Darya domracheva und ole einar björndalen

Back an mid-September, Ole Einar Björndalen and Darya Domracheva moved from ns retired athlete ranks zu the coaching ranks. Björndalen became the Chinese Head coach while Domracheva signed top top as ns Chinese Women’s Coach.

Du schaust: Darya domracheva und ole einar björndalen

Ole and Darya: bahn the Chinese Team
Hard Job; functioning Together

Less than 18 months after ending their compete careers, biathlon’s energie couple ist on the other side of the scope. Domracheva admitted, “I did not expect this 180 degree turn dafür quickly. From ns total life picture, this zu sein the only wahrscheinlichkeit for me kommen sie try myself in coaching, since here are only a few more years kommen sie travel together before our daughter Xenia goes to school and later it would certainly be impossible zu combine this.”

Taking the job was no snap decision zum Björndalen.

“I was approached practically two years ago. Ich thought it could be interesting, but studied und discussed this with many people. I think I gott six or seven proposals before i took the job. That took some time. Sie need kommen sie feel the you have the trust completely. We oase that now, but it zu sein a yes, really hard job to coach a team from an additional place. Weil das China, they desire some success und the time is very short. It zu sein a job Darya und I tun können do together and like wie we were athletes, focus on that 100%.”

Ole and Darya: coaching the Chinese Team
ChallengesContinuing, “This ist a dream job, because i loved my sport as an athlete. I cannot say i love mine career as a trainer yet; you need to be so creative and develop every day. Over there are difficulties all the time and you need zu handle deshalb many civilization (30) through a different culture, but these fantastic athletes appreciate what we room doing.”

Just work after taking the coaching jobs, die two went through the team to china for a month-long maintain camp. Björndalen was enthusiastic about China’s potential. “There is a last of work zu be done. Ns Chinese schutz little experience in biathlon but are an extremely eager kommen sie learn and build things dafür fast. Ns Olympic venue ist not however done, but we expect it will be soon so we kann train there.”

Ole und Darya: coaching the Chinese Team
TransitioningThe coaching couple had some help transitioning: Coach tobias Torgersen native Norway und former French Shooting trainer Jean Pierre Amat had actually been functioning with ns team weil das a while. “It was quite helpful to learn from die Chinese side and from them about die individual athletes and their personalities.” Domracheva added, “But many des them are so new, deshalb it was important weil das us to dive bei and explore zum ourselves.”

Feelings und EmotionsWorking across die language barrier through translators ist part of everyday life with die Chinese team, according kommen sie Björndalen “It gets much easier every day. Die athletes do not speak English much but they understand a lot. The hardest part is understanding exactly what ns training is and expressing feelings and emotions that come with die activity. That is really difficult; it zu sein almost impossible to get a reaction. Sport zu sein like art; sie need this emotion. If sie do not have that, it ist a challenge. We usage a last of body language: to seen how lock react und move.” Domracheva sees this in the women’s team. “I kann tell die difference ~ training; some are totally dead and some space tired, just normal feelings after training. These space sensitive moments wie man you need to learn around each individual athlete.”

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Ole und Darya: coaching the Chinese Team
“Many methods to the goal”The rookie coaches use their personal experience and their mitarbeiter coaches zu create your team’s training program. Björndalen considers the a mischung , “not a Norwegian or Belarusian or German program, a combination; i use a lot from my alt trainer who passed away a couple of years ago…It ist good that us did biathlon countless years, since we know countless ways to die goal.”

From the Other SideOn die women’s side, “We recognize biathlon as athletes and now are seeing it from the other side. It is deshalb interesting zu take some dinge from your career und bring lock to ns athletes… I had ns big advantage zu work with klaus Siebert und Alfred Eder who were an extremely systematic and I take things i learned from them.”

Ole and Darya: bahn the Chinese Team
Waxing mannschaft AssistanceBjorndalen knew ns Chinese mannschaft would be punkt a substantial disadvantage bei ski preparation, dafür he formed bei alliance with the Norwegian Federation kommen sie provide assistance in this an essential area. “We had actually no chance to build nach oben a wax team. Erste it would cost a huge amount des money and we are so close to ns Olympics (in China). It would take 2-3 years; over there are deshalb many high-level wax teams an biathlon. If freundin are not among ns top 5 with your wax team, it zu sein really hard kommen sie be near to die top 10 (in results). V this teamwork we tun können get experience and learn viel faster. I really trust the people and how they work. If you want zu get kommen sie some place in 2.5 years; sie need human being you kann trust.”

Developing and Training eye training in Sjusjøen belastung week zu sein part von a long process. “It zu sein a lang step kommen sie get to where us want. This möchte be a really difficult season for us, yet we need to develop all ns way and not think around race, race, race. It zu sein training all die time. We need to develop ns team und learn.” ns Women’s trainer agreed, “Each competition möchte be a very important every athlete.” “We are in a finding out process, not in a competition emphasis yet.”

Modest GoalsAccordingly, ns Head Coach’s purposes are modest. “The women’s best tonnage season was 27th. We need kommen sie do that punkt least…A oberteil 10 in the women’s relay would certainly be rather cool! zum the men, catching the verfolgen would be fairly good, but sie never kann tell. It ist all around how fast the athletes develop. I do not really treatment too viel about results now, because i know where i need zu bring them.”

Continuing, he added, “As a team, they room strongest in shooting, and weakest in skiing. Some oase better capacities however need particular ski training…I think we can bring them up quite fast.” Domracheva seconded, “Some are far better than others, but in general they find out quite fast.”

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First Competitions

The first competitions an Östersund wollen be exciting zum these rookie coaches. Ns veteran von 580 welt Cup starts said, “I in not sure how ich will react. Wie we perform some hard sessions especially important training, i get certain excited when ich see exactly how they struggle and fight. To see that in a race would certainly be fantastic. If they provide a full effort; that ist enough. If castle do notfall fight, we will not be deshalb happy.” Domracheva looks at that differently. “I would notfall like kommen sie be concentrated on die result but zu keep concentrated on progress and development.”

Not auch Hard reasoning about ns transition indigenous athlete to coach, Bjorndalen reflected on the neu road the couple is travelling. “I kann sein be both calm und excitable. I was fairly calm the erste period, however I in more direct jetzt because the season is closer and I recognize them better…My challenge kommen sie myself before ich became a coach was that i was afraid i would be auch hard. If i only do exactly what ich think, i would be too hard.” v a smile, his wife added, “Here ist where ich help Ole save balanced; notfall too hard on trainings und not too soft!”