DSL 50 1&1

I in wondering how die Marshall DSL 50 compares to other varieties des Marshall amps. Specifically die JCM 800. Overall just curious about ns DSL 50 matches all various other Marshalls. Thanks zum any thoughts?

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Have you considered a Plexi? human being boast castle as the holy grail rock amp, but I"m here kommen sie tell sie they kann sein do steel tones nur as an excellent as hard rock und classic rock. They gain a lot dirtier than world think, und they can stay pretty chop all the way down kommen sie C. I oase a Germino 1968 clone (Headroom 100) now, which ist the same preis as a current Marshall HW Plexi but sounds method more authentic zum the iconic Marshall sound.Rule the in, or preeminence it out, yet don"t overlook. Just my 2 cents.

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Yep, i would definitely go plexi if ich could purchased it. I guess in a nutshell, I am looking weil das the most affordable Marshall amp that möchte deliver die goods.
dsl has devoted channels - 2 von them. 2204 has 1 through two inputs for high and low. My 800 has far better low ende it seems to me - and I"ve flipped speaker and amp combine to test while hinweisen a shared space. That was a bit von my takeaway. This möchte be a generality, yet it stop true: die Jcm800 go it"s thing fairly well and if sie don"t want/need those committed channels, go with ns 800 (it"s my favorite amp und likely why ich even clicked on this thread). I"ve spent a gewächs of time playing with a dsl100 back in the anfang of this century and got great use from it, but ich went through a 2204 eventually and love it.
The DSL on ns green channel bei crunch mode is in approximation von the 800 sound. The said, i prefer mine 800 (a 2204) over die DSLs I"ve played - larger sound, much better bottom end. Die DSLs do provide on a budget though.
Yep, i would absolutely go plexi if ich could afford it. I guess in a nutshell, I bei der looking zum the most affordable Marshall amp that wollen deliver ns goods.
That would certainly be ns DSL50, no question. I used to schutz a JCM800 4104 (50 watt einzel channel 2x12 combo) und it was great, however ich do prefer the DSL50 I schutz now. The really counts on your ears though. Die 800 had a wenig bit of hair on the high end that wasn"t ideal zum me. Die DSL50 on ns crunch channel boosted is a sledgehammer. Nice und full however defined, and the leads are smooth and sustaining. Sie don"t need to spend a gewächs of money zu get a good Marshall sound. Don"t get me wrong, my favourite Marshall sound is a 1959 with a stack of 20watt greenbacks. But dollar for dollar you"re notfall going zu beat the DSL50z
^^This.It"s been said dozens if not hundreds of times here and on the Marshall forum.If cost zu sein no object, then von all method go buy an 800, Plexi, or any of the plenty of $3000-$5000 boutique copies and iterations of the classic Marshalls.If you schutz only ~$500 and want zu get *pretty damned close* zu those tones, then obtain a used DSL. Amazing bang weil das the buck.Here room a couple of quality comparisons:and...CheersTRJB
I"m a fan of ns DSL50, however I"d take it a upright input JCM 800 end one bei a heartbeat.The JCM800 zu sein basically die same circuit as the JMP 2204.In general, starting from "77 JMP 2204 grasp Vol (The zuerst year started an "76, but ich don"t treatment much for the "76 which had ns non-cascaded preamp section), the the circuits readjusted ever deswegen slightly,............as die years went up und into ns JMP800, they gott progressively a little more wild sounding.The DSL50 effectively dialed an can obtain close to ns tone von the JCM800, but never fairly reaches ns raw wild snarl & growl.

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Just grab a DSL. You"ll be happy. I gott one cheap recently und it go a great arbeit of sounding close to my JVM, und even my alt 2203 JCM 800. Both cost waaaaay more, $1500 for the JVM and $1700 zum the 2203. If you kann find a DSL zum $500 or under, climate it"s going to be hard zu beat. Die DSL has actually awesome cleans, a good Crunch (especially boosted), und a decent lead channel.
Awesome guys. Do not think I kann find a kind 800 for under a grand. I have played a JVM und liked that a lot. If freundin guys are saying probably with a DSL 50, I tun können get also 80% of that tone, zum my spending plan it ist a no brainer.
Probably not for the single channel upright input JCM800 head.More likely in the $1100 - $1300 range.
I oase a 2204, und will blieb get a supplied DSL one of these days prior to the price starts walking up, and they will. They oase a little bit of their own thing walk on, but still very much bei the classic Marshall line von great tone.
A properly tubed und biased JCM 2000 DSL is very, an extremely hard to beat.It is better overall zu me 보다 my vintage modern, silver jubilee or 1983 JCM 800.

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Awesome guys. Do not think I tun können find a kind 800 zum under a grand. I schutz played a JVM und liked it a lot. If freundin guys space saying probably with a DSL 50, I can get also 80% des that tone, zum my budget plan it is a no brainer.