The fritzbox_callmonitor sensor monitors ns call monitor exposed von AVM FRITZ!Box routers top top TCP harbor 1012. It will assume ns values idle, ringing, dialing or talking with die phone numbers associated contained bei the state attributes.It can also access the internal phone book von the router zu look up ns names equivalent to ns phone numbers und store them in the state attributes.

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To use ns FRITZ!Box call monitor an your installation, a user with weist least FRITZ!Box Settings und Voice messages, faxes, FRITZ!App Fon und call list rights has to be created:

Open the web user interface via or ns IP address des your FRITZ!Box (e.g. in with her admin user credentials. Die default admin user credentials can be uncovered at die bottom of your FRITZ!Box.Navigate to System -> FRITZ!Box User.Click ns Add User button.Enable the auswahl User account enabled.Enter a user name und password.Check die rights boxes next zu FRITZ!Box Settings, which instantly checks the boxes zum Voice messages, faxes, FRITZ!App Fon und call list and Smart Home.Click ns Apply button.


To activate the call Überwachen on your FRITZ!Box, dial #96*5* from any type of phone connected kommen sie it.

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Adding AVM FRITZ!Box Call Überwachen to your home Assistant instance kann sein be done via the userinterface, by using this mine button:


Manual configuration steps


Send notifications on zustand change

This example shows how kommen sie send notifications whenever die sensor’s zustand changes. You wollen get notified both wie man you receive a speak to and so when a call zu sein placed.

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# instance configuration.yaml entry.automation: - alias: "Notify around phone state" trigger: - platform: zustand entity_id: action: - service: notify.notify data: title: "Phone" message: >- % if is_state("", "idle") % Phone zu sein idle % elif is_state("", "dialing") % calling state_attr("", "to_name") ( state_attr("", "to") ) % elif is_state("", "ringing") % Incoming speak to from state_attr("", "from_name") ( state_attr("", "from") ) % rather % Talking kommen sie state_attr("", "with_name") ( state_attr("", "with") ) % endif %
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