Fitbit charge 4 test

With ns Charge 4, Fitbit enhances its ideal tracker with integrated GPS, active Zone Minutes and Spotify controls

Top-end Fitbit tracker add to GPS and new features

BySimon Jary, SVP Consumer


The Fitbit fee 4 boasts somegreat features, particularly personalised active Zone minutes - a motivational fitness metric to aim for. It’s our new favourite all-round Fitbit tracker, bests die Versa 2 smartwatch through its integrated GPS, and even matches die Versa 3 in many ways.

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Fitbit’s top activity tracker, ns Charge 4 boasts a bunch of neu features und functions that rival also Fitbit’s pricier fitness smartwatches. Our Fitbit charge 4 review wollen look into all this fitness and health-related features, nur how they work in the app, und compare that with other trackers.

The charge 4 matches ns activity tracker with ns top smartwatches. In some ways, the main difference zu sein the monochrome touchscreen.

The fee 4 has everything ns Charge 3 had and makes the tracker also better. Even owners von the excellent Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch will look enviously hinweisen some des the neu features Fitbit"s tracker bring to the table.

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The fee 4 debuted Active region Minutes (AZM), a personalised fitness difficulty that counts all activities that press your love rate nach oben – be the running, weights, to ride bicycle or dancing. Ns harder sie push yourself (into Cardio und Peak zones), ns more credit transaction Fitbit gives you. This has jetzt been rolled out to the Sense and Versa series smartwatches, and the entry-level accumulate 2 tracker.

On top des AZM, ns Charge 4 comes v built-in GPS and Spotify attach & Control – both not available on die older charge 3. It"s die cheapest Fitbit with integrated GPS too.

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The Fitbit Charge4 is primarily a fitness tracker, however comes with various other health-focused features und handy on-screen notifications, such as texts and caller ID.

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In this Fitbit fee 4 review, fine look punkt all ns features (fitness, wellbeing, notifications, apps, etc), and compare the to die other Fitbits, especially the previous fee 3 and the recent Inspire 2.

February 2021 update: The fee 4 now has access to expanded blood oxygen säule (SpO2) measurements und skin temperature tracking. Und users can see seven-day fads for der atem Rate, Heart rate Variability, und Resting love Rate in the app"s wellness Metrics dashboard - previously easily accessible only to Premium subscribers (who do get to see 30-day trends, as well).