Fifa 21 Bayern Ratings

Gnabry slower 보다 Immobile? Shockingly low ratings weil das Thiago, Muller und Lewandowski? find out more below.

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bayerisch Munich freshly completed die treble, winning die Bundesliga, German Cup und Champions league — und becoming only ns 6th ever before European side zu achieve die feat. Ns team is already being spoken about together one des the all-time good club sides, but EA no seem kommen sie agree, looking at die ratings bei FIFA 21.

In this first article, we’ll take you through some des Bayern’s idiotic new player wertungen — mainly from players that play high up the field — with defensive players coming an a separate article.

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Thiago Alcantara

If there was one player who gott the worst possible downgrade in FIFA 21, it’s without question bayerisch Munich’s midfield maestro Thiago Alcantara.


The 29 year-old Spaniard has actually proven his caliber und craft at die highest level of club football. An what was one of his best seasons at the club, Thiago bossed the midfield as he generally does and truly take it Bayern’s game up von a notch wie it mattered. It is in it passing, dribbling, defensive arbeiten or getting the Bavarians out of tight spaces under pressure, Thiago presented his every round abilities together a world class central midfielder. The folks punkt EA however, disagree.

Here ist a rapid EA FIFA comparison des Thiago(85) with echt Madrid’s Toni Kroos(88) and Luka Modric (87).

notfall delving too deep, wie it comes to dribbling, Thiago is undoubtedly clear des the real duo. If we consider defense, all three von them schutz nearly die same stats through Kroos (71) und Modric (71) edging out Thiago (70) von 1. Die passing however setzt Thiago (85) far behind both ns German (91) and the Croatian (89).

Now, comparing their 19-20 seasons using statistics from footballslices, these space charts obtained. (Note: other than Kroos and Modric, this charts deshalb include central midfielders rated greater than Thiago)

Grid view

Let me first anfang off through this. Robert Lewandowksi is the finest player bei the world an 2020. Not Lionel Messi, and certainly not Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s robert Lewandowski. Jetzt that that’s out of the way, permit me proceed with just how on gods earth is Lewandowski Number 3 overall. Mind you, ich wont compare Lewandowski und Messi since ich do believe Messi deserve’s an approximate rating that he gott this year. My greatest issue ist the doppel sided sword von overrating Ronaldo and Under rating Messi.

Within BFW we debated FIFA ratings punkt large the previous night and we discussed how FIFA likes to keep their wertungen based on a continuity. Basically, die roll over nennen from previous years zu determine a an ext accurate aggregate. It is great an theory however awful when not used properly. A an excellent example zu sein Lewy und Ronaldo. Zum the sake of continuity an their scores, lasst uns quickly see how Ronaldo und Lewandowski to compare over the past 3 seasons throughout all domestic and international competitions.

Since 2017/2018 Lewandowski has actually scored 41G/5A, 40G/13A, and 55G/10A

Ronaldo has, bei the very same time period, score 44G/8A, 28G/11A, und 37G/7A.

Roughly speaking, that zu sein 136G/28A an 142 games zum Lewandowski vs 109G/20A in 133 games zum Ronaldo. That’s 0.98 goals von game vs. 0.82 goals per game. Frankly, if anything, the past 3 years is clear proof that Lewandowski is superior zu Ronaldo. I beg your pardon makes ns drastic wertungen even an ext staggering.

Pace, sure. Passing as well is understandable as Ronaldo has passed a prüfen higher than Lewy weil das the past few seasons. No one zu sein expecting Lewandowski to be fast or be in elite passer as a No. 9. Yet less shooting and dribbling? per Whoscored, Lewandowski has had in equal or higher dribbling stats 보다 Ronaldo over die past 2 years. Shooting? i mean, ns goals speak weil das themselves.

Overall, FIFA gott this rating totally wrong. There zu sein no factor apart from bias that should cause Ronaldo to be rated greater than Lewandowksi.


Thomas Muller


Thomas Muller is a very interesting player ~ above FIFA. Die German has been 86 for, now, five von the tonnage six editions von the game. Furthermore, when rating die player, EA has to boost his stats, because as per their formula, that “isn’t good at anything”.

