Der Mensch Kann Zwar Tun, Was Er Will, Aber Er Kann Nicht Wollen, Was Er Will

The first episode starts through a direct quote from one of the good German philosophers, together Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche, who have all played your part in each Season des ‘Dark’. This time it ist Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860):

Der personen kann begehen was er will; er tun können aber nicht wollen was er will.”

”Man tun können do what the wills yet he cannot will what that wills.”

(Arthur Schopenhauer, Essays und Aphorisms)

Arthur Schopenhauer

For Schopenhauer, human desire was futile, illogical, directionless, and, by extension, so was all human being action bei the world. Albert Einstein quoted his view, originally expressed bei his essay “On the Freedom von the Will“, that:

a man tun können do as he will, but not will together he will.”

This zu sein as nearby a practiced description des the events that we schutz witnessed in the last two seasons des ‘Dark’ as freundin could more than likely get in one sentence. That the genius that discovered the Theory von Relativity und the result theoretical consequence von time dilation was in admirer des the philosophy of Schopenhauer is of course no coincidence.

Du schaust: Der mensch kann zwar tun, was er will, aber er kann nicht wollen, was er will

For Schopenhauer ist credited with one of the most profound opened lines des philosophy: ‘The world is my representation’. Ever due to the fact that Plato die greatest minds schutz struggled v a seeming eternal schism betwee the world von phenomena und appearance, that zu sein ‘outside’ of us and the internal mental processes that build that world and give us our reality. Exactly how do we understand that what we construct together our reality zu sein a true image und is really what us think it is?

In ‘Dark’ both Jonas and Martha keep referencing ns ‘glitch bei the matrix’ and in this zuerst episode us get to visit one more matrix. This matrix is in alternative world in which another Martha exists. It ist the same yet different. It is a emotion that one has, or a remembrance, when in a new situation that zu sein vaguely familiar (which us refer kommen sie as deja-vu), that this zu sein a similar welt but through subtle yet far-ranging differences. One can say the this world ist another representation. How would one know the difference?


The alternative world in ‘Dark’ zu sein a clean example of the well known Allegory of the cavern (yet an additional cave?!) used von Plato (not a German philosopher) kommen sie explain ns real and the appearance von the real and the feasible ‘glitch an the matrix’ that is the sense von deja-vu the both Jonas and Martha oase already to be feeling about their perceived reality since the anfang of Season 1. Plato has Socrates define a kopieren, gruppe of civilization who oase lived chained to the wall des a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. Ns people watch shadows projected on the wall native objects passing in front of a fire behind them und give names kommen sie these shadows. Ns shadows are die prisoners’ reality. One of the prisoners has actually help und breaks totally free from his chains. Then he is forced zu turn around and look at ns fire. Die light von the fire harms his eyes and makes ihm immediately want to turn back around and:

retreat to the things which he could lakers properly, which he would think really fingerprint than the things being gezeigt him.”

Allegory von the Cave

In other words, the prisoner originally finds die light (representing the truth, in alternative truth or reality) really challenging zu see and so does notfall want zu pursue it. However, after ~ his eyes change to the firelight, reluctantly and with great an obstacle he zu sein forced out von the cave and into die sunlight, which zu sein a pains process. But die prisoner has developed past die realm des the firelight, and now into die realm of sunlight. The zuerst thing the would discover easiest to look at zu sein the shadows, und then reflections von men and objects an the water, und then ultimately he ist able kommen sie look at die sun itself which that realises zu sein the source of the reflections.

Plato referred zu those an the cave as ‘prisoners’ und this would use equally well to those living in both Winden’s und to ns ‘travelers’, who space locked into cycles des 33 years. Us are jetzt familiar with ns significance von multiples des 3 und the hermetic symbolism had within die triquetra. And this zu sein exactly just how Episode 1 proper, starts, in very acquainted territory.


We evil a multiple des three. 3 males und three different stages of existence as permitted within ns existing taxonomy des time travel zum Jonas: a young boy, a mature einer and bei older version des the very same person. Here bei the flesh ist the price to ns ravenous Sphinx’s riddle. Remember ns myth of Oedipus? ns myths des Greece attribute everywhere an ‘Dark’. Ns men we have just seen space perhaps bei (alternative?) male version von the ‘Erinyes’ or ‘Furies’ that were goddesses of vengeance and retribution who punished those that committed crime against die natural order. Ns unnatural order bei ‘Dark’ being ns infinite one without beginning or end demanding greater und greater human sacrifice zu create and to destroy.


The mature ausführung stands before ns painting ‘The fall of die Damned’ über Peter paulus Reubens hung as a devout centrepiece at the hermetic altar von ‘Sic Mundus’ where Adam once sat pontificating interminably about die machinations of time travel. This time it zu sein a female voice who questions our complimentary will and our ability zu deny fate straight from ns philosophy des Schopenhauer. Die look on the face des this strange creature is of recognition und repulsion. He is holding a lantern, they every are. That throws ns lantern at die painting and it burns. They every throw their lanterns and ‘Sic Mundus’ burns. One is reminded des Adams’ native that zu create one must erste destroy however this zu sein pure destruction. A foreshadowing des the imminent apocalyptic auto-da-fe. Where Prometheus lugged ‘fire’ or science to help mankind the new Promethean’s bring real fire. Having picked up die technical drawing des the time machine before the conflagration, this contemporary ‘fire’ will now destroy us completely.

