Emily Ratajkowski planted it s her on ours radars ~ appearing in the music video for Robin Thicke"s 2013 song, "Blurred Lines," featuring Pharrell and T.I. Naturally, she garnered attention zum being scantily clad together she danced approximately to die beat, but, quickly enough, she proved her legitimacy together a multi-faceted berühmtheit when she appeared in the 2014 film Gone Girl und walked the startbahn at New York fashion Week.

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As one of the many sought-after women bei the world, she racked trost millions of adoring fan on her social media accounts, but romantic hopefuls shortly realized that Ratajkowski was never single zum long. ~ breaking hoch with fashion maven Andrew Dryden in February 2014, she was linked kommen sie musician Jeff Magid von December of that very same year. Die two appeared kommen sie be inseparable hoch until Jan. 5, 2018, when ns New York täglich News reported they had actually separated und were living apart. 

A little over a month danach on Feb. 23, 2018, the actress and model married actor und producer Sebastian Bear-McClard in a surprise, fast-tracked wedding at a stadt hall in New York, eventually crushing mind across die globe.

Not much was well-known about her mystery beau initially, but, once the news of herstellung shocking nuptials was released, Ratajkowski walk on a media blitz zu divulge all ns juicy details about their romance. And, let"s just say, their marriage is far indigenous conventional. Below are die strangest jene about Emily Ratajkowski"s marriage.

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During in interview through The Tonight zeigen with Jimmy Fallon, Ratajowski thorough how Bear-McClard popped the question if they were dining weist a neu York city restaurant, admitting the she at first rejected his proposal. "He didn"t oase a ring deshalb I was like, "Hmm, no,"" she said.

Refusing zu take no for an answer, ns filmmaker "took the paperclip the the rechnung was paid with," and whipped that into die shape des a ring. Ratajowski called the augenblicke "really romantic," and voila! They to be engaged.

After applying weil das their marital relationship license, the couple had actually 24 hours zu kill prior to they might officially gain married. "So we walked into Chinatown und bought like in ounce of gold and he"s like, "We"ll melt down the gold to make die rings,"" she told organize Jimmy Fallon. "So ich was like, "I nur don"t see us melting under gold, like, that just seems kind of difficult.""

In die end, they uncovered a man who aided them hammer out ns gold and turn it into their wedding bands. " were supposed to be momentary rings, but now I"m an extremely attached," she said of her new minimalistic jewelry.

Sentimental worth aside, it"s odd that a effective Hollywood entertainerin who can afford a mega-carat dazzler would favor something a gewächs less blinged out, no? 

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When it come time zu execute her courtyhouse wedding, the I feel Pretty stern told Vanity Fair"s bei the Limelight podcast, "We decided we were going to get married in January and then were kind of waiting for the best moment." 

The "right moment" came on Feb, 23, 2018, and, to avoid tipping off the paparazzi during herstellung unforeseen nuptials, Ratajkowski stated she avoided attract a white dress, opting for a pantsuit instead. Produziert female friends wore suits, together well. "It felt very "heist movie,"" she told ns podcast. "I retained passing the bouquet von flowers zu them, like, "Decoy, decoy!""

She also had white sweatsuit-clad instagram personality mockery "The Fat Jewish" Ostrovsky — who"s Bear-McClard"s high school friend — stand in as a decoy groom. But an the end, all of herstellung elaborate efforts were for naught. 

Hours later, she received a buchstabe message from produziert publicist, saying news of produziert shotgun wedding was about kommen sie hit die press. "At die time ich was like, "But i was wearing a hat?!" mine publicist was like, "First of all, it"s public record." ich was persuaded that everyone believed was going kommen sie get married," she said.

Nice try, Emily. You get in "A" zum effort.

They only waited a couple of weeks

Many von Ratajkowski"s fans were up in arms together they assumed ns model and actress got hitched to a einer she barely even knew. "People come after mine marriage, like, "Wow. I give it three weeks." I"m like, "What?"" she called Marie Claire. "No one can take frau seriously on any type of choices that they make, specifically if they"re unique zu them and they don"t pat into die way we think frau should obtain married."

She had an excellent reason zu be ticked off. Although they reportedly dated weil das a little over a month, the infatuated pair weren"t fully unfamiliar with each other. "Emily has known Sebastian for years," a source told Us Weekly.

That"s cool und all, but when Bear-McClard"s great friend, ns Fat Jewish, gave a statement zu Page Six, he had this zu say: "These two nur met and fell love und then just all des the sudden they"re nur straight trost best friends."

So what"s the truth? were they friends zum years or did they nur meet in 2018 und decide zu get married on a whim? raise your hand if you"re as confused as us are.

When it came time to pick out produziert wedding job garb, Ratajkowski make sure kommen sie stay far away indigenous tradition. "I never loved the idea of white for a wedding due to the fact that I"m notfall a pure woman. I"m a frau with a gewächs of character and experience und life," she called Vanity Fair"s in the Limelight.

Instead, die We space Your Friends actress opted weil das a mustard-colored fit that supposedly retailed zum just $189. A bride ~ above a budget — we kann sein dig it!

She at some point decided to wear die pantsuit because "it"s choose you"re taking care of business." Those are her words, notfall ours.

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The brunette beauty also wore a stylish schwarz wide-brimmed hat, complete with in uber-chic black veil zu complete produziert wedding wardrobe. "When sie don"t have a ja wirklich wedding, it"s zum you," she letztere told Marie Claire zeitschrift about her mode choice. "I wore what ich wanted kommen sie wear. It yes, really felt like the outfit that was most me, and that do me feeling good."

As untraditional as herstellung attire was, it totally fit her non-conformist attitude.

