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“Goodbye Germany” participant Oksana Kolenitchenko came to be known through her participation bei DSDS. Yet it wasn’t until Los angeles that die emigrant take it off. She now has a society – superstars like paris Hilton come and go.

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Los angeles – there are rather a couple of emigrants who look for their good happiness in the festland of opportunity. But most of them fail. Quite different with Oksana Kolenitchenko (32). The blonde tried herstellung luck punkt DSDS in 2013. Ns Russian even made it into the top 20, yet it shouldn’t it is in enough weil das the singer kommen sie reach the top.

But this “defeat” was only die beginning of a true one Success story weil das the “Goodbye Germany” candidate. Already an Berlin, Oksana Kolenitchenko had an excellent success with ns nightclub “The Pearl”. But herstellung husband daniel was already dreaming des a neu start in Los Angeles. Without die knowledge von the former DSDS participant, he marketed the berlin club.

Crazy transformation at Daniela Katzenberger – ns “Goodbye Germany” stern used to look deswegen different

And deswegen it lastly went in 2018 zu the city of Angels in the western vereinigt States. In the stadt of ns rich and beautiful, wherein stars und starlets cluster. In komm schon Angeles, the “Goodbye Germany” emigrants want to see the success des Berlin tie in. But the anfang turned out zu be more than difficult for Daniel und Oksana Kolenitchenko (When ist Goodbye deutschland on TV? All broadcast dates und repeats weist a glance).

Goodbye Germany (Vox): Oksana Kolenitchenko opens up club an the middle des Hollywood

Daniel and Oksana Kolenitchenko actually had a an excellent luxury life in the German capital. Yet that wasn’t enough for Daniel. The wanted ns big hit in Los Angeles. And so the two emigrants indigenous “Goodbye Germany” (Vox) opened up a nightclub an the middle von Hollywood. Not far from ns “Walk des Fame” ns big hit should be successful.

But the anfang of 2018 was very difficult. “We wanted zu make human being really celebrate – difficult in a city where everyone is very cool and aloof. Everyone laughed punkt us, ”Oksana Kolenitchenko told Bunte.de. And so the previous DSDS participant remembers “the hardest year des my life”.

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Nobody was interested bei the “Next Door Lounge” in Hollywood. And so ns TV emigrant even reported: “We had zu pay people kommen sie make the look full.” There shouldn’t be any kind of return zum the “Goodbye Germany” participants, they had all bet on die USA card. Risk taking and hard arbeit should salary off.

Goodbye Germany (Vox): stars run down the door des the club of emigrants

In the past year, ns Club developed von Daniel und Oksana Kolenitchenko into a ja wirklich hotspot. “Next Door Lounge” has established itself together a meeting point zum the big hollywood stars. “We kann no longer save ourselves native bookings. Over all, birthdays are celebrated here, favor nowhere else in LA, ”reports the“ good-bye Germany ”star.

Of the The club of the two “Goodbye Germany” emigrants has lang since gott around bei the hollywood dream factory. So bei the past superstars prefer Bella Thorne, paris Hilton, drew Barrymore, Joaquin Phoenix or Laurence Fishburne left it. Yet the stars want zu be for themselves, deswegen there are seldom photos. Still, life bei Los angeles is blieb a roller coaster ride. After the hellish year 2018, the breakthrough followed in 2019. But die club will be closed in 2020 – due to the corona crisis, des course.

Goodbye Germany (Vox): All info about die emigrant documentary ist available on die Goodbye Germany topic seite from extratipp.com.

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