logos: district Teltow-Fläming, district Gniezno (Poland), District paderborn (Germany), municipal district berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg und the logo of climate kollege Katima Mulilo Namibia

The Covid-19-pandemic poses substantial challenges weil das everyone – countries around die world, their wellness systems, die economy, citizens and also local authorities. These challenges möchte accompany us all weil das a while…

Just a few months ago, we couldn´t oase imagined the situation we are an today. The fact the a virus triggers a pandemic, that a shutdown of the economy und parts des public life in most states is the consequence, ist a neu experience for all des us.

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It ist all better to stay an touch, particularly at the local level and to master die crisis together. Times des big challenges und crises are also times of solidarity, common support and partnerships. They offer the wahrscheinlichkeit to break hoch rigid structures und to break new ground – by using online means of communication, but so in relation to climate protection und climate readjust adaption. The covid-19 pandemic und climate change oase one thing bei common – castle are global challenges that execute need global solutions.

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The district of Teltow-Fläming maintains municipal tandem with the district of Gniezno Poland ns municipal ar of berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg und the district of Paderborn as well as a climate partnership with Katima Mulilo Namibia.

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Our partner are not forgotten! Even an times of corona we can learn from every other. With information from the kollege municipalities, we would like to nur you just how they space coping with ns crisis and what challenges they´re facing:

Did freundin know, that an Gniezno…

… put on a mouth and nose cover an public was compulsory for a if (until the 29th von May)?

… die distance rules von two meters must be obeyed?

… restaurants und hairdressers oase reopened since ns 18th von May?

… all major school classes room taught again since die 25th des May?

… the employees an administration kann work bei the residence office?

… ns administration gladly offers telephone conferences kommen sie communicate?

… museums and cultural centres online prepare events and campaigns or initiatives?

… neighbourhood aids space existing that aid older people to shop?

Did you know, that in Paderborn…

… ns number von confirmed corona infections on the 3rd of June was unchanged hinweisen 654 from the previous day?

… die average age von the newly infected was 33 years on die weekend of Pentecost?

… trainees support ns health department through collecting charme (missing die info on corona test results)?

… die 95th anniversary des Wewelsburg wasn´t forgotten in spite of Corona? the opening of the museum Wewelsburg took place on the 31st des May 1925.

... In association des former ar council members exists, i m sorry maintains existing partnerships?

… so a dashboard zum citizens exists with the latest info about the corona situation?

Did freundin know, that the municipal district berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg…

… deshalb maintains a partnership with ns district von Paderborn and 13 various other town partnerships?

… has a creative nett teacher weist Gustav-Heinemann- high school, who construct up, named and set into die right photographical step a robot out of household rubbish? The deswegen called “Pandemic Scrap Robot”.

… regrettably had kommen sie cancel the neighbourhood walks bei May and June?

… trough his district significant Angelika Schöttler und the employee representatives zum all employees has referred to as out a “By bike kommen sie work” campaign?

… reopened die sports halls weil das school und club sports on the 2nd of June?

Did you know, that bei Katima Mulilo…

… you should keep hinweisen least one meter distance zu other people?

… churches, bars and gyms are currently closed?

… hinweisen maximum 10 people kann sein come together an public, unless a wedding or funeral zu sein organized?

… ns compliance von the restrictions zu sein under control des the police and the military?

…the government has enabled all employers kommen sie let their employees work in home office due to the fact that 28th von March?

… schools and training centres room closed und eLearning has been introduced?

…the many citizens obtain their info through radio?

… 25 infections with ns new corona virus were registered since ns beginning von the pandemic on die 3rd June 2020?