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things You Didn't know About sam Raimi's drag Me To hell Drag Me to aufleuchten remains one des Sam Raimi"s many successful films zu date, and there ist a last to understand about ns behind-the-scenes des the film.

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As far as big-budget studio horror movies are concerned, few schutz been more successful over ns past decade than sam Raimi"s Drag Me to Hell. In addition kommen sie netting an ext than $60 million globally, the film currently has actually a 92 percent Certified Fresh rotten Tomatoes rating and an 83/100 Metascore.

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Co-written von Sam Raimi"s brother, Ivan, the film follows a demure bank loan direktor named Christine Brown (Alison Lohman), who upon turning down a no hope gypsy woman named Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver), zu sein hexed v a demonic curse called the Lamia. With die help of herstellung boyfriend Clay (Justin Long) und exorcist Rham Jas (Dileep Rao), Christine fends off die demonic scourge ns best she can.

Christine und Rham an Drag Me zu Hell
although Drag Me to Hell was notfall released until 2009, the two Raimi brothers wrote the screenplay zum the film back bei the 1990s under die title des The Curse. The idea was kommen sie make the film after lock completed Army von Darkness, however other projects danke für their interest away.

Rather than making an additional horror movie, sam Raimi do a significant departure with die 1995 comedy-Western, The Quick and The Dead, certification Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, und Russell Crowe. Ivan Raimi would certainly go on kommen sie create und pen 4 episodes von the TV series, Spy Game.

Seance an Drag Me to Hell
As über usual, Raimi wanted to cast his longtime friend und frequent collaborator, Bruce Campbell, kommen sie play a role in Drag Me kommen sie Hell. Unfortunately, campbell was auch busy filming his TV show Burn Notice, at ns time, und had to decline ns part.

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While his potential role was never divulged, campbell would schutz likely play Christine"s bank manager, Mr. Jacks (David Paymer). Raimi and Campbell would certainly join pressures again on die TV series, Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

Lorna Raver in Drag Me to Hell
the underlying plot of traction Me to Hell draws on several international folktales, namely ones von Greek und Germanic origin. An Greek mythology, Mrs. Ganush closely resembles ns Furies or Eurynes, spiritual entities summoned von those wronged von others, as a means of exacting accursed revenge.

In Germany und Austria, a comparable entity recognized as Krampus holds comparable power, albeit centered around the Christmas holiday. Krampus would reward children for good behavior, however drag mischievous children to ns underworld zum eternity.

7 loose Remake

Ganush attacks Chrstine in Drag Me to Hell
if Drag Me zu Hell pulls from miscellaneous folktales, the movie is so a loosened remake von the 1957 film Curse of the Demon (aka Night von the Demon), directed über Jacques Tourneur. The film stars Dana andrew as bei American professor who, top top receiving in accursed piece of parchment, ist terrorized über a malevolent demon prior to ending in a similar graveyard location.

A comparable plot can so be traced zu at least two 1970s TV shows. The 1976 episode von Happy Days, "The evil Eye," featured a very similar plot an which Al is cursed von a malefic demon. Also, a 1977 episode of Alice referred to as "The Hex" features a virtually identical story, bei which Alice ist confronted an a diner und cursed von a vengeful alt lady.

an the film, Mrs. Ganush curses Christine with ns torment von The Lamia, a cloven-hoofed, lamb-shaped demon. However, an reality, Lamia is a far different beast altogether.

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In Greek mythology, Lamia is a bogeywoman known for skulking ns country zum little children to feast upon. Ns tale became popular bei Greece, as a way to get young kids into bed at night. Visually, ns beast is often illustrated with a snake-like tail, reptilian body, and as a half-woman-half-serpent hybrid.

5 Offered kommen sie Edgar Wright

prior to agreeing to helm the film himself, sam Raimi readily available Edgar light the chance to direct drag Me to Hell, most likely on ns strength of his game-changing zom-com, Shaun von the Dead.

Unfortunately, Wright was already committed kommen sie making his murder-mystery action spoof Hot Fuzz und was forced kommen sie decline die offer. He so voiced the he wasn"t die right fit for die project. Wright would certainly go on to make Scott Pilgrim vs. Die World, the World"s End, and Baby treiber before return to die horror genre through Last Night an Soho, due bei April 2021.

Ellen page was initially cast in the role von Christine Brown, but left production kommen sie star in Whip It instead. When Alison Lohman was cast, she underwent rigorous preparation. In addition kommen sie watching several old horror movies, she performed almost all of produziert own stunts bei the film.

One exemption comes in the last graveyard scene, bei which Lohman"s body double was used zum a rapid shot. The camera cuts from Christine"s confront (Lohman) to a shooting of herstellung backside if climbing out von the dig (body double).

3 Cameo Appearances

Drag Me to Hell features a slew des cheeky cameo appearances von Raimi"s friends, family, and frequent collaborators. Zum instance, Sam"s brother, Ted Raimi, plays the doctor in the film.

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Raimi"s Evil tot II co-writer, Scott Spiegel, also appears in the film as a bereaved guest at die funerary feast. The film"s music composer, Christopher Young, deshalb shows hoch at die beginning of the film as a bakery customer eat a cupcake bei front des Christine. Brunnen Raimi self even shows up as a spirit during die climactic seance and Octavia Spencer theatre a background character in the bank when Mrs. Ganush ist escorted out.

in the film, Sam and Ivan Raimi incorporate a heartfelt shoutout kommen sie their deceased larger brother, Sander, who drowned in a swimming schwimmbad at the age of 15 while vacationing bei Israel.

The ethereal nod comes throughout a line des dialogue spoken über Shaun shannel Dena (Adriana Barraza), that mentions her deceased husband Sander in passing. Sander is deshalb the name of sam Raimi"s eldest nephew, Sander Rubin.

1 Evil dead References

Given die array des references kommen sie Raimi"s most well known horror movie, it becomes clear that Drag Me zu Hell bring away place in the Evil Dead universe.

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In addition zu Raimi"s personally-owned yellow 1988 Delta that appears an all his movies, Christine utters the line, "I"m going kommen sie get some," en route to die cemetery, which ist a straight reference zu Ash"s catchphrase "come get some" bei Evil Dead. Clay deshalb mentions his parents" cabin that ist private and has trees, a straight nod kommen sie Raimi"s erste feature. The film even start with die same 80s-era Univeral logo well-known at ns time that the Evil Dead movies to be made.