Grün Ja Grün Sind Alle Meine Kleider Text

Welcome to the webpage for the 3rd Grade German class. This site is a work in progress, but zu sein meant kommen sie help students and parents. Below under die section "current projects," you will find sound files and other resources zu practice/see what we are doing bei class. As much as possible, i will try zu place the most recent thing we discover at ns top des the section "Current Projects/Announcements:"




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Current Projects/Announcements:

On Wednesday June 3, we möchte be looking punkt cognates (words similar bei German kommen sie their translation bei English) of vocabulary zum body parts and for clothing. Once we look punkt these we möchte learn a few neu words. We will also work with the laptop computers from in icart ~ above Wednesday zu practice making use of on-line tools kommen sie learn vocabulary.

Du schaust: Grün ja grün sind alle meine kleider text

KLEIDER heu KLAMOTTEN (CLOTHING) (Kleider -- clothing) (Kleider -- pull under menu kommen sie match word zum picture des each article von clothing) (Kleider -- pull under menu kommen sie match word zum picture of each article des clothing)

KÖRPERTEILE (BODY PARTS) (Körperteile -- human body parts) (Körperteile - interactive-- traction vocabulary word kommen sie body teil on on-line picture) (Körperteile -- pull under menu to match word weil das picture des each human body part)

OUR dress REHEARSAL zu sein WEDNESDAY may 27TH and OUR hauptsächlich PLAY PERFORMANCES space ON THURSDAY, might 28TH and FRIDAY might 29TH an MS 276 (OUR CLASSROOM) indigenous 1-1:25 (OUR REGULAR klasse TIME).



I passed the end a form today (Mittwoch 20. Mai) (HANDOUT top top PROPS and COSTUMES) questioning students kommen sie think about props und costumes for the play. I asked students kommen sie return this form to me von Friday, might 22nd. It must be self-explanatory. I so passed out part instructions zum practicing.

Parts schutz been assigned and the web page zum the play ist ready.

I Would prefer students to oase memorized their 2nd part von Friday may 15th.

I Would like students to oase memorized the opening des the play und their first part von Tuesday might 12th.

Link to ns Web seite for ns erste deutsch Spiel: click the image

HERE zu sein A LIST of PARTS weil das THE PLAY. Nur CLICK ON die PICTURE:

We are heading towards the final part of the year and are learning more new songs. We wollen soon begin zu prepare much more earnestly zum our traditional ende of year third grade German pat : "Das erste deutsch Spiel." This ist not a play an the true sense of the word, as there is no storyline or plot. It is more of a showcase von a large number of things we schutz been learning during ns year and a celebration des the accomplishments von the class. We schutz several more lieder to learn and it is important kommen sie practice, practice, practice (üben, üben, üben). Übung macht das Meister (practice provides perfect).

The packet for the play has been sent residence (the woche of april 27th). With die packet, students received two added items: 1) an invitation with ns dates von the dress rehearsal und performances and 2) a sheet to fill out through their oberteil 6 choices zum parts they would like kommen sie play.

Should sie need extra copies von these items you kann find them here:

Das erste deutsche Spiel-Paket (First German play Packet)

Einladung (Invitation) to die play

Handout for choices zum parts in the pat

Freitag 15, kann (Friday might 15th), we will learn the das lied about resting Beauty or Dornröschen

To hear a sound file weil das the song, click on ns lovely picture of Dornröschen


Donnerstag 14. Mai (Thurdsay might 14th),we learned a das lied about 3 Punkrockers:

Here ist the text: 3 Punkrocker mit zum Kontrabass and here is the sound file, just click top top the bild


Freitag 8, kann (Friday may 8th), we began learning an additional song for spring around birds: alle Vögel. Kommen sie hear the song, click on the picture of the birds.

The text file kann sein be accessed von clicking here: jedermann Vögel Text.

On Thursday might 7th (Donnerstag 7. Mai, us learned a song about Augustin. To see the text, click the lied title O, sie lieber Augustin .

MITTWOCH 6. MAI, 2009 (Wednesday might 6th), us learned a new rhyme about Maxi who was born in Vienna (Wien). Click the gemälde to seen the text.


