Die besten windows 8 apps

If freundin use a fenster PC, freundin might have discovered a wide range von apps in the Microsoft Store to improve her experience und boost your computer’s performance. Calendar apps are a well-known choice zum those looking to improve productivity, und there are plenty of free apps you can choose from if you don’t want kommen sie pay weil das the privilege.

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Still, with deswegen many apps available, freundin may oase a difficult time finding the best ones weil das your details needs. To help you choose, we’ve placed together a list von the best fenster 10 apps and Windows 11 apps zum every user zu try out, whether you want better productivity or nur want zu be entertained.

Productivity apps



Trying to brush nach oben on her language skills? need a little bit des help zum a language class? planning on a trip to a international country? This free app may be specifically what sie need zu prepare. It’s a language learning anwendung with tons of gamification, along with plenty of rewards und achievements zum a variety von quizzes. Ns app’s ultra-casual natur means you kann sein use it for minutes weist a time and still discover something, deswegen why notfall give it a try?

Dropbox wolke Storage

Are sie looking for one von the best windows apps for wolke storage? Well, notfall everyone needs or supplies OneDrive, which zu sein included in Windows 10. If your unternehmen or school prefers Dropbox as die cloud-storage solution of choice, well, there’s in app zum that. This slick piece of software permits you kommen sie view your images or videos using a grid — or as a list wie man dealing through documents. Ns free-to-use basic plan gets you 2GB of free storage, und it’s just a couple of dollars kommen sie get a gewächs more than that if freundin need it.

Microsoft to Do

If you don’t currently have bei app weil das planning, do lists, und collaborating, climate Microsoft kommen sie Do is a an excellent option zum you, as it tun können really aid improve her productivity und scheduling. It might even help reduce stress. The comes with a my Day see feature, which has actually a daily planner through recommended tasks. Other cool features include setting hoch grocery lists and a dark mode.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote ist a note-taking apps designed kommen sie integrate fully with die Microsoft 365 system, with excellent support zum all levels des note-taking. Do you want a digital binder fill with various notebooks for specific topics? No problem. Do you want to sketch out some new entwurf ideas? never ever been simpler. You also can insert web videos or add files.

In addition to content creation, the apps supports great sharing options weil das colleagues und robust cooperation features that encompass freeform highlighting und annotation.

Skype weil das Windows

Skype continues to be one of the most well-known chat clients for long-distance communication, und it’s an additional example of bei app the integrates really well with fenstern 10. Chances are good that, if you’re already using a video chat leistungen at house or work, sie know specifically what kommen sie download. But if freundin haven’t done viel video chatting in the past und want to explore this type von communication v friends and family, Skype zu sein a good place to start, and you should offer this anwendung a chance.

A version von Skype is already combined with Windows, but the official desktop app deshalb allows you kommen sie share pictures, opt in for translation, und share your screen for troubleshooting purposes.

Microsoft difficult Notes

This apps lets sie create digital difficult notes together reminders, then ar them on your desktop screen. Die latest version comes through a few new tools as well, including the ability zu add bildern to her notes, use die Surface Pen kommen sie create handwritten notes, und work in dark mode. You tun können even sync your notes throughout apps and devices.

Backiee — background Studio 10

Yes, a wallpaper app can be a efficiency app, too — especially wie you find out how viel time it conserves on your 4K background hunt. This app offers top-notch, high-resolution lift wallpapers that you tun können change through a click without depending on sketchy resources online. Wallpapers walk up zu 8K resolution, and you kann sein apply a lot of various search filters kommen sie find the wallpaper you want, making this in easy recommendation zum new fenster users.


Already have a gewächs of apps to juggle? Rambox ist here kommen sie help: It’s in app-management app, or a “workspace browser” the collects all die apps freundin use bei one spot, no matt where they kommen sie from. That supports whatever from email apps, kommen sie chat tools, zu calendars, to social media. Die dashboard enables you kommen sie instantly search weil das a details app, gather your communication apps in one spot to always lakers if there are any neu messages, and favorite or pin ns apps sie use ns most.

