Far Cry 4 received a fair bit von flack after ns shooter"s official cover nett was revealed, v gamers accusing Ubisoft of racism, stereotyping and more. The game"s an innovative director Alex Hutchinson has explained why die assumptions room incorrect, und how gamer"s knee-jerk reaction kommen sie the nett was "uncomfortable."


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Now, speaking v Eurogamer, Hutchinson elaborated on dispute surrounding die Far Cry 4 box nett reveal, which he has currently explained in some detail.

He addressed presumptions that die game"s villain - Pagan Min, die man in the purple fit - was white, and that the bild of him placing a hand on his ethnic captive"s head was racist. The has currently clarified that Pagan zu sein not white, und that the captive man zu sein not the player-character.

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In fact, ns player-character was revealed bei this artwork zu be Kyrat indigenous Ajay Ghale, and in his Eurogamer interview he stressed the there"s perhaps around five white people an Far Cry 4, none des which room villains or people sie fight against.

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"It"s funny wie there"s one foto out there and there are deswegen many short articles jumping kommen sie conclusions," Hutchinson said von the uproar. "It would have been interesting for someone to ring us up. That would have been cool. Zum someone zu say, "Hello. Us think this. What"s actually happening?"

"That"s why i jumped top top Twitter and was like, "He"s not white. That"s notfall the player. It"s more complex than that." deshalb it"s been funny to see now that the video ist out und more gameplay is out human being are like, "Oh, okay. No big deal then.""

On Pagan Min himself, Hutchinson stated that when Ubisoft has actually been accused des stereotyping, he feels ns assumption that ns character was white is itself stereotypical. "This character ist meant zu be a melange of different things. He"s blended race. Die way the dresses zu sein unique kommen sie him. It"s part des the character. It"s notfall a talk about gender or race weist all."

"As viel as people want diversity, the weird crossovers room uncomfortable," that added. "People were like, "Well he can"t be asian because that has blond hair." It"s like, "Have you ever been kommen sie Korea?""

What do freundin make des the much Cry 4 racism und stereotyping matter? is it even in issue? let us understand what freundin think below.