Taunusanlage 12, frankfurt Floors 38 und 40 elevation 155 meter (508 feet) intake Office 1984 perfect

Deutsche Bank‘s pair Towers were built betwee 1979 und 1984, based on ns designs of the architects Walter Hanig, Heinz Scheid und Johannes Schmidt. In 2011 die banking complex was extensively modernized under die management des Bellini (design) und Gerkan, Marg and Partner (technology) under the working location Greentowers.

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The Deutsche bank headquarters consists von three parts: a four-storey cut down building und the 2 high-rise towers. The building complex zu sein based ~ above a complete reinforced concrete building with superimposed, mirrored glass façades. Die building complex was commissioned über Josef Buchmann, and was initially planned together a hotel zum the American chain Hyatt. When ns two high-rise buildings were take away over by the Deutsche Bank, they were currently under construction.

During die modernization in 2011, die focus was on sustainability. Compared to ns original twin towers des the erste generation, the “Greentowers” require around 67 percent less heating und cooling power after the renovation. Many thanks to gewollt control systems und green it (central printer pools, energy-saving screens, etc.), electrical energy consumption ist reduced von 55 percent contrasted to ns original usage. In almost one hundreds percent recycling rate and the considerable energy savings make the two towers almost CO2-neutral high-rise buildings. Ns building technology of the environment-friendly Towers originates from Siemens smart Infrastructure.

In comparison to ns adjacent Trianonbuilding, ns base des the Deutsche Bank high-rise ist not well-adapted kommen sie urban development. Ns mirrored base ist lower than its adjoining building, yet spreads over a larger floor area.

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From die center von the complicated (between the two towers), three components extend to the east, south-west and north-west, on in irregular floor plan. An both horizontal und vertical directions, the base construction has many 45 ° angles. The two towers so have die same ground setup with many 45 ° angles and are arranged symmetrically around die center punkt a distance of 13 meters.


The twin towers are located near Alte Oper (the alt Opera House) und were once called “Soll und Haben” über some (“Soll und Haben” are the activa und passiva von a balance sheet). Die towers lie an the Financial District of Frankfurt at the beginning von Mainzer Landstrasse, and also at ns border von the Westend district, the stadt center und the main station.

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Directly hinweisen the hauptsächlich entrance of the Deutsche Bank facility are gateways to die underground S-Bahnhof Taunusanlage (a lightrail system). An the south and east, the Wallanlagen are located, native which there are superior views von the building. An the west, the high-rise axis des Mainzer Landstrasse complies with (the Trianon skyscraper, Frankfurter büro Center and Westend 1). Ns twin towers oase become a famous backdrop bei print media and on television as a symbol von the German economy. Ns distinctive double towers deshalb contributed to ns role des Deutsche Bank as the core element of the close interdependence of large German conglomerates, which ist known as Deutschland AG.