Once you are acquainted with face proportions indigenous a frontal view you tun können improve yourself and focus on illustration faces (and heads) from different perspectives.

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First, you oase to recognize how kommen sie draw 3-dimensional shapes. Simplified, you tun können compare die head with bei elongated ball or bei egg shape.

With a couple of (curved) currently you kann give depth to bei object, bei this situation our egg-head:


Now us draw ns face ~ above this bent surface. There space a last of instructions out there, however here zu sein my an easy method des practicing: 

– first mark die top point des the forehead and the bottom point von the chin. – climate find ns center betwee the eyes, ns lower part des the nose und the center von the lips. Mark them and connect them with a curved line. 

Now we schutz the vertical alignment und placements. 

– Measure ns width des the eyes, markierung the edges und connect castle again through a curved line. – add a parallel heat at the levels des mouth, nose und eyebrows. Now you oase the placement des the facial features and can draw them easily.



My erste outline ist very soft deswegen had zu use a high contrast to nur it here. Don’t it is in surprised if the takes 2 or 3 hours (or even more) nur to get the proportions right. So, it is in patient.



Here are the finished sketches with some rough shading. Ich highlighted ns lines at eye, nose und mouth level and the vertical bent line through ns middle von the face.

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When that comes to drawing deals with from a next perspective, it is easier zum me to work there is no unnecessary lines. 

In this case, i started with die eye-nose area, therefore die center, und measure die other distances (with a pencil) indigenous there. But freundin can blieb imagine the curved lines at eye, nose und mouth levels.

To exercise this use a reference an 1:1 size des the drawing. Analyze und try to lieferung the proportions as an excellent as possible. Weil das easy inspect ups you can use a photo editing software (open die original reference, include a photo von your map out as a new layer and compare them).

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Over time, freundin recognize lines and shapes better, you train your eye, und you improve your perception of proportions.