Google colony Home ist one des a few clever platforms the end there. It’s so one des the far better ones. There space three google Nest home devices kommen sie choose from: google Home, google Home Mini, und Google residence Max. Des course, you also want them zu do everything sie need them kommen sie do. Hopefully this perform helps. We chose apps weil das a couple des reasons. The erste is aboriginal support. All des these apps should work perfectly top top any google Home device. Die second zu sein phone support. Thus, you tun können use these apps ~ above both google Home und your smartphone weil das a an ext seamless experience. Let’s examine out die best google Home apps available right now. Nur below, we also have a list of all die stuff that google Home kann do! We also highly recommend exploring this list of Google’s smart home partners.

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Google is deshalb in the middle von a rebranding right now. Zum instance, the google Home Mini is now the google Nest Mini. These apps all blieb work regardless von what google calls it. Finally, most des the improvements that kommen sie to nest Home products are internal, so keep bei eye out for updates to die platform from google directly.

The best google Nest home apps

Deezer, Spotify, Pandora, youtube Music, iHeartRadio

Price: Free / different (usually roughly $9.99 über month)


There room a variety von music apps with google Home support. However, these six (Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, TuneIn Radio, and iHeartRadio) room probably ns best. Spotify und YouTube Music emphasis mostly ~ above playlists, on-demand content, and extra stuff like podcasts. IHeartRadio und TuneIn radio are mostly weil das things like radio stations, playlists, and talk radio. All of them arbeiten extremely fine with google Home devices too as google Assistant. Additionally, these music apps so have fewer regional restrictions than other google Home apps through music. We appreciate it wie music streaming services schutz native support zum things prefer this. All of these do.

IFTTT ist a must for any google Home apps list. It lasst uns you develop custom regulates on google Assistant and Google Home. There aren’t a entirety ton des restrictions top top what IFTTT tun können do. You kann use it zu automate tasks with google Home, include some functionality that isn’t already there, and more. Google even posted some IFTTT recipes top top IFTTT’s site weil das Google Home und Google Assistant users. The recipes do it easier kommen sie setup various automated activities. There are a bunch of user-submitted ones as well that arbeiten great. That’s around as great as worship gets. IFTTT is completely free with no in-app purchases or ads.

Netflix und YouTube represent your ideal options zum video streaming on google Home devices. There space a couple of more alternatives like Viki, cbs (via its All accessibility app), and CW. However, none of those schutz the width or breadth of inhalt that Netflix and YouTube does. Youtube TV is so an terrific option, but only if you’re in the united States. Both apps schutz direct support weil das the google Home and Assistant platform. That means you kann sein simply ask it kommen sie stream mirrors or video you want. Netflix starts weist $8.99 von month and ranges up to $15.99 von month. YouTube is free, but it so has optional subscriptions zum $12.99 über month. Die two together make zum some an excellent binge-watching fun through full google Assistant support. We hope hulu gets its plot together deshalb we kann sein include it right here too.

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Philips Hue

Price: Free apps / Lights price varies


Philips Hue and LIFX are two clever light makers. Your lights room arguably the best options when it comes to smart lighting in your home. Their google Home integration zu sein top-notch as well. Bei fact, countless use one des these 2 to show off google Home commands in YouTube videos. Clever lights space a fun means to start a smartphone project. Over there are various other lighting hardware companies like Nanoleaf, LIFX, und others that deshalb work with google Home. However, we found Philips Hue und LIFX kommen sie be die most available among them.

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Todoist ist easily one des the better google Home apps. The has direct integration with google Home devices und Google Assistant. Additionally, it deshalb has a google Chrome expansion (covers most other platforms), in Android app, an iOS app, and a Microsoft windows app. That gives it a noticeable benefit against various other to-do perform apps in this space. Ns free ausführung allows for up zu 80 active projects, participation features, and organizational features. The pro version add to stuff like reminders, job labels, and more. We’re not crazy about reminders being a premium-only feature. However, whatever else about Todoist is basically perfect.


There ist a surprising amount of support zum Xbox on google Home devices. Freundin simply affix your Xbox account to your google Home and you kann do most basic tasks v voice commands. Part examples include recording gameplay, pause and play media, changing ns channel (if you use her Xbox as your cable box), launching games, and turning die console on und off. Some users find die functionality a little glitchy, but by und large, most are able to do what they need. You kann sein learn much more about ns various regulates here if freundin want. Unfortunately, playstations doesn’t have this usability as of the time of this writing.

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YouTube TV, HBO Now, STARZ, google Play Movies and TV

Price: Free trial / Varies


TV (and direkte TV) room some des the most popular google Home apps. Die best in this bunch is YouTube TV. It lasst uns you watch direkte TV over your google Home with a straightforward voice command. Some various other TV apps with google Home integration include cbs All Access, HBO Now, STARZ, and Google pat Movies und TV. The prices for all des these vary with youtube TV being ns most expensive. However, it so includes dozens of channels whereas all of the other ones only encompass one channel or, an the instance of google Play Movies und TV, inhalt that you have purchased. These pair very well with the video streaming apps listed above.

Here we have the obligatory nod kommen sie Google’s own apps. Most des them work on google Home, including google Keep, google Calendar, Gmail, Maps, and many others. Frankly, till these clever speakers become more ubiquitous, us recommend sticking to the platform’s native stuff at any time possible. Bei other words, sie should probably nur use google Calendar, Gmail, Maps, etc since there aren’t a ton des competitors bei this space weil das smart speakers, yet. Additionally, rivals that do work an this space simply don’t execute it and also Google’s apps, yet. In any case, most of Google’s apps space free and relatively easy to use. Support for some attributes may be limited an some regions, though, deswegen do beware des that.

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Price: Free app / Hardware prices vary

There are tons des smart home hardware that functions with google Home. However, Nest is owned by Google. Their stuff just seems kommen sie work a wenig better v slightly tighter integration. Colony sells hardware like smart thermostats, doorbells, alarm systems, smoke and CO detectors, und even protection cameras. Over there are other options for basically all of those things. Us linked to Google’s list des supported hardware commodities back in the zuerst paragraph. However, viel like google apps, nest works rather well with google Home specifically. We recommend looking right into it punkt least. Also, no, this list is not sponsored by Nest.

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Uber and other google Home apps

Price: Free / Varies

This list has a bunch of google Home apps that so work with google Assistant on cell phone devices. However, there are some google Home apps the only arbeit on google Home and not ~ above mobile. We dislike the gap an features betwee platforms, regardless of them both gift powered by the same thing. However, that doesn’t median that these apps don’t work well. Part examples include Uber kommen sie hail a ride, Domino’s lasst uns you bespeak pizza, and there room a variety von others. Instead des linking an app, we oase linked Google’s comprehensive list des compatible apps, commands, and integrations with the button above. We highly recommend skimming it.

If us missed any type of great google Home apps, phone call us around them an the comment below! sie can deshalb click here to check out our latest android app und game lists!