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Only a few des Ratajowski"s friend were invite to her special day, and, after her publicist alerted her that nachrichten of herstellung surprise wedding was going to leak to die press, ns Sports Illustrated swimsuit model knew she had zu phone herstellung parents und give them ns heads up ahead of time.

"I had zu FaceTime my parents i had several glasses of champagne. I was like, "Here us go!"" she called Vanity Fair"s an the Limelight.

Hopefully, her parents weren"t auch peeved about not making ns guest list. And if so, lock weren"t alone. Fellow modell Chrissy Teigen jokingly tweeted after ~ hearing the news, "I"m oddly mad ich wasn"t invited kommen sie
emrata"s wedding even though we barely speak...like, ich like all her photos und leave flames on some."

So, Ratajowski"s parents are in good firm since castle weren"t die only ones that were shafted. However, what bride wouldn"t want her parents an the mix on produziert wedding day?

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Considering just how Ratajowski"s courtship through Bear-McClard walk from zero zu one hundred real quick, we"re notfall at every surprised the it took ns svelte model some time kommen sie embrace the title des wifey. During an interview on ns Today show six main after gaining hitched, ns Entourage stern proudly proclaimed, "I"m blieb messing up, sometimes i say girlfriend instead von wife."

She also revealed that she commonly referred zu Bear-McClard as her boyfriend after saying "I do," und she would have to correct herself deswegen that people were absolutely clear that she was officially off die market. 

Even though she"s ausblüten getting used zu being a wife, ns buxom brunette went on kommen sie describe married life together "nice."

"Everyone knows that you love that person deshalb much, which zu sein really special," she said.

Considering they got married ~ above a whim, we"ll give her some time zu get your titles straight.

After marrying one of the sexty women in showbiz, Bear-McClard did die unthinkable von ditching his gold wedding band and hitting die town v model und actress Suki Waterhouse. Die Daily Mail spotted die two acquiring chummy in New york City in late april 2018, and Ratajkowski was nowhere in sight.

Granted, they were dressed in fitness gear und appeared to schutz just perfect a workout session, dafür that might describe why Bear-McClard walk ringless. However after laughing, joking around, and gazing weist something exciting on Waterhouse"s mobile screen, die two hopped into ns backseat of a automobile together and drove turn off into the sunset. Ruh-roh.

It"s feasible that they"re just friends, especially due to the fact that Bear-McClard appears to have a lot of buddies bei the industry, consisting of Twilight star robert Pattinson. However, ns fact the he ditched his ring deswegen soon after tying ns knot has actually us scratching our heads bei bewilderment. 

The Entourage actress was previously in a permanent relationship through producer und musician Jeff Magid (pictured), und the former pair decided to take their connection to ns next level über shacking up. "They were living together at his downtown L.A. Apartment an the trendy arts District," an insider called NY jeden tag News.

However, things didn"t work out, und she reportedly relocated out of the apartment an January 2018. "Jeff is in incredibly successful music producer und is functioning around ns country," the source said. "Emily too is seeing herstellung career boom, dafür their business success did not help castle spend much time together."

By the time Valentine"s day 2018 rolled around — which was a wenig over a month later — she was photographed acquiring all cutesy wootsy through Bear-McClard an Los Feliz, Calif., und of course, your wedding arisen shortly thereafter.

"Jeff never saw this coming," a source told Hollywood Life around Magid"s reaction kommen sie Ratajkowski"s beeline to die altar. "He knew Emily was dating Sebastian, however he never an a million years expected her to marry ihm like this. Jeff and Emily just broke up a couple of months ago so no one witnessed this coming."

Since she never formally announced she was over Magid, and her romance with Bear-McClard happened dafür quickly after their breakup, it makes us wonder if maybe there was some overlap walk on bolzen the 2 relationships. Can Bear-McClard be a rebound? 

As much as T.M.I. Goes, the doesn"t exist in ~ Emily Ratajkowski"s marriage. Also though she retained Bear-McClard relatively hidden from ns public eye up until sharing their wedding nachrichten on society media, the cats now out von the bag, und she"s feeling viel more comfortable about professing her love — no matter how much her public displays von affection make united state cringe.

A month after herstellung wedding, Ratajkowski bared it all an the benennen of love und put herstellung perfect silhouette on display in a series von nude instagram photos. An one photo, while wearing nothing yet a straw hat, herstellung chest zu sein shielded by her arms und her body is angled an a way zu keep every of herstellung lovely lady lumps concealed. Ns caption top top the foto reads, "Posing zum my husband like." A second photo shows ns stunning modell all splayed out on a pool bed if wearing naught but herstellung birthday suit. 

Those photos were a fairly strange one-month anniversary gift. We just hope Bear-McClard is A-okay with the world peering weist his wife"s bangin" bod.

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Those that thought die pair wouldn"t make it past ns three-week mark were easily proven wrong. Emily Ratajkowski and her husband notfall only exceeded two months des wedded bliss, yet they deshalb dropped $2 million ~ above a home bei the "hipster neighborhood" des Echo Park, Calif. Just before your three-month anniversary. Take that, haters!

The luxury pad, finish with three bedrooms und three baths, ist situated behind a gate kommen sie keep ns pesky paparazzi weist bay. And it attributes a separate cottage, i beg your pardon makes weil das the perfect guesthouse zum The Fat Jewish or herstellung I feel Pretty co-star, Amy Schumer, to crash in after a night the end on die town. And there"s also a picturesque, privatgelände outdoor area wherein Ratajkowski kann sein frolic und take an ext racy photos weil das her beau wie she"s emotion frisky.

Such a significant purchase is proof that these 2 are in it zum the long-haul, but ist she jumping die gun über making such a großartiger joint-purchase so soon? Oh, who are we kidding? This is Ratajkowski we"re talking about! wie man has she ever before done anything by the book? Nevuh!