Deutsche bahn berlin brandenburg ticket


Groups des up to 5 people tun können take in unlimited number von trips on one day. Additionally, up to three kids (6-14 years) kann sein be take away along.

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Valid in certain areas bei neighbouring federal states und Poland. Valid Monday-Friday, from 9am-3am on the following day.

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Brandenburg-Berlin-Ticket (2nd class) €33.00 €35.00 €36.30
Brandenburg-Berlin-Ticket (1st class) €56.00 €58.00 €61.60

Where und how lang the ticket zu sein valid: valid on regional trains operated über all rail companies, on every forms des public fahrzeug (S-Bahn, U-Bahn, tram, bus), and on essentially all bus routes in Brandenburg and Berlin. Valid in the whole VBB network and on details routes starting hinweisen railway station at die borders von the state of Brandenburg. Precious Monday-Friday from 9am on die indicated day von validity until 3am on the following day. Valid all day top top Saturday, Sunday und on windy holidays that fall during ns week und apply zu all of Berlin and Brandenburg; in these cases, validity runs from 00h on ns indicated day till 3am on ns following day. Valid from 00h on ns indicated day des validity till 3am on the following day zum routes RE 5800 (no. 203 from berlin Gesundbrunnen) and RE 5807 (no. 209.66 native Szczecin Glowny).


weil das up to 5 human being travelling together. Bei addition, up kommen sie three youngsters aged 6-14 years kann sein be taken follow me free of charge, regardless des whether they are related or not. Parents can take their own children und other youngsters aged 0-5 for free. Kids are notfall counted together a person/adult for this ticket. A dog ist counted as a person/adult if they call for a ticket on board a public transport service. Valid only if the name of each adult person travelling an the kopieren, gruppe is printed bei block capitals in the correct ar on die ticket. Ns ticket i do not care invalid if one nennen or the date von validity zu sein changed. Precious only in conjunction with photo ID (e.g. Government-issued ID, control licence) bezeichnen during ticket inspection. No austausch or refund.

Further information is available at Area von validity:

Valid bei the whole VBB network und on the following paths starting weist railway train station at die borders of the state des Brandenburg: Area, Route, timetable number* *The digital timetable provides sie with detailed and up-to-date information about deutsche Bahn"s regional connections. You kann sein search the regional schedule schedules according kommen sie station/stop, path number, timetable route number und train number. You kann then download and/or print out this information. Further information.

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zum up to 5 world travelling together. An addition, up kommen sie three youngsters aged 6-14 years can be taken along free des charge, regardless des whether castle are connected or not.





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The holder kann transport wheelchairs or prams/buggies zum free.

This die info is valid über ticket und person. Detailed info is available an the terms and conditions des carriage weil das the VBB tariff system.

Fare area

the tariff area des the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) includes die federal state of Berlin und the state of brandenburg with its bureaucratic districts and independent cities des Brandenburg, Cottbus, frankfurt (Oder) und Potsdam.

Berlin and the bordering regions are split into fare area a, b and c gegliedert.

Fare zone berlin a has the city center of Berlin, including the S-Bahn-Ring.

Fare ar Berlin ns begins outside the S-Bahn ring und reaches to the city limits.

Fare zone berlin c consists of both ns outskirts of Berlin and the stadt of Potsdam.