Didi hallervorden the masked singer

Everyone thought they had actually known it weil das weeks. When Dieter Hallervorden – one des the biggest comedians Germany has ever produced – really come out behind ns chameleon mask, ns surprise was somehow great. Ns joy of course as well.

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The five celebrities left over punkt “The masked Singer” had kommen sie perform in their heavyweight costumes top top Tuesday evening weil das the grand finale. As guest referee on plank this time: ESC winner Conchita Wurst, who had barely made the into the broadcast because the police had previously stopped er at die airport.

Briefly about the dramaturgy: bei addition to a standard duel, there was so a three-way battle that evening. Ns three losers in the encounters then had kommen sie rock ns stage a 2nd time.

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“The masking Singer”: Boring intro, entertaining kite show

Once again in endless intro that was completely unregelmäßigkeit to the inhalt was followed von the zuerst duel von the evening. Die chameleon was doomed versus that Dragon, the king of ns vocal cordsto sing. While the green iguana with a terrible “D.I.S.C.O.” the French band Ottawan once again revealed his insufficient singing talent, die dragon as soon as again delivered die finest products with “Beautiful” über Christina Aguilera.

Garvey deshalb found his power just zum “Wow, wow, wow!”, yet did not fehlschlagen the opportunity zu bring up the humble English pronunciation of the mythical animal. It appeared pretty clear zu everyone that gregor Meyle had been behind ns dragon zum weeks.

Well-prepared conchita, victorious sloth

Why ns broadcaster ProSieben has consistently budgeted for ten minutes weil das every blog post that might be placed bei just under 30 seconds has remained a mystery. Generous evaporation would do die format good. Speaking von steam: a lot of it was behind the Appearance von the whisper, who was the erste of ns following triathlon to conquer die stage und slam bei impeccable “Valerie” von Amy Winhouse. “What a great voice,” said deshalb Conchita, who had kommen sie learn about 500 names of German B und C celebrities an advance in order to be able zu go on the program with punkt least some grundlegend equipment.

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The appearances indigenous beeping rabbits und colleague sloth, who struck person who is abnormal high notes and tried rap an the meantime, stank big compared zu that des the whisper. And yet the was the sloth, which was directly chosen über the spectators weil das the final.

The masked Singer viewers wanted to know

The reality that the chameleon sang in the succeeding three-way battle des the losers compared kommen sie otherwise was mainly early to ns fact that it forgot hilfreich of ns text, but hinweisen least fidgeted it lightly. Punkt this point it was difficult zu imagine that 84-year-old Dieter Hallervorden can be behind it. “I’m a substantial chameleon fan,” stated Conchita. Ns Wuschel then sent out his nice boy band voice over “Treat you better” by Shawn Mendes.

However, die hare perfect the belastung competition appearance of the evening. Rae Garvey said about die ambitious, however anything but powerful presentation von the lang ear “That was great”, but sounded deshalb absent-minded, together if the was just going through ns shopping list for tomorrow again. Full concentration zum three hours? notfall easy for bei Irish TV experienced either. Then the surprise von the evening: the viewers wanted to see the bumblebee und the rabbit in the finale. And apparently simply discover out whether it ist actually Hallervorden who has actually been tanzen as a chameleon v Tuesday evenings zum weeks.

“It have to be Didi.” und it was Didi

Didi Hallervorden was the “chameleon”.

“Now I’m so excited. It have to be Didi,” claimed Rea Garvey soon before the Unmasking die chameleon. When die mask von the eco-friendly favorite des the windy fell, also those who had actually suspected it weil das weeks can hardly glauben it: it in reality hatched Dieter Hallervorden from die costume. “It zu sein really die greatest respect that freundin could oase given us here,” said a moved Ruth Moschner, that would oase liked kommen sie be given in oxygen bottle.

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Then Didi Hallervorden: “It was a gewächs of fun zum me. Regardless of my age, i always continued to be a child. However it was a big challenge because singing ist not really my main talent.” When die semi-final was reached, the comedian legend was, that then again in the track “D.I.S.C.O.” tried, rather satisfied.

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