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Stiftung warntest has experiment 160 rates des 73 auto insurance: Where zu find people at die age von 20, 40, and 70 years von age, a cheap car policy, which covers all the important things? We will show in the summary, which companies are worthwhile and how to find ns best automobile insurance.

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Eyes on die choice of the right car insurance with die right automobile policy, you save with a three-digit amount. Bei the zeitschrift "financial test" published von Stiftung Warentest, ns results des their investigation:
Allsecur und THERE is an offer in the majority von cases, the cheapest base Fare. Ns comfort-Fare kann sein be seen, particularly low are an THERE.Also cheaper than die average straight Line, Hanover and Huk24 are. However, freundin must always exactly bolzen liability, und full insurance kommen sie distinguish.Also period plays a critical role: ns Premium Tariff of Admiral straight (part von CASCO) is zum 40-Year-old, around average, but 70-Year-old find almost everywhere a cheaper provider. Right here are just a separation, personal, instance comparison helps.

20-Year-old: liability plus complete coverage ist at Allsecur, und Huk24, at best, partial coverage is also in Baden-Baden.40-Year-old: direct Line, und Baden-Baden have the finest insurance prices (part comprehensive + liability) zum the middle age class. Sie pay approximately € 290 in the base and 350 euros an the Premium Rate. Totally comprehensive insurance is with direct Line und Allsecur at the cheapest.70-Year-old Hanoverian, Baden-Baden, und Direct line are the cheapest zum liability + partial cover. Totally comprehensive insurance zu sein with straight Line und Allsecur at die cheapest.All the details of detect cost-free ~ above ns cheapest rate to find.

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Pay in advance: If you pay the contribution for the entirety year in advance, you kann save many von the providers lose 5 percent.Compare As many insurance companies change their price every year, it zu sein worth a comparison to the relevant Online portals..Workshop Rate: Up kommen sie 20 percent tun können save you, if freundin agree zu only drive zu a repair shop, which says your insurance.Deductible zum full insurance in the complete insurance and the partial cover is included. You choose ns deductible but ns best zum Full coverage separately. Financial prüfen recommends 150 euro for CDW and 300 euro for full insurance.In our special vehicle insurance, we oase other tips placed together.

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Do sie want to now to another insurance change, you möchte find on the next buchseite everything zum the termination des the automobile insurance.