Alternative Martha, take away Jonas, via herstellung portable machine to die other Winden, where Jonas ist our reise guide. The goes ‘home’ kommen sie find that occupied von the Nielsen family und a torn picture illustrates that Ulrich zu sein no longer with Katharina. He ist with Hanna who zu sein pregnant. Ulrich leaves and we seen him and Charlotte hinweisen the polizei station. Ulrich is an charge and Charlotte is deaf. Strikingly we see Woller who bei this welt has both eyes, yet his left arm is missing. A teil of ihm is blieb gone. The balance ist undisturbed in the Universe. Jonas walk to the school looking for Martha. However she does notfall recognise him. They have not however met bei the other world. Or schutz they? He adheres to her, desperate weil das her kommen sie remember. However how tun können one remember die future? Deja-vu?


Once again, she ist performing as Ariadne, but ns words native the zuerst version bei Season 1:

‘‘The spinning wheel turns, round und round an a circle. One fate bound to die next. Die thread, red like blood, that cleaves together all ours deeds. One can not unravel the knots.’’

are jetzt rearranged bei her neu monologue kommen sie give a totally different meaning, a viel darker prophecy. This time the back scenery of a blood-red cave und the deep red slash down the left-side of the face von the girl an the audience und Kilian, (the replacement weil das Bartosz bei this world) foreshadows something much bloodier und far much more horrific. This zu sein not now a mythic love story. The words spoken von Kilian, especially, are an ext reminiscent of ‘Paradise Lost’ by Milton and the cataclysmic fall of Adam and Eve indigenous ‘Paradise’ und not, die mythic endeavours von heroic Theseus slaying the Minotaur and escaping ns labyrinth with aid from a very resourceful Ariadne, who has fallen an love v Theseus. In my review of Episode 5 des Season 1 I oase already discussed the links between Ariadne, Theseus, ns Labyrinth und ‘Dark‘.


Dark’ is metamorphosing right into mythic love story, a tragedy and a horror film. Another triquetra. Return one möchte find rather a few des the zuerst two in Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’ in epic narrative city published in 8 A.D. ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’ ist a great example. It was also a play within a play that Shakespeare used bei ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ which also involves much love, an alternative superordinary world and a dash des horror.

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Pyramis und Thisbe‘ This painting has captured die horror.

Jonas speak Martha the date november 4th and its significance. However she to know nothing of this. He is bemused. On walking to ns cemetery that sees Regina Tiedemann’s grave and meets peter who ist the priest des Winden. Jonas asks if his father zu sein buried here. Peter does notfall recognise die name. Jonas climate realises why he is in this different Winden, to stop their apocalypse.


We run to ns world Jonas has actually left und it is September 1987 und a house intrusion is taking place. Die youngest iteration des the Furies enters bernd Doppler’s home and asks zum the master key, old bernd thinks he is joking. They every enter, und the mature fury takes the end a wire cheese cutter and proceeds kommen sie murder the alt man an his wheelchair. It zu sein horrific.

Martha is meeting Killian in the woods, yet Jonas zu sein waiting zum her. He defines to produziert that they know each other and that whatever that is happening jetzt has occurred before:

It’s deja-vu. Or a glitch an the matrix’’

And the smiles. Martha ist beginning zu understand.


Suddenly, die rest of the gruppe turn up und head zum the caves. Mikkel zu sein not through them. Together they near the caves they hear the mechanical noise create from die cave. They run und Martha is separated. Together she transforms around, she sees herstellung blood-soaked other-self. It is strikingly reminiscent of that shocking scene from ns horror film ‘Carrie‘. Martha runs. Castle all operation to ns bunker und the lights an Winden flicker when more. Inside die bunker that familiar rip bei space and time opens, und a body, drops v it, again. It is a dead and eyeless (Oedipus?) Mads Nielsen.


Jonas is by his ex-home when bei old woman appears from die dark. She explains that Mikkel does not travel back in this world und so he, Jonas, will never it is in born. However this world will ausblüten be destroyed by him und by her. Jonas recognises her meaning. She need to be Martha, but much older.

A modern-day Prometheus creates a new ‘Origin‘ myth.

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Finally, we jump to september 1888 ~ above a wet stormy night wherein Martha has actually arrived at the Tannhaus factory. She enters und there ist Jonas functioning on a new time machine. Back it could be Dr Victor Frankenstein functioning maniacally in his laboratory kommen sie cheat life and death. He zu sein shocked to lakers her. He has no idea the this ist not his Martha. She describes who she is und that she is there to help find die ‘origin‘ and:

‘‘The one point that is the beginning of everything’’

And the end of everything?

Jonas has actually no idea what she means, but die Creature the Dr Frankenstein created in his activities (his ‘Adam’), would schutz understood Martha, perfectly.