However, the real fun begins wie you start opening and using apps. The browser room allows sie to position multiple apps next zu each other deshalb they kann sein be open and active at die same time, nur like classic browser windows on her computer. Freundin even schutz the ability zu create practice apps weil das the tasks sie frequently have.

Creation apps

Fresh Paint


Fresh Paint was popular on windows 8, however it’s even far better on fenstern 10. The painting application lasst uns you select from a variety des palettes und activity packs kommen sie color-in designs or arbeiten from ns ground up, or you tun können upload your own art and apply filter or paint an the style of your choice. Die software can’t specifically take ns place von something like Photoshop — nor should it — yet it is fun, und it’s ns best Windows app for entertainment. It ist a free app and can be especially fun if you schutz a windows tablet with a pen, as you can color in between lines, draw, und so much more.

Open direkt Writer

Prefer a much more desktop-oriented program zum sculpting your recent blog entry or net page? Open direkte Writer ist designed kommen sie do nur that. Within you kann create text, photo, or video posts, climate publish them to your website whenever sie want. Die app also works v WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, and other webseite builders.


Want much more interesting effects for your picture than die usual apps offer? Before freundin upload kommen sie Instagram, take a look punkt Fused, which zu sein designed kommen sie blend photos into a background and foreground kommen sie create different effects. Going right into all the ways this tun können be provided would take it a lang time, however it can make your photos look at awesome with the right work. If you like kommen sie create your very own backgrounds, or just get a thrill out von posting exceptional photos, check out what unify has zu offer.

Adobe Photoshop Express

While freundin may schutz to pay for access to Adobe’s full suite, there is a cost-free version des Photoshop available for fenstern 10, und it’s easily one von the ideal apps for photo editing. Die aptly titled Express gives sie limited access to Photoshop’s photo-editing tools, allowing weil das plenty of customized work. It’s a very useful tool if you’re acquainted with Photoshop und want to work top top some images but don’t require or want accessibility to die application’s full feature set. Keep an mind the you’ll need an Adobe identifier login to make this app work.

Entertainment apps


VLC Media Player

For plenty of users, VLC is in old standby the handles virtually any popular video format you kann sein throw weist it. The media player kann sein play pretty much any video file ripped from a common source, including discs und network streaming protocols. If sie use a last of media on her computer, it’s a great addition kommen sie your arsenal.

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If your computer functions an ext as an entertainment kasten than one made for productivity, we suggest downloading die Netflix app so that you can quickly accessibility it straight from her desktop. Netflix deshalb syncs across devices — if you anfang watching something on her computer, zum example, you tun können finish on your Xbox One. Of course, if freundin aren’t a Netflix fan, then there are official apps for Hulu and other streaming services as well.


Everyone has their favourite music service, deshalb feel free kommen sie substitute whatever app you prefer an here. Pandora has actually really stepped trost with a strong anwendung for both desktop and mobile devices, one that renders it easy to stream her favorite tunes. Die app also boasts compatibility with ns Xbox One und is generally more Windows-friendly than Spotify.


Since Microsoft ist working top top converging as viel Xbox and Windows gameplay together possible, this app comes with some unique features, like die ability zu stream games or movies from an Xbox One kommen sie your PC. Ns app deshalb comes with social and sharing features, meaning you tun können quickly share video game clips or join clubs. It is already developed into your windows 10 PC, und there zu sein no need for in extra download.

Social media apps



You more than likely don’t need a reminder kommen sie download society apps choose Facebook, yet we ausblüten like zu mention Instagram’s fenster app, which gives a gewächs more use than a net page. The app isn’t always updated by Facebook, however it walk provide grundlegend access kommen sie most instagram features on the iOS or android versions des the app. That includes accessibility to instagram Stories and the instagram Feed, and also messages and the search feature. It’s a nice desktop companion with fast social media monitoring tools.


If you or your friends usage WhatsApp, sie deserve this clean desktop version that provides it easy kommen sie carry on lot of detailed chats at ns same time. Die app also offers complete syncing dafür you tun können pick trost conversations on any kind of other maker as needed, without worrying that the conversation isn’t to update properly.