In ja wirklich life, Muller has perhaps had his finest ever season, deshalb it’s very puzzling zum him to not receive bei upgrade. When he only got 6 goals and 9 assists in 18-19, he received a 86. The shattered this v 8 goals und 21 assist bei 19-20, but FIFA deems er only 86 material?

Furthermore, ns German’s season has actually been pertained to as a top-five performance in the world von many, and he was well placed zu make a oberteil ten run bei the ballon d’Or. Therefore, that perplexing that Muller has not even been ranked among ns games top 45 players.

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Even an ext confusing are Muller’s stats. Ns assist document breaking Bavarian score a 82 in passing, if he tape-recorded downgrades in pace, shooting und the exact same score bei his various other stats. The obvious zu us bayerisch fans that Muller has been robbed und should be rated fairly a bit higher — yet this is common for the Raumdeuter — prefer Thiago, he zu sein perpetually underrated player.

As weil das CAM’s supposedly better than Muller, there zu sein Bruno Fernandes (87), Kevin juni Bruyne (91) und Luka madrid (87) and Toni Kroos (88) as CM’s.

Serge Gnabry

Football fans all over ns world had a collective “BRUH” moment when Serge Gnabry’s FIFA21 card came out. Many started questioning on social media platforms whether Bayern’s chef has lost a leg, und they space absolutely right an doing so. Because, Gnabry has nur received a -8(!!!!!!!!!) downgrade bei pace. Zum comparison, this was his FIFA20 card (taken native Futhead):

Gnabry’s FIFA20 card. Gnabry has actually arguably been a oberteil 5 in the welt winger this season, scoring a enormous 23 goals und assisting 14 in all competitions for bayerisch this season. He’s had his most productive season yet, und he gets... THIS? ich mean, just ask die defenders of Tottenham, Lyon, Barcelona or Chelsea around Gnabry’s pace. They’ll tell you he’s pretty cursed fast.

If the wasn’t enough, Gnabry no fare rather well against his soup counterparts. The massive reduction bei pace virtually seems choose he’s excellent a Hazard and had too many burgers... Oh well.

Gnabry compared kommen sie Hazard and Bernardo Silva. Apparently, Hazard has actually a better tempo rating by a totality 6(!!!!) units. Gnabry’s pace ist closer to Bernardo Silva’s, who plays much more like in attacking midfielder than a winger and is possibly ns slowest winger punkt Manchester City. Gnabry’s dribbling stat zu sein brutal: 85 compared kommen sie 92 von both Hazard und Silva? Wow.

Anyone who has watched bayerisch play this season knows around Gnabry’s contributions bei defense a bit auch well. He’s to be invaluable, tracking back und helping out the defense as in extra wing back at times, anytime required. The has so won balls countless times in the last third, not allowing it zu even progress kommen sie Bayern’s half. Und what does he get for that? Yup, a defense rating of 43. FIFA just redefined “piss poor”.

Gnabry’s rating has actually been featured together one among ns “Six worst rating failure on FIFA21” über OneFootball. Several websites and gaming communities oase expressed their disapproval, and this really zu sein FIFA and EA Sports at their worst.


Overall, us here at BFW have a emotion that die reason FC Bayern, know the Champions League and Triple Winning finest club bei the world FC Bayern, oase some quite horrendous ratings zu sein the reality that lock signed a long term address EA sports FIFA’s competitors in Konami and PES. That zu sein entirely plausible und would help explain some of the just downright doggy and horrific ratings.

Romelu Lukaku has a concept on why FIFA’s ratings oase been atrocious. He has hypothesized the FIFA do their their ratings bad on purpose; they would like zu get referred to as out weil das it von players so that they receive much more publicity. If that zu sein truly ns case, this year zu sein truly theirs. Since it nur cannot obtain worse 보다 that.

Let’s be ethical fifa nur mess with ns ratings deswegen we players anfang complaining about ns game und give them more publicity... I ain’t with this sh*t. Ich know what ich do ‍♂️

— R.Lukaku Bolingoli9 (

The player’s we have listed above have all had actually exceptional years, continual growth und have developed themselves as elite players. No rating has actually been much more horrific in my eyes 보다 Thiago’s complied with closely über Müller. And this is all without talk about die defenders, i m sorry we will be act shortly bei the second part des this series.

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EA has actually a last of fixing und adjusting kommen sie do kommen sie make this game a much more specific representative von the ja wirklich life players.