DIENSTAG 5. MAI, 2009 (TUESDAY may 5TH) us learned a neu song around a hat with three corners: click the bild of the jawohl to seen the text von the lied "Mein Hut das hat 3 Ecken" , to lakers a translation of the song and a verknüpfung to a website with ns melody.


Now the we schutz learned part items relating zu our insect friends, we wollen begin to learn a series des songs und rhymes around animals:

Friday May 1st (Freitag 1. Mai, 2009) we learned a das lied about a bird the brings greetings indigenous its mother: Kommt einer Vogel geflogen -- buchstabe (click here to see the text). Zu hear the song, click on die picture des the bird.


Donnerstag 30. April (Thursday. April 30th). We learned a song about a rabbit an a ditch: Häschen an der Grube (Click here to seen the text). Click on ns picture des the rabbit to hear the sound file.


Mittwoch 29. April (Wednesday, april 29th): Time zum yet another animal song. This time about some little ducks swim :

TEXT alle MEINE ENTCHEN : Click on the picture of the duck to seen the text:


Alle bergwerk Entchen video kommen sie hear the lied sung über some German-speaking children.

Am dienstag 28. April = ~ above Tuesday april 28th, 2009, we learned a rhyme kommen sie say while illustration a cat:

To hear the rhyme zum drawing ns kitty cat, click here on the bild

Thursday , april 23rd, we learned two neu songs. The erste one is about a klein horse. Ns Pferdchen-Lied (click right here to seen the text)

Click the bild of the horse kommen sie hear die sound file.

We oase learned another neu song around a cat. It ist called die Katzenliebeslied (click right here to see the text). To hear the sound file, click right here

On April20th we learned a das lied about a a cat in the snow: ABC, ns KATZE LIEF im SCHNEE. It zu sein sad, however true the we gott snow today. Ja, Schneee im April!

To hear the sound file click on the picture


To seen the text for the das lied click here: ABC, das KATZE LIEF innerhalb SCHNEE we completed a fill-in activity zum this song an class on may 1ST. If sie would favor to seen that handout and try that again, right here is: ABC, ns KATZE innerhalb SCHNEE-Lückentext (fill-in the blank)


On April15th us learned a lied about a bumble bee:

To see the text zum this song, click here: Summ, Summ, Summ. Bienchen summ herum

To listen the lied as a sound file, you re welcome click on the bumble bee:


We deshalb learned a song about a coo coo bird: To lakers the text for this song, click here: Kuckkucklied

To hear the lied as a sound file, please click on die coo coo bird:


(Please note bei this sound document there space two various other sound files weil das songs we möchte learn shortly that c ome prior to this one)

We oase starteded working through Eric Carle"s book "Die kleine Raupe nimmersatt" (The very Hungry Caterpillar) together a means des reviewing some already learned vocabulary and to learn new vocabulary.

To see a video that corresponds to die book, please click on ns following link:

To see a second videos that portrays this story v a song weil das the text, you re welcome click on die following link:

Lecker, lecker ! (Yummy, yummy!) Hier ist das Rezept und wir bekomme den Kuchen machen.

Now the we room experts punkt singing the song about baking a cake und know all the vocabulary, we are planning kommen sie make ns batter (Teig) für a distinct cake on donnerstag 12. März, (Thursday in march 12th).

Lecker, lecker ! (Yummy, yummy!

A special thanks to Dr. Jolanta Glotzer Jakob"s (Giacomo"s) mother weil das sharing a recipe with us zum Pflaumenkuchen (plum cake). Wir gefertigt den Kuchen donnerstag und wir essen den Kuchen in Freitag!

If freundin would prefer to seen the vital vocabulary zum our recipe again that us looked hinweisen with a erklären of terms an class top top Wed. In march 11th (Mittwoch 11. März), below it is. Das Rezept für Pflaumenkuchen

On Friday March sixth we learned a neu song around a baker and baking a cake:

BACKE, BACKE KUCHEN (to see the text, click on die title hereabove) zu hear die sound document click on die cake. (If all goes well we might make a special cake prior to break.)


Handout on ns colors

We schutz started zu learn a song about colors (Farben) und professions (Berufe): (Diestag 3. März, 2009)

Grün zu sein alle meine kleider (click here to lakers the text)

Click here to play die sound file for this song:


To right here the melodie click right here on the following link:


1) ask students to tell you where German ist spoken

2) zeigen them the answer sheet zum the task we did yesterday (if sie know how zu use die LCD projector you kann sein show the from the website by clicking here Fahnen endete . Climate ask lock if they kann sein identify die names des each country in English.

3) Ask lock if they understand what vacation it was yesterday. (Fasching/Karneval/Fastnacht hagen Mardi Gras). Ask them what they know around this.

4) below is in introduction zu Fasching or Karneval or Fasnacht (explanation) You can read a wenig bit from this, nur to go over die basics

5) They can each make a Karnevalmask (I sent out enough duplicates to the printer in BD 137 (closest zu my office). They tun können color these with crayons. There is a container over über the home window either on top or on die shelves. They kann share. If lock need an additional color, they should ask weil das the color an German. They kann sein take die mask residence with them.


Recently, we schutz been working with the names des countries from die German-speaking world and recognizing what these countries look like from a map. Some tasks we did bei class on this topic kann be discovered below.

First zu sein a worksheet that mirrors where German ist sprochen. It kann be used to practice writing the country names: Worksheet "Wo spricht einer Deutsch?"

Next, is a map of European nations with each nation being identified by a number von the map. Students were asked kommen sie draw a heat from any German-speaking country kommen sie its place on die map. To lakers this erklären click here: Landkarte-Handout mit Tabelle: woher spricht einer Deutsch?

Map von Europe mirroring where different nations are.

On Tuesday (Dienstag 24. Februar), we merged our knoweldge des countries und colors kommen sie fill out a worksheet of flags des different countries with the appropriate colors. To see the blank erklären click here: Fahnen bunt malen. To seen what the worksheet should look favor when it is finished click here: Fahnen endete

On Wednesday (Mittwoch 11. Februar), ich introduced die names von countries where German zu sein spoken. To see the text des what i introduced, click here: Wo spricht man Deutsch (This ist a worksheet zu practice writing ns names des the countries and we wollen do this later an class together). To hear a sound file des where German ist spoken: click on the flags:


In klasse on Wednesday (Mittwoch 11. Februar), we completed a fill-in die blank handout zum our new counting rhymes noted below. To see or print out this handout, click here: Aufzahlreim-Cloze-Handout.

On Tuesday und Wedensday Feb. 10 und 11th (Dienstag 10. Februar und bei der Mittwoch 11. Februar), we reviewed color (see listed below under colors). We completed two handouts: one through a corresponding exercise und one with a colour exercise. Kommen sie print this out, click on the desired handout: Farben - Matching des colors handout or Farben - Malen - colour handout

We learned a few new berechnung rhymes.

Mehr sehen: Wie Viele Flüchtlinge Werden Noch Kommen Auf Eigene Faust, Flüchtlingen

To seen the text von these 4 berechnung rhymes, please click here: 4 Aufzahlreime. To play a sound file for these 4 new counting rhymes, click on die picture des the number

Freitag 30 Januar: we learned to count kommen sie 100 und how kommen sie count by tens.

To listen sound files des the numbers 20-30 und then von tens through 90 click here: 20-30 and up to 90

We started learning vocabulary for the family:

We schutz learned the das lied : britische Jakob (Frère Jacques) (Mittwoch 28. Januar, 2009) * see below zum other activities done ~ above this date

Here is a link to a pdf file von the text: britisch Jakob

To aufführen to a sound file des the song, please click on die image:

On Friday (Freitag 23. Januar, 2009) we möchte learn a song that has a little sprung to go through it:

To hear die song, click on die picture von the dancer:


To see the text zum the song click here: geliebt Schwester, tanz mit mich

We schutz learned a children"s happiness about die family. (Donnerstag 22. Januar, 2009)

To seen the text of this rhyme, you re welcome click here: Unsere familie

To hear a sound file des the rhyme, please click on die picture of the family.

We completed a erklären with fill an the blanks zum this rhyme in class on * mittwoch 28. Januar, 2009. zu print out another copy von this handzettel click here: Cloze-handout (fill-in) Unsere Familie

For vocabulary on ns family : (Vocabulary games) (Has much more vocabulary words 보다 we have learned an class and lists then in two groups, one zum male family members and one weil das female family members members) (list plus sound files)


HERE"S A new SONG ABOUT die MONTHS des THE YEAR:Introduced top top Wednesday januar 21, 2009 (Mittwoch

Die Jahresuhr

(click on the image to hear ns sound file) und click right here to see the buchstabe : die Jahresuhr

HIER IST einen KALENDAR FUER 2009 MIT FEIERTAGEN. Can you say the dates zum when these different celebrations or events take place? test yourself.


The tonnage couple des days we schutz been working through how to say dates bei German. Here zu sein a handzettel we looked at that compare cardinal (counting numbers) through ordinal numbers (numbers that show the order von things) und how kommen sie use these zu say wie we have our birthday.

Kardinale vs. Ordinale Zahlen

Because we were talking around birthdays, we learned two new songs heute : ns German date of birth song and another das lied that ist similar zu "For he"s a jolly an excellent fellow/she"s a jolly good gal": To seen the words zu these 2 songs, including ns funny version of the second song, click here: ns Deutsche Geburtstagslied und erhöht soll er/sie leben. Zu hear sound files for these 2 songs, please click on ns two images:

Sound file for ns Deutsche Geburtstagslied


Sound record for erhöht soll er ausgeforscht


* mittwoch 28. Januar, 2009, we deshalb completed a fill-in handout for the stunner version des "Hoch ziel er/sie leben"

To pring a copy of this handout, you re welcome click here: Cloze-Handout "Hochs soll er/sie leben"

We are at this time reviewing ns seasons und the months von the year. We schutz started kommen sie learn how zu say numbers up to 40 dafür that we will be able zu talk about when our birthdays are. We functioned on a handout zum the numbers from 20-30 on Tuesday, januar 13th (am 13. Januar, 2009). To lakers this worksheet again for practice composing these numbers, click here: Handout daten 20-30

To learn die months und the seasons you can click on ns following link:

The following site from the BBC so proivdes die months with a sound file for pronunciation:

On Tuesday December 16th (Dienstag 16. Dezember), us learned a song about the 4 seasons. Please see below.

For the sound file weil das the lied about ns seasons, please click on die picture des the "Jahreskreis"

weil das a copy of the composed text weil das the song, click here: die 4 Jahreszeiten

To practice die months, here zu sein a link to a game von hangman bei Quia:

Today (Wednesday, December 10th) we received a visit native Nikolaus. die children performed wonderfully reciting a poem, to sing a song und answering questions fromNikolaus. Afterwards, castle were provided gifts for the fine performance. If sie would favor to lakers pictures native this visit, click the image of Nikolaus and it will open a zip file des photos that should zeigen up on freundin desktop. Ich will leaving these and those listed below from the Christkindlmarket punkt Daley Plaza (see below) nach oben until us return after winter Break.

We had actually a wonderful time punkt our booked concert the took ar on Wednesday December 3rd punkt Daley Plaza at the Christkindlmarkt. If you"d choose to see the pictures taken von Mr. Zemil from ns trip, you kann click here.: Christkindlmarket zip file des photos

Two von the songs an the packet room ones we currently know, lock are die two Lantern lieder (they space below). We möchte next learn a song zum Channukah.


Here ist a dreidel song zum Channuka. Kommen sie hear the song file, click on ns dreidel

To seen the lyrics, click on the titel: Dreh" freundin Kreisel (Spin Dreidel)

Want to lakers what a Channukah Market aussehen like an Germany? Click below to see the one an Berlin:

Ever wonder where die Dreidel comes from. Here is some die info about a possible German-Dreidel link : Dreidel und German

To listen a medley of songs around Hannukah in video format, click here. The erste song bei the medley ist sung an Yiddish.


To learn much more about ns market weist Daley Plaza click on die following link:

On Friday november 21, us will also discover a funny das lied about die hard winter in which one wolf eats another: to hear the song click on die wolf.

To lakers the buchstabe to this das lied click here: harter Winter

We learned a song about a wenig bell. Click on die bell kommen sie hear the sound file.

To seen the text, click here: Kling, Glöckchen, klingelingeling


Would freundin like to see the explanation again that we received in class in English about ns tradtion und orgins of Nikolaustag? Just click here: Nikolaus Explanation in English

Here ist a wenig video with a song about "Nikolaus"

We learned a poem about Nikolaus : das Nikolaus Gedicht. Click on his foto to hear ns poem.

We also learned a das lied about him coming today, (Heute kommt ns Nikolaus. Click the gemälde of er with his huge bag

To lakers the text zum both this poem and the song , click here: Nikolaus Gedicht und Heute Kommt der Nikolaus

Here zu sein the sound file weil das Nikolaus, Nikolaus:

Here zu sein the text file: Nikolaus, Nikolaus

Here zu sein the sound file zum Nikolausabend :


(Please note because die song zu sein quite long, ich do not schutz all the verses an the sound file, but die melody zu sein the same zum each verse and the last few lines von each verse repeat)

Here ist the text file: Nikolausabend

Here zu sein the sound file for Weihnachtsmann

Here zu sein the text file Weihnachtsmann

For ns song O Tannenbaum, there room 2 sound files. To hear the zuerst sound file weil das O Tannenbaum, please click on die picture:

. Zu hear the second sound file, click here: O Tannenbaum sound file 2

To see the text file O Tannenbaum, click here: O Tannenbaum buchstabe file


Es is so weit... (The time has come)... Morning we wollen begin ours Laternenlauf weist 1:00. We möchte meet at our normal bench and go zu different reduced school classrooms to visit them, explain ns Lantern tradition, song songs and bestow presents upon them. If sie are interested in seeing our schedule, click here: Lantern to walk Schedule november 2008

Martin/Laternfest video This will be hard kommen sie understand zum this level, yet it has nice bild of what ns celebration looks like in Germany

Our Lanterns are just about finished. Coming soon photos of our lover lanterns.

Starting Tuesday november 4th, we möchte begin decorating ours lanterns. We oase been learning 2 Lantern lied on Thursday (Donnerstag 30. Oktober) and are gearing up zum our timeless Lab reduced School Lantern Walk. If sie would like zu practice ns lantern songs, below are the two sound files: Laterne, Laterne and Ich geh" mit meiner Laterne.

Please see the enclosed letter zum additional information. Please note that this letter was also sent home with students on Thursday november 1st. Click on die picture of the lantern to lakers this letter

kommen sie find out an ext about this tradtion in German-speaking nations click on ns following links:

Starting Tuesday October 27, (Dienstag 27. Oktober) we wollen begin kommen sie look punkt some Halloween vocabulary und two Halloween songs. If you"d favor a sneakpeek punkt these, just look at the links below.

To hear die "Pumpkin song" (das Kürbis-Lied), you re welcome click on ns pumpkin


To hear ns other Halloween das lied Ist bloß Halloween, please click the picture here


You can so print die lyrics zu these two songs by clicking here: Halloween songs erklären

We began learning the days von the week (Dienstag 21. Oktober = Tuesday, October 21st). Here is a corresponding writing task that we will complete in class on Wednesday = mittwoch 22. Oktober from Enchanted learning:

To help learn ns days von the week, we sing ns song "Laurenzia" To see the score/text and hear a sound file zum the hoden of this lied click here: Laurenzia


Want zu hear how they room pronounced? Why not let a wenig video. Help you just click top top their gemälde


Here is a PowerPoint presentation to further help you with die days von the week und some connected words:


We schutz learned a song zum Halloween about Dracula. Zu hear die sound file des the lied click on the picture of the well known count

. Zum the buchstabe click here: dracula lyrics

To practice writing v this song, you kann sein copy ns words to the buchstabe or fill-in die blanks ~ above the handzettel that we functioned with bei class. Zu get a copy von this handout click here: Dracula fill-in sheet (We perfect this in class top top Friday October 17, 2008 = Freitag 17. Oktober)

To watch or aufführen to some indigenous German speaker greeting each various other click here und followiung die instructions on the site from the BBC. Http://

We learned a new song about saying goodbye. To see the text for the Abschiedlied, please click here: ABSCHIEDLIED. Kommen sie hear die song, please click on the image:


I would prefer students zu practice these expression by listening to