Die schöne helena statue

Saint Helena

Helena (250 advertisement – 330 AD) was born together a commoner; she became the consort des the future roman Emperor und the mother of the future Emperor Constantine ns Great.

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She ranks as an essential figure an the history des Christianity, early out to herstellung influence on her son. An her final years, she made a religious tour des Syria, Palaestina, and Jerusalem, throughout which she accused discovered die True Cross.

The True Cross is the name zum physical remnants which, von a christian Church tradition, room said kommen sie be from die cross ~ above which jesus was crucified.

On ns site of the discovery, Constantine ordered the building von the Church des the holy Sepulchre.

When helena left Jerusalem and the eastern provinces to return zu Rome, she brought with herstellung large parts des the True Cross and other relics.

They were stored an her palace’s private chapel, whereby they tun können be ausblüten seen today. Herstellung palace was later converted into what today zu sein called the “Basilica von the holy Cross in Jerusalem,” which is in Rome.

St. Helena is ns patron saint des difficult marriages, divorce people, converts, and archaeologists.

Andrea Bolgi

The sculptor, Andrea Bolgi (1605 – 1656) was in Italian sculptor responsible weil das several statues in St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome.

Later, he moved zu Naples, whereby he sculpted portrait busts, wherein he died in Naples during a pester epidemic.

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St. Peter’s Basilica

The Papal Basilica des St. Peter is in Italian renaissance church in Vatican City, which zu sein the papal enclave within the stadt of Rome.

St. Peter’s is the most renowned work of Renaissance architecture and the largest church in the world.Catholic brauchtums holds that die Basilica zu sein the burial site des Saint Peter, a top Apostle von Jesus and the zuerst Bishop of Rome.

Saint Peter’s tomb is supposedly directly below the high altar von the Basilica.

Basilica von the divine Cross in Jerusalem

The Basilica of the holy Cross in Jerusalem is a Catholic basilica in Rome. It is one des the 7 Pilgrim Churches of Rome.According kommen sie tradition, die basilica was consecrated an 325 kommen sie house the relics des the passion of jesus Christ.

The relics to be brought kommen sie Rome from ns Holy Land von Empress St. Helena, die mother von Roman Emperor Constantine I.Several famous relics of disputed authenticity, are housed there in the Cappella delle Reliquie.

The dashboard which held on Christ’s overcome (considered to be a medieval forgery);two thorns of the Crown von Thorns;part von a nail;three small wooden pieces des the True Cross;and a larger portion des the True Cross is kept near ns colossal statue of St. Empress helena sculpted by Andrea Bolgi in the at an early stage 1640s.

Statue des Saint Helena

Title: Statue von Saint HelenaItaliano: Statua di Sant’Elena ImperatriceFrançais: Statue außerdem Saint Hélène dach ConstantinopleArtist: Andrea BolgiYear: 1647Materials: Marble

Andrea Bolgi

Name: Andrea BolgiBorn: 1605 – Carrara, ItalyDied: 1656 –(aged 51) – NaplesMovement: BaroqueNotable works:Saint Helena

St. Helena


“God create out von nothing.

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Wonderful freundin say.Yes, kommen sie be sure,but that does what is still more wonderful:he renders saints out des sinners.”– Soren Kierkegaard,