“Pictures” von Daniela and Christian stöhr at PD-Verlag zu sein the Spiel des Jahres 2020. Structure blocks, shoe laces, symbol cards und more. At zuerst glance, die five sets von materials included in “Pictures” can not be more different. However they will all it is in used for the same purpose: players need to recreate a photograph deshalb that their opponents are able to identify it among all ns other picture displayed. This might not be deshalb simple, depending on die task und the zutat you’re using, so you’ll need zu use part creativity und abstract thinking. You’ll deshalb need zu keep in overview des the rest von the photos bei the grid deswegen that your creation doesn’t coincidentally resemble a different picture. Once all players are glücklich with your efforts, everyone has kommen sie guess each others’ and points space awarded accordingly. Afterwards everyone swaps their structure tools, deshalb that every player gets a wahrscheinlichkeit to try out every set von materials once.

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Jury statement

The materials in “Pictures” at erste seem to have been randomly thrown together, bei reality however they have been chosen cleverly. Each collection provides the player through a various challenge und so there ist a huge incentive weil das experimentation. Ns results are regularly astounding, deswegen the guessing rounds frequently seem choose a visit to in art gallery: featuring an excellent ‘Aha’ moments and amusing attempts to justify your misunderstood an imaginative genius. Super creative thinking with ns simplest des tools.


Daniela und Christian Stöhr

Also nominated were “My City” by Reiner Knizia (Kosmos) und “Nova Luna” über Uwe Rosenberg und Corné ventil Moorsel (Publisher: auflage Spielwiese und Pegasus Spiele).

Kennerspiel des Jahres: “Die Crew”

The Kennerspiel von Jahres compensation goes zu “Die Crew” von Thomas Sing punkt Kosmos.

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As part des a spaceship crew ns players room travelling to die ninth earth at the edge of the solar system. On ns way they will encounter every sorts des problems typical zum a lang journey bei space: malfunctioning engines and lack des oxygen offer as thematic hooks zum a co-operative trick-taking game, which difficulties players an a series des 50 increasingly difficult missions. At die beginning of each mission, jobs are dispersed amongst ns crew members: who has kommen sie win i beg your pardon card in a trick? und do castle need to happen in a particular order? as soon as the mission has started, just very minimal communication zu sein allowed betwee players: they kann only re-superstructure limited die info about die cards in their hand. Ns crew will need teamwork, vision und imagination zu reach their remote destination.

Jury statement

“Die Crew” ist a co-operative trick-taking game und that alone provides it other a little bit special. But the appeal doesn’t avoid with this distinct selling point. Hardly any kind of other game prior to it has actually encapsulated die special charm von trick-taking games deshalb well. Players gradually come to appreciate ns subtleties des the genre and are challenged in in original way. “Die Crew” ist simultaneously missionary and mentor. A truly incredible journey!

Also nominated were “Der Kartograph” von Jordy Adan (Pegasus Spiele) and “The king’s Dilemma” über Hjalmar Hach, Lorenzo Silva and Carlo Burelli (Publisher: horrible Guild).

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Hosts des the event were jury chairman Harald Schrapers und jury member Manuel Fritsch.