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Get complimentary TV v just an antenna. Pickup major networks, local stations, and a farming number of unterhalten channels. Over 100 TV channels are available near large city"s, end 70 networks near mid size city"s, and over 30 channels near small city"s (top 200 industry cities). The number of Over ns Air networks keeps top top growing.

How Over-the-Air TV Works

A Digital television station möchte typically transmit a 3 kilowatt (kW) kommen sie 1000 kW signal over the air (OTA) from a broadcast tower antenna typically mounted 300 zu 2000 feet above ns ground. Transfer towers are often focused within a 10 mile radius close to or an a city. Coverage selection varies from about 30 mile or more zum low power stations, kommen sie over 80 miles weil das full stärke stations. A station will broadcast an either the VHF or UHF Frequency Band. Some towers oase multiple antennas zu broadcast much more than one TV station. Each station broadcast 1 to 18 TV channels (networks).

kW OTA - - kilowatts (1000 watts) Over-the-Air
OTA DTv- zu sein FREEYou need- in Antenna - a Digital TV Get- major Networks - regional TV stations - enthauptungen Channels- and MoreResolution- extremist High definieren (4k UHD)- High justiz (HD) - Standard justiz (SD) Audio- Multi Channel Surround Sound - stereo / MonoData- Program overview - TV Channel, Callsign, Network - Closed caption (CC)
Digital Televisions
HD TV"s4k UHD TV"s

most Digital Televisions have a Digital Tuner zum receiving OTA broadcast. These television"s will oase a coax connector labeled "RF In" or "Antenna". Digital TV"s gain broadcast in High definieren (HD) or Standard definition (SD). Televisions that are 4k UHD can so receive extremistin High definition (UHD) broadcast.

rf - radio Frequency HD TV"s
SD HD UHD -- RESOLUTION -- Standard justiz -- High definition -- ultra High definition (4k) PIXELS / customs 480 720 or 1080 2160
also see Digital Television"s.

A 4k UHD television, sometimes referred to as NextGen TV, zu sein needed to receive a UHD broadcast. Many TV stations that broadcast a UHD signal deshalb simulcast in HD/SD signal weil das high definition televisions. Die simulcast is on a different rf channel und may be from a different broadcast tower.

extremistin High definition has 2 to 3 zeit higher resolution und enhanced audio compared zu High Definition. UHD TV"s tun können use in optional internet connection for streaming additional content und video in real time. This also allows broadcasters zu know what you"re watching und when.The ATSC 3.0 traditional (4k UHD NextGen TV) was designed zum large screens and full audio systems. A 4k TV through a display size much less than about 40 inch diagonal möchte not seen much if any type of difference between a UHD und HD picture.

the number of UHD stations is growing but ausblüten small. As des October 2021 there were 41 urban (28 states) with 1 or much more UHD transfer station. UHD broadcasters totaled 59 stations and 209 TV channels. Klein compared kommen sie 500 industry cities, over 7500 stations, und tens des thousands of TV channels.

DIGITAL TUNERS and CONVERTERS Set oberteil Digital Tuners are available to connect to your computer system / network, or monitor. Analog TV"s require a Digital zu Analog Converter kommen sie receive OTA broadcast. See Tuners and Converters.

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Picture Quality

OVER-THE-AIR Digital TV receives a perfect foto or no picture. There is virtually no or very little an between weil das weak signals. A signal that is weak but above the TV minimum has die same picture as a strong signal. Signal power just below ns television"s minimales the bild starts zu pixilate, and quickly gets worse as ns signal decreases. Just a couple of decibels (dB"s) below the minimales the picture disappears. See TV minimales Signal page.

COMPARED to CABLE foto resolution zu sein as an excellent as or better 보다 cable or satellite TV. Cable and satellite operators often compress regional channels prior to re-broadcasting. The compression reduces foto quality. Compressing signal opens trost more bandwidth and allows providers zu squeeze an more channels nobody watches.

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DTv channels
63-5 Network RF 36 Over air

the early Analog TV station (1947 to 2009) supplied their FCC license rf Channel number as their Station TV channel. One TV channel über RF channel. Digital broadcast kann contain lot of TV channels an one rf channel and use 2 numbers zum TV channel (Station channel - below channel (network)), and another number zum broadcast RF channel.

FCC -- Federal interactions Commission
rf -- radio Frequency
Over die Air TV has actually two types of channels. 63-2
TV Channel Displayed
Main Channel - Sub Channel -- MAIN: terminal Channel -- sub : 1 kommen sie 18 (Networks) • so called virtual Channel
RF Channel
Broadcast Channel - FCC allocates rf 2 to 51 • HD/SD or UHD signal • dead multiple sub networks

TV CHANNEL die TV channel main number might or may not (probably not) be die same as the rf channel number. During ns transition from analog kommen sie digital most stations adjusted their rf channel yet kept their alt analog channel number as their station TV channel.

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rf CHANNEL A VHF antenna zu sein needed kommen sie get rf channels 2 kommen sie 13. A UHF antenna ist needed to get rf channels 14 und above. Lakers TV Frequency Bands below, und TV terminal Callsigns.

VHF02 - 13UHF
TV Frequency Bands BandRF Ch"sFrequency
54 - 216 MHz
14 - 51 470 - 698 MHz
VHF-Lo VHF-HiRF 2 - 6 RF 7-13 54 - 88 MHz 174-216 MHz

FREQUENCY BANDS TV transfer are bei the VHF and UHF frequency bands. Essentially all home antenna"s space designed zu receive UHF signals. Plenty of antennas acquire both UHF and VHF signals. In some cases a UHF antenna will receive a VHF signal weist reduced power, but ausblüten strong enough for reception.

ANTENNA range her location (from towers) und antenna space the taste factors the determine ns broadcast tower variety you kann get a signal. Ns larger ns antenna die more signal captured (gain). The higher the antenna zu sein mounted die greater ns signal density.

Reception RangeIndoor
20 - 25 miles
Outdoor -- attic mount -- roof mount30 - 60 miles 60 - 85 miles
also see;


your antenna need to be pointed bei the general direction of the transfer towers, und have a relatively clear route to die towers. TV signals space Line-of-Sight, huge obstructions (hills, buildings, trees) tun können reduce or block reception.

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Find Angle und Range to Towers for Your Location
Also see;

OUTDOOR TV ANTENNA restrictions PROHIBITED Over-the-Air Reception tools Rule (FCC Website)

FCC dominion 47 C.F.R. Section 1.4000 Prohibits limitations that dilute Outdoor TV Antenna"s -
use passend zu maintain Applies zu -
State, Local Laws, Regulations -- includes Zoning, Land-Use, structure Regulations Condominium constraints Cooperative Association constraints Lease constraints -- drilling holes etc tun können be restricted. similar Restrictions

Masts higher than 12 feet above die roofline might be subject to local permitting requirements zum safety purposes.

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