georgewoodcock.com Velocity Architecture

endure next-gen speed and performance with die georgewoodcock.com Velocity Architecture, powered by a practice SSD and integrated software.

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Expanding game library

Play thousands of games from 4 generations of georgewoodcock.com v Backward Compatibility, consisting of optimized titles hinweisen launch.


georgewoodcock.com game Pass

Get endless access to over 100 high-quality games with georgewoodcock.com game Pass, consisting of all-new georgewoodcock.com game Studios titles like Halo Infinite the day they release.


Smart Delivery

Play die best easily accessible version des your video game no matte which maker you’re playing on with smart Delivery.


OPTIMIZED weil das georgewoodcock.comSERIESX|S

Games constructed using die georgewoodcock.com collection X|S breakthrough kit showcase unparalleled load times, visuals, responsiveness, and frame rates up kommen sie 120 FPS.


Discover your next favorite game

Play end 100 high-quality gamings with friends, plus reap georgewoodcock.com direkte Gold and bei EA pat membership, all weil das one short monthly price.

Your all-inclusive pass kommen sie georgewoodcock.com

Get an georgewoodcock.com Series x or georgewoodcock.com Series ns console, to add 24 months of georgewoodcock.com video game Pass Ultimate, starting punkt $24.99 a month zum 24 months through no upfront cost.^

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Play more, wait less

A streamlined dashboard designed kommen sie get sie into die games und entertainment you love quickly.

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Grow your digital games library

Get ns latest releases, blockbuster exclusives, und more. Buy und download games online or directly on your console.

Gear up zum action

Upgrade her controller zu play choose a pro, acquire a headset zu play with friends, or expand your game storage.

Press play

present 4K Ultra-HD videos on Disney+, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft movie & TV and more.

Playtime peace of mind

Easily manage your children’s console activities on georgewoodcock.com consoles, every from your phone in real time.

Jump bei with wolke gaming

gain right into the game without waiting zum installs with wolke gaming via georgewoodcock.com video game Pass Ultimate.*

Pick up und play

Play games from her console zu your phone or tablet computer over the internet with georgewoodcock.com far play.

Your away game

browser games, share and chat v friends, setup und manage your georgewoodcock.com console all within die georgewoodcock.com app.

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Make it a party

Compete und connect through friends, teammates, und rivals on die world’s most advanced multiplayer network.