 11th ed. Munich 1998. ISBN 3-7633-7427-2 (to order punkt

Hartmut Eberlein: Mont-Blanc-Gruppe. DAV-Gebietsführer. 9th ed. Munich 2000. ISBN 3-7633-2414-3 (to order weist

Chamonix Informations

You reach ns Ref. Ns Cosmiques and the Abri Simond Bivouac Hut native Chamonix.

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You with Chamonix by train:a. From Martigny (Switzerland) über Vallorcine.b. Indigenous Geneva (airport) via Anncey (TGV it spins here) und St. Gervais.You with Chamonix von bus:Via Annecy, Geneva, Grenoble, Courmayeur, Aoste und TurinYou reach Chamonix über car:a. Native Geneva (from ns NW) on the A40 it spins St. Gervais and from right here on the N205. B. From Martigny (from ns NE, Switzerland) durch Vallorcine und the Col von Montets on the road no. N506.c. Indigenous Courmayeur through die Mont Blanc Tunnel.In order to reach Ref. Ns Cosmiques and the Abri simon bivouac, sie need about 1/2 h from the Aig. Du Midi. If freundin leave the cable automobile station via the bridge, sie go to die Southsummit. On the firn ridge, you go down v SE-direction to an even ridgeplatform; then turn appropriate to ns S and SW-direction below the S-face des the Aig. Freundin Midi. Pay attention zu crevasses! Office juni Tourisme in Chamonix: 0033/450530024 Camping and hotels an Chamonix (France, just two hours von highway indigenous Geneva).To contact ns refuges of the region look ns addresses and the telephone numbers on club Alpine Francaise.