Galaxy S 8 Test

The big-screen android smartphone zu sein too slick zum its own good, through poor entwurf decisions that render that unnecessarily hard kommen sie use

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What happened? Samsung’s Galaxy S7, released tonnage year, was a really nice smartphone: comfortable to hold and a pleasure to use. It was Samsung’s best Galaxy modell ever—not dafür much the new Galaxy S8, which goes on sale today und ships on april 20.

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The Galaxy S8 seems zu suffer from die same condition afflicting Apple’s latest MacBooks: design navel-gazing leading the product design astray.

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Poor ergonomics do using ns Galaxy S8 a pain

Take the new shape. It’s taller, ns fingerprint sensor zu sein moved to the back, und both sides von the so-called Infinity display screen are curved. These changes have unfortunate implications in everyday usage:

The Galaxy S8 zu sein hard kommen sie use one-handed, because much of ns screen zu sein too far from the finger reach von most people. Ich tested the smaller 5.8-inch unit; I kann sein only imagine ns larger 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ modell has to be double-handed like a small tablet. Yes, die Galaxy S8 consists of Samsung’s one-handed mode optimizations (in the Settings app) available to previous Galaxy models, yet with the new taller element ratio von the Galaxy S8, one-handed usage is ausblüten awkward. Yes no real benefit kommen sie that extra height.The fingerprint sensor zu sein hard kommen sie work with because sie can’t see where the is. And you schutz to pick up ns phone to use it, dafür forget about quickly checking status from the phone resting on your desk or airplane seat tray. Worse, ns sensor is right next to the rear camera, so it’s harder zu find von touch und results in the camera lens obtaining covered in fingerprints. (Google’s Pixel und Pixel XL also have a fingerprint sensor in the back, with comparable issues resulting; weist least google kept die fingerprint sensor much from the rear camera. I dearly expect that the rumors of apfel moving ns fingerprint sensor or home button to the zurück of the next iPhone room false—it’s a badewanne trend.) The bent sides create a bowed effect zum the screen, which kann make buchstabe on the edges harder to read. I don’t get the appeal. The a tad broader than die Galaxy S7’s screen, but the curved areas become avoidance zones zum information. In effect, the Galaxy S8 is no wider.Because des the bent sides, the Galaxy S8 is so harder to grip. The wedge shape zu sein less comfortable to drücken sie against your hand and harder zu pick up from a surface.The midnight schwarze farbe Galaxy S8 i tested was slippery kommen sie hold, similar kommen sie Apple’s glossy schwarz iPhone 7. (The casing nearly feels oily.) early out to die slipperiness, it’s deshalb harder kommen sie pick up. I have not had actually Galaxy S8s with ns other two finishes—arctic silver und orchid gray—to prüfung to lakers if they room as slippery.The Infinity screen is glossy, deswegen it’s one big mirror bei many lighting conditions.

The normal hardware improvements however nothing else special

Ergonomics matter, but not apparently to ns Galaxy S8’s design team. Ns Galaxy S8’s ergonomic worries don’t go away as freundin use it, despite you’ll learn zu adapt somewhat out of necessity.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

I so found die touchscreen on die Galaxy S8 kommen sie be much less responsive than those on ns predecessor Galaxy S6 und Galaxy S7, or ns iPhone 6, iphone phone 7, und Google Pixel XL.

At least samsung kept the audio jack. I’m still not glücklich about its remove from the iPhone 7.

If die Galaxy S8’s bad ergonomics don’t turn freundin away (some people absolutely liebe it), you’ll gain a powerhouse smartphone that hold its own versus Apple’s iphone phone 7, Google’s Pixel series, und LG’s G6. Me, I’d go zum the classier Pixel or conserve some money and get the classier Galaxy S7. (For human being willing zu leave Android, I’d recommend the older iphone 6s or, if ns audio jack omission doesn’t bother you, die iPhone 7.)

Every new smartphone has better specs, and the Galaxy S8 ist no exception. (One exception: Its rear camera hasn’t yet made the leap to doppel cameras like other flagship smartphones have.) But any flagship ist more than capable enough, so specs alone space no reason to ditch any recent flagship smartphone you might have.

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Beyond ns weakened ergonomics und the beefier hardware, the Galaxy S8 has a few neu features. One ist the neu facial recognition system for unlocking the phone. It’s not especially secure, so Samsung i will not ~ let sie use it weil das purchasing through android Pay or samsung Pay. It’s so a little slow to recognize your challenge (and can’t transaction with jene like civilization wearing glasses), similar to its predecessor in the ill-fated Galaxy note 7. But freundin might want zu use it to unlock her phone rather than fiddle with ns hidden fingerprint sensor. Personally, i find entering in old-fashioned pin easier und faster 보다 going with either the fingerprint sensor or facial recognition.

Another new feature ist Bixby, Samsung’s attempt to join the virtual assistant party. (Siri, google Assistant, and Cortana should be feeling a lot less exclusive this days with amazonas Alexa und now samsung Bixby joining die fray.) yet Bixby doesn’t arbeit yet; samsung pulled it hinweisen the tonnage minute und now states it wollen be made accessible through in upgrade letztere this year. Rumor has actually it Bixby couldn’t recognize English.

I don’t treatment whether Bixby functions or not, since i struggle zu be understood von Siri, google Now, and Cortana (I guess ich slur mine words too much) und thus in an outsider in the world des voice assistants. Yet if you are a fans of voice assistants, you still have google Assistant on die Galaxy S8—it is bei Android phone, after all. Samsung would prefer civilization use the Bixby assistant instead of the standard android one, just as it desires people to use samsung Pay rather of android Pay, but freundin don’t need Bixby to get a voice assistant on ns S8.

Samsung’s internet browser is so a bust: usage Google’s Chrome instead, deshalb your Galaxy S8 browser syncs with your other devices’ Chrome browsers. Ich understand why samsung wants zu steer users zu its proprietary services, for data mining und other earnings possibilities, but ecosystems only work when they space broad, and Samsung’s ecosystem is confined kommen sie its mobile devices.

The Galaxy S8 uses ns USB-C port standard, joining the google Pixel in jettisoning MicroUSB. You’ll get two adapters an the box: one to connect ns Galaxy S8 kommen sie any MicroUSB cables freundin already have, und the other zu connect the Galaxy S8 kommen sie a standard USB-A cable. Try not to shed them!

Finally, yes Dex, Samsung’s add-on dock that lets you use die Galaxy S8 in full-screen mode on a monitor, through a keyboard und mouse, to essentially convert the smartphone into a lightweight PC. Does it work? You’ll oase to review InfoWorld’s review of Samsung Dex to uncover out.

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The samsung Galaxy S8 prices $720 und has a 12-megapixel rear camera, in 8-megapixel former camera, 64GB of internal storage, a MicroSD slot the supports up kommen sie 256GB cards, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, NFC radio, und a 300mAh nonremovable battery. It’s available from all four significant U.S. Carriers, comes in three color choices (arctic silver, midnight black, und orchid gray), und runs android Nougat 7.0 (not 7.1). Ns larger Galaxy S8+ expenses $940.

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