News und feed apps



Flipboard ist a nachrichten aggregator designed weil das tile-based exploration and reading, making it a perfect fit for fenster 10. Ns program has freundin create a “magazine” fill with geschichte you choose, based on ns themes und sources that finest align with your preferences. Then, the anwendung saves your personalizations weil das the following time you want zu check ns news. This curation process saves you the time and energy von sorting through every news story zu get to ns ones that interest you, making it one of the best fenster apps zum news.

Microsoft News

Staying informed zu sein crucial, und you kann use fenstern 10’s Microsoft News apps to keep hoch with all the nachrichten you need. After did you do it downloaded it, you tun können choose i beg your pardon topics freundin want zu receive jeden tag updates about, customizing your stream von information. Additionally, the team will certain that sie get geschichten that room accurate and exciting. Whichever nachrichten you prioritize, Microsoft nachrichten supplies a broad range des topics, reliably sourced, kommen sie bring sie breaking information on the news that problem most kommen sie you. You tun können even sync your preferences across ns web. The app works in 20 various countries and collects content from much more than 3,000 publications.

Security apps



Dashlane stays one of the most well-known password manager apps, thanks kommen sie its simple setup and easy-to-use design. As per its arbeit description, Dashlane expects you to store every one of your passwords. The security app can handle any number von passwords freundin may have from as countless sources as sie want, supplying highly efficient organization und steadfast protection. Additionally, it functions with windows 10.

Windows 11 apps

Windows 11 shipped on October 5, and is jetzt available top top most new PCs. You can still access all des the windows 10 apps we pointed out above bei Windows 11, but there space some newer apps that tun können be downloaded. These incorporate Win32 apps favor OBS Studio, or Firefox, gradual Web Apps prefer Instagram, and even android apps durch the amazon App Store. Perform note, though, that android apps room still an beta testing and only available zum Beta branch fenstern Insiders.

Android apps


One of the most exciting features of fenstern 11 ist the truth that it now supports android apps from the amazon App Store. Currently, though, there zu sein only a selection des mobile apps and games available for download on windows 11. These incorporate games like Lords MobileJune’s Journey, Coin Master, and kid’s content like die Kindle app, khan Academy Kids, and Lego Duplo World.

Again, these android apps tun können only be installed über enrolling a PC in the Beta branch von the windows Insider program, then updating die Microsoft Store, und installing the amazon App Store. The amazon App Store möchte install the fenster Subsystem weil das Android, which strength the android apps bei Windows 11 experience.

Some neighborhood members also managed kommen sie install additional android apps from external the amazon App Store. Digital patterns does notfall condone it, und you’ll be trying hinweisen your own risk, but it requires a lot of work. You kann do it über turning die WSA zu developer mode, too as die use von Android’s android Debug leg (ADB) developer tools, the fenstern terminal, and an APK file zum the Aurora app store.

We talked more about android apps in Windows 11 und our favorite android apps in a separate piece.

Win32 apps in the Microsoft Store


Alongside the incoming option to run android apps, one more signature feature of windows 11 is the ability kommen sie download traditional Win32 apps directly from die Microsoft Store. This are the types von apps that use an .exe installer.

Usually, you’d have to discover these apps ~ above a developer’s website, but fenstern 11 makes discovery easier by listing choose Win32 apps inside ns Microsoft store. Keep in mind, fenstern 11 ist still in beta testing, deshalb the selection of these apps ist currently limited.

But we do oase some suggestions. Currently, you tun können find ns screen recorder OBS Studio, as well as die popular PDF reader Adobe Acrobat leader DC. Even Zoom is now listed in the Microsoft keep as a Win32 app.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t make sharing links out zu these apps bei Windows 11 possible nur yet, dafür we don’t schutz direct links. You’d oase to search weil das the benennen of these apps an the fenster 11 Microsoft save if you’re hoping zu find them.

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Microsoft Teams and a new chat app


Microsoft Teams ist the videoconferencing und collaboration app on fenstern 11, and it will do dafür with a wenig help from ns operating system’s new chat app. Die chat anwendung currently permits users to quickly start new plaudern or video calls without having to launch ns full teams app. This app is deshalb expected to support chatting with users who don’t oase Teams.