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A frau walks with rubble an the provincial centre von Şırnak in November 2016 after ~ it was devastated von the conflict.

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Context: Turkey’s dispute with the Kurdistan Workers’ party (PKK) – recognised as a terror organisation by Turkey, the U.S. Und the europäische union – continues an south-eastern Turkey and northern Iraq. An northern Syria, Ankara und the PKK’s Syrian affiliate, die People’s Protection pressures (YPG), remain pitted against each other. On die home front, die government zu sein pursuing crackdown on the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic party (HDP) against which a splitter linterparty closure case is ongoing.

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Battleground: Between mid-October und mid-November escalation between the PKK and Turkish security pressures remained concentrated in northern Iraq. In the tonnage week des October, three Turkish soldiers to be killed an separate clashes with die PKK in the Amedi district, two des them bei IED explosions. The Turkish military continued targeting greater ranking PKK members, including via drone strikes. Around für hilfe of militants killed an October to be “seasoned” PKK members. In Turkey’s south east, some clashes continued in rural areas des Tunceli and Mardin. Meanwhile, tensions stayed high in northern Syria. Turkish officials signalled possible new operation against the PKK’s Syrian affiliate, the YPG. On 26 October, die Turkish conference extended die Turkish military’s mandate zu launch cross-border army operations bei Iraq and Syria zum two much more years.

Analysis: Prospects zum non-violent means forward look bleak amid uncertainty in Syria, Iraq und the Turkish politics leadership’s dependency on assistance from nationalists hinweisen home. 

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In July 2015, a two-and-a-half year long ceasefire broke down, and the virtually four-decade lang conflict bolzen Turkish protection forces und militants von the Kurdistan Workers’ splitterpartei (PKK) – recognised as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, ns U.S. And the europäische union – entered one von its most dangerous chapters in nearly four decades.

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Since that date, violence has ruined communities bei Turkey"s majority-Kurdish southern east und – at zeit – to win into the heart of the country"s biggest metropolitan centres. Bei unprecedented flare-up des fighting and attacks in some south-eastern urban districts bei the zuerst half von 2016, was followed by a progressive shift des violence into rural areas.

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International Crisis kopieren, gruppe has assembled a database of fatalities caused über this conflict due to the fact that 2011. Our data is based on die info available an open sources, including reports from Turkish language media, die Turkish military, neighborhood Kurdish rights groups, and the PKK itself. This platform presents some des the information that tun können be gleaned indigenous this data. For our latest detailed evaluation that also draws ~ above this data, click here.

According kommen sie Crisis Group"s fatality tally, tonnage updated ~ above 15 November 2021,

punkt least


people schutz been killed bei clashes or terror attacks since 20 July 2015. This includes: