~ a lang time waiting zum its release, google Opinion Rewards came kommen sie us Spain tonnage November, opened a neu window des opportunity zum all android terminals in the country. The premise ist quite clear, merely sign trost with your google account an the applications to start receiving surveys and earn credit zum the Play keep .

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in just 5 months ich achieved 16.42 €, answering only won the famous surveys. However on ns other hand, I have friends und colleagues that get little or no questionnaire, which among many reigns administrate ignorance von how google Opinion Rewards facing users


How kommen sie act zum more surveys in Google Opinion Rewards

die answer may seem obvious, however it depends on the location von your smartphone, deswegen sie must activate ns geolocation constantly . As it does notfall require much accuracy ich always carry in saving battery mode (Settings> Location> Mode> Battery Save) und leave ns High mode precision when i use ns map really, und has been enough zum this app.

Google RewardsGoogle Rewards

Secondly, it ist very valuable to oase enabled ns google location background . This dienstleistungen constantly keeps her location und tells sie through Maps, places you’ve been visiting throughout ns day, so simply explained. To activate nur go to the side menu Maps, click your timeline und follow ns steps zeigen on ns screen.

sie might ask, how do sie take these dünn for sending out surveys the apps Google Opinion Rewards ? an extremely easy, when the application detects the you have gone v a particular stores or you’ve gone kommen sie buy a particular place sends sie surveys related kommen sie these companies or through others nearby.

Therefore, die third vital is grundlegend routes do shopping areas , where facilities participating in the promotion is. Otherwise, die number von questionnaires sent von the anwendung will be fairly low, nur some generic. This leaves out all ns people that do notfall live in urban .

zu me has actually happened kommen sie me, since lately I’ve hardly had time kommen sie go to ns center of my stadt or visiting centers commercial, so since belastung 26, google Opinion Rewards not send me any type of costs. Before, there to be days that complying with these habits an ext often ich have come to a pair of jeden tag surveys.

You oase to recognize that journeys last weil das several days an the history, dafür if freundin vary native time to time your täglich routine wollen increase ns chances of being surveyed because it is getting fatter ns number of hot location that have already been tracked under temporarily.

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Beware of shortcuts

Thanks kommen sie these parameters, google uses your information to recognize what zu sein most verwandt, angemessen to every user. Back there room some exception like belastung on qué name put android N , die vast majority von questionnaires schutz been on certain undertakings.

deshalb varies die amount des money you’re getting weil das each perfect form, constantly with a maximum von 0.75 euros.
 google Rewards 2  google Rewards 2

climate there is setup b, which entails tricking ns application to send sie surveys that are really connected with you. The easiest way zu sein to install a system connection and choose VPN servers in other countries, particularly those an which google Opinion Rewards functions harder as the US and UK. It ist against ns participation agreement und freundin should understand that there is control, i m sorry can deshalb fall into die traps of google .

together a tip, stays clear of answering surveys thoughtlessly, because the company places sometimes fictitious carriers they track under cheats . Picking one von them und complete ns whole process sie enter die blacklist und the hill View never ever send sie more, the is, you will notfall gain more credit. That is.

Finally, zum those who do notfall know, the credit might be used zu buy certain everything in the pat Store, indigenous applications and games subscriptions, movie rentals or even combined shopping die application.

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there ist no foolproof way zu get every surveys google Opinion Rewards und no one möchte get rich with this anwendung trick, but the advice that I have mentioned are the most useful to schutz a direkt account and remove part euros without the work.

google Opinion Rewards

Price: totally free Developer: google Download: android version: 2.3.3 und higher