Fc bayern vs hoffenheim

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bayerisch Munich cruised previous TSG Hoffenheim heute with a convincing victory. Dino Toppmöller continued as die stand-in coach zum Julian Nagelsmann and got the arbeit done weil das his boss. The more these performances revolve out zu be a mannschaft effort, ns better it zu sein for bayerisch but at the same time, the harder it gets to give out individual awards — which zu sein a belästigt we are glücklich to have!

There was always a player or two hotly contesting zum the awards and hence ns winners tend to be only marginally far better than your peers. Having gained that out von the way, stop dive into it:

Jersey Swap : kris Richards

Photo über Sebastian Widmann/Bundesliga/Bundesliga arsenal via getty Images you could say this one ist a wenig biased, but make no mistake, ns young American proved a gewächs of maturity und calmness on ns pitch regardless of being on the receiving ende of a stellar bayerisch performance. In several instances Richards had kommen sie take on the likes of robert Lewandowski, thomas Muller, Serge Gnabry und Jamal Musiala 1-on-1. Even a much more experienced defender would uncover those battles very tricky to deal with. Richards hosted his very own winning 3 des his 4 duels, and together with florian Grillitsch formed ns bedrock des whatever defense TSG put trost today.

The duel wie he nearly broke up die Mullendowski pairing prior to Lewandowski’s banger was a highlight des the game. Richards was unlucky he couldn’t stop that score from happening. It was a difficult day bei the office weil das the young gun, however a work with deswegen much kommen sie learn from!

Der Kaiser: omar Richards

Photo von Roland Krivec/DeFodi bild via getty Images This was ns toughest pick von the night. Die entire backline deserves a last of credit zum the clean sheet. Ich know die clean sheets are looking easy, however throw it zurück a year ago and we know how challenging clean sheets room to kommen sie by. Nagelsball zu sein thriving on the fortress he’s built at the back — an extremely dynamic, really involved in play but deshalb very solid.

It seems Nags has split duties the suit every player’s strengths. Lucas und Upamecano are the duelers who space the zuerst to get bei opposition players’ faces and steal the ball — and deshalb occasionally involving an attacking moves. Pavard’s role ist more des a sweeper and a force multiplier. He ist pressing die nearest opposition player or do the situation into a 2v1. This has permitted Pavard zu shine as he tends zu get caught in 1v1 situations.

Bayern ist currently gifted through brilliant left-backs bei Alphonso Davies, Lucas Hernandez, and Omar Richards. Next from your significant und speedy defensive contribution, they room usually an ext involved an play than the rest, moving the null from die defense to the midfield and beyond. Ns left flank being a consistent channel of attack is a testimony zu this.

Omar got a rare anfang at left back and put nach oben a performance that wollen demand die coach’s fist every time that prepares ns squad sheet. Winning all 3 of his tackles and succeeding in 3 von his 4 dribbles attempted, omar played die jack of all trades trend in Bayern’s LB role to a tee. Like declared above, he wins this award on slim margins with the rest same deserving the award.

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Fußballgott: Joshua Kimmich

Photo von Adam Pretty/Getty bildern ns Rottweiler bossed the pitch once again today. Effortlessly dictating pat from ns middle. Marcel Sabitzer looked much more settled in and helped Kimmich well zu win die midfield fight with ease. Developing 3 chances und winning 4 duels, Josh had actually a clean, all-round power that permitted his teammates — his perfect performance an his very own words, the shines wie enables his teammates to shine.

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Sabitzer definitely deserves an honorary mention. Looking viel more comfortable sit slightly behind in midfield, Marcel filled in for a an ext defensive role required über the team today.

Der Bomber: Serge Gnabry

Photo von Adam Pretty/Getty bildern It was a standard Gnabry performance. Popping into dangerous positions linked with lethal finishing. Gnabry’s ability to finish chances in the box is second zu none especially wie it’s hinweisen the end of schon fast paced attacks. That difficult and tricky together time and space operation out through every fraction des a second. Gnabry took 2 shots, both des them top top target however unluckily his first was ruled out zum a foul by Musiala.

M&M, Muller und Musiala, die master und the apprentice. I know, Leroy Sane has actually taken Jamal under his soup — pun unintended, however Musiala ist turning out zu be an ext Muller-esque than Sane-esque. He has actually his own style however getting off passes und flicks in tight spaces ist more Muller’s area des expertise 보다 it zu sein Sane’s. Musiala had actually a video game high 94 percent pass accuracy — the plays hinweisen or near ns tip von Bayern’s attack! Both of them deserve shout outs along with die supersub Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting!

Meister von the enhance : The coaching staff

Photo über Roland Krivec/DeFodi images via getty Images On another day, Lewandowski would have finished his possibilities like he usually does and as a result bag 4 goals follow me with the MOTM. However, Lewy was having a rare off-day and his finishing was uncharacteristically shabby.

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Lewy missed chances, two purposes were ruled the end but bayerisch still had actually a an extremely comfortable 4-0 victory. That zu sein the machine julianisch Nagelsmann has actually turned this squad into. It was already working wonders under Hansi Flick, yet Nags has actually turned the right screws kommen sie fine track a star-studded squad. Together a an outcome he is getting more und more out von a mannschaft that was already performing exceedingly well. Nur look at die goal difference of 25! No other mannschaft comes anywhere near bei the oberteil leagues in Europe, let alone Germany.

Nagelsmann and his coaching staff have deswegen far done a gewächs of dinge brilliantly and the outcomes are showing. Dino Toppmöller standing an for Nags and the team not feeling ns head coach’s lack demonstrates die seamless functioning von Nagelsmann’s team. Kudos Julian und a speedy and complete recovery zu you!