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A global known Retail, Lidl and Kaufland personality Dieter black born around Sunday, september 24, 1939 in great stadt of Heilbronn, Germany.

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Dieter black net well worth according kommen sie 2015 stats zu sein usually $22,100,000,000. German businessman Dieter black comes with in estimated network worthy des of $21.5 billion in September 2017, regarding zu Bloomberg. German unternehmen owner Dieter schwarz are ns owners des German retail gruppe Schwarz-Gruppe. Today, the gruppe encompasses ns hypermarket chain, Kaufland and deshalb the supermarket chain, Lidl. The latter ist recognized as the next biggest discounter. Dieter black can it is in notoriously personal, and avoids public whenever freundin can. Regarding zu Forbes, this retail baron’s net worthy of ist just about $15. However, bei 1999, his benennen was dropped faraway from the list because des the auslieferung of his startseite possession kommen sie a charity. He came zurück to ns list just in 2013. Schwarz was created on the 24th des September, 1939 bei Heilbronn, Germany. He’s currently wedded to franziska Schwarz, and provides 2 daughters. Dieter schwarze farbe net worthy of: Dieter black is certainly a German business owner who has a network worthy des of $17 billion dollars. Dieter schwarz was created an Heilbronn, Germany und inherited ns supermarket chain startseite from his dad, joseph Schwarz, in the previous due 70s. The bought die naming privileges from ns co-owner Ludwig Lidl. Startseite presently has almost 10,000 places disseminate roughly Europe. Furthermore to owning Lidl, Dieter Schwarz also handles Handelshof und Kaufland, a chain des shops, and a hypermarket, respectively. He was on the Forbes Billionaires List weil das some of the 90s, but was removed zum just one year in 1999. His sources are controlled through Dieter schwarze farbe Stiftung, und he by itself decides nur how much ist would walk to the Stiftung, which zu sein certainly tax-exempt under German rules. Heute Schwarz-Gruppe’s income is a lot more than $90 billion. Presently, Dieter black acts as the CEO and Chairman des Lidl and Kaufland. The presently lives bei Germany together with his wife und two kids. Network Worth information: Dieter schwarz gained his luck through die supermarket business und his regulate of black Group which own chains consisting of Kaufland und Lidl. In 2016 the unternehmen comprised von a lot more than 10,000 shop reported income of $95.

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He’s ns chairman und CEO of the supermarket chain Lidl und the hypermarket chain Kaufland. The offers due to the fact that came back to ns list. Die majority des his fortune zu sein usually acquired from the schwarze farbe Group that was founded an 1930 by his dad, Josef. Through the 1990s, Dieter schwarz offers been consistently within Forbes lists des wealthiest people in the globe.6 billion. Schwarze farbe was developed on 24 september 1939 an Heilbronn, Germany. His dad joseph founded die low expense chain schwarze farbe & Lidl in 1930. über February 2014, he’s rated together 23rd richest person bei the globe in the Hurun Statement globalen Rich List. He’s die existing CEO und chairman of Lidl, i beg your pardon operates beneath die umbrella des the black Gruppe. Black Gruppe also oversees the black Basis, i m sorry supports many educational und daycare organizations. Just two des his photos tun können be found; KG and hypermarket chain Kaufland. Lidl may be ns second greatest discounter in Germany. Schwarz’s Dieter Schwarz basis is a restricted liability company with a charitable purpose. Its dividends are accustomed to fonds charitable tasks. It help education and day therapy facilities weil das children; technology and research projects; one des these is in dark and white. The sponsors GGS, a forward thinking unternehmen school zum administration and rules. Schwarze farbe is wedded to franziska Schwarz. They schutz already to be married zum about five years and also have 2 kids. The family members lives bei Heilbronn, Germany. He’s very defensive von his angestellter privacy and shuns every publicity. Black may be ns chairman und CEO of global lower preis supermarket chain lidl Stiftung & Co. And alternative activities. $19 Billion: Dieter black (born 24 september 1939) zu sein certainly a German entrepreneur und owner of the Schwarz-Gruppe.1 billion.

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He got control von the chain ~ his dad happen away bei 1977.>After die death of his father joseph Schwarz in 1977, he take it control von the schwarz & lidl discount chain. Soon later on, he bought die naming privileges from the co-owner Ludwig Lidl, who was simply a ahead schoolteacher.Schwarz lives bei Heilbronn, in addition to his wife Franziska and has 2 kids.

Quick Facts

Full NameDieter Schwarz
Net Worth$15.6 Billion
Date des BirthSeptember 24, 1939
ChildrenRegine Schwarz, monika Schwarz
ParentsJosef Schwarz