Legendary physicist Stephen Hawking has given us some von our biggest understanding des life, ns universe und everything, und leaves behind a formidable scientific legacy adhering to his fatality aged 76. Yet while his cool theories space well known, die world got a greater insight into Hawking himself through die movies – particularly Eddie Redmayne’s Oscar-winning portrayal in 2014 biopic The Theory of Everything. Tracing Hawking’s young scholastic life, his diagnosis with motiv neurone disease, und his relationship with his erste wife Jane, the role led to Redmayne meeting Hawking and his family.

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Empire sat down v Redmayne in 2014 ahead of the film’s relax (and awards success) kommen sie talk about die role and his meetings with die Hawking clan. Even lang after die shoot was complete die character seemed to stay through Redmayne, that would subtly slip right into Hawking’s voice and facial movements wie man talking around him. This is what that had to say around one of the sharpest minds in human history.

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On his at an early stage knowledge of Stephen Hawking

“I thought I'd grown hoch with an icon, thought ich had part knowledge von who he was but realised ich knew nothing. There was this extraordinary various other story. Weirdly, i was at Cambridge University und occasionally you'd see this above silhouette going across, yet it never ever occurred kommen sie me zu read approximately his story.”

On conference Hawking zum the first time

“It was terrifying. I'd spent sechs months reading und watching everything, und then sie get zu meet him und I just basically ended trost vomiting forth die info about him, kommen sie him.

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“It take away a long, lang time zum him to say anything, possibly 10 minutes if you're having live conversation. And I experience from verbal diarrhoea. Dafür I ended hoch telling ihm about himself a lot.

“He renders a point in his publications that he was born on die 8th von January, which was Galileo's birthday. So he was born on die 300th anniversary of Galileo, and I was just talking finish bollocks at him. I was like, 'And of course Stephen freundin were born on ns 8th of January und of prozess that's Galileo's birthday, ich was born on ns 6th des January, so we're both Capricorns...' hinweisen which suggest there was this lang silence zum about nine minutes, und then that said, 'I in an astronomer, not bei astrologer.' i was like, 'Holy shit, Stephen Hawking think that die actor that is playing er thinks he's Shelley über Strunckel or Mystic Meg.'”


On Hawking’s physicality

mother and Jane both say that he had ns most expressive eyebrows bei the world. Together he lost his speech, wie man he starts utilizing that board, most people do it with blinking, yet he always did it v his eyebrows.”

On Hawking’s reaction to ns film

“When he then went to see the film I saw er beforehand and I said, 'Stephen, I'm an extremely nervous about you seeing it, allow me understand what you think.' und he said, 'Yeah I'll let you know what i think, an excellent or otherwise.' i was like, if it's otherwise, wollen you just say 'Otherwise.'

On the joy of the Hawking family

“Getting kommen sie hang out through Stephen and Jane and Tim, their boy who works hinweisen Lego, they're ns loveliest people. Zu spend time with Hawking und to lakers that humour and the vivacity the comes from jetzt even more restricted movement than we had in the film is yes, really uplifting. Wie man you've to be dealt such in intense set des cards, to blieb be living with such vibrancy...”


On Stephen Hawking’s vivid personality

“Basically, he's a finish player. I kid freundin not, there's a really sexy quality zu him. He has this troop von women around him and he's a virile and funny man. In my trailer i ended nach oben having three images that i referred to. One was Einstein v his tongue out, due to the fact that there's that similar humour through Hawking. One more was the Joker ~ above a pack von cards who's a puppeteer, because ich feel steven has people in the palm of his hand. Und the der dritte tag was james Dean. Und that was what ich gained from see him: the glint und the humour.”

Interview: Alex Godfrey / picture shoot: steve Neaves / Illustration: justin Metz

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