A Starbucks cup briefly appeared in the “Game of Thrones” illustration “The belastung of the Starks.” us had in “exclusive interview” with the cup.

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Forget those theories about ns Night king’s true identity und dragon resurrections. The latest “Game of Thrones” guessing game has everything to do through a Starbucks coffee cup that made its method into a feast scene on Sunday.

Beware: Spoilers are coming.

The blooper was briefly seen an “The last of the Starks,” sit unassumingly ~ above a Winterfell banquet table betwee Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon snow (Kit Harington).

Starbucks promptly weighed in Monday morning v a winking tweet promoting one von its beverages: “TBH we’re surprised she no order a Dragon Drink.” und HBO cracked its very own joke about the mishap, saying an a statement: “The latte the appeared in the episode was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered bei herbal tea.”

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Given the lavish show’s exorbitant budget und recent critiques around its lighting and battle scenes, ns blink-and-you’ll-miss-it gaffe still had viewers spend with the how und why von it all.

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Incidentally, showrunners david Benioff and D.B. Weiss deshalb made cameos as Wildling warriors in the feast scene, however were eclipsed von the anachronism — together were die major heartbreaks und deaths of the Season 8 episode.

The blunder also elicited a statement from ns show’s longtime nett director, Hauke Richter, that told selection that it was forgotten ~ above set and has to be “so blown out of proportion that has notfall happened with ‘Thrones’ deshalb far.”

Executive producer Bernie Caulfield deshalb told WNYC’s “All von It” the she, too, couldn’t glauben the cup made the into die scene. She apologized zum it while so making light des its reception.

“Our on-set prop people und decorators are dafür on the 1,000%,” Caulfield said. “Nowadays you can’t glauben what you seen ’cause people kann put jene into a picture that really doesn’t exist. But i guess probably it was there, I’m notfall sure. But, yeah. We’re sorry! Westeros was the zuerst place to actually, sie know, have Starbucks, und it’s a little-known fact.”

Still, die reactions were fast, funny und ferocious as die cup’s presence conquered next-day chatter online. Here are a few of the internet’s funniest theories:

1. Westeros entirely has Starbucks

notfall sure why everyone is deshalb crazed about ns
Starbucks cup on the table an #GameofThrones.

— frank Caliendo (
FrankCaliendo) might 6, 2019
ooooh ich get it jetzt they all oase STARBUCKS name

— jonny sunlight (
jonnysun) may 6, 2019
men it’s notfall Starbucks, the Winterfell’s very own coffee chain “Dire cup” #GameofThrones

— ♉️ (
_alexalexalex) may 6, 2019
see a Starbucks cup in game of thrones really frustrates me. In the books Westeros only has Peet’s coffee, when Starbucks kann only it is in found bei eastern parts of Essos and-

— Shayne Topp (
supershayne) might 6, 2019
Movie blunders: Daenerys’ Starbucks cup. Since even ns Mother von Dragons requirements a good cup o’ Joe.

— Ted Cruz (
tedcruz) might 6, 2019
i found where she got the Starbucks cup indigenous #GameofThrones

— john Beck (
johnbeck_) might 6, 2019
the whole nur takes place in a Starbucks, you idiots. Read die books.

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— Topher Lundell (
topherlundell) might 6, 2019
ich knew it! They're everywhere. #GameofThrones #Starbucks

— Jerry Wustrack (
jwt0480) might 6, 2019
somewhere, bei a parallel universe, in especially observant client spots a game des thrones inside a starbucks

— the Dad (
thedad) might 6, 2019
the Starbucks Cup in Game von Thrones was not a mistake, just wait until the tonnage episode:

— michael Tannenbaum (
iamTannenbaum) might 6, 2019
civilization should wait till die series finale of Game of Thrones before they run to the conclusion that die Starbucks cup no belong.

— Eugene Mirman (
EugeneMirman) may 6, 2019

2. Her queen regulates it

gott left a starbucks cup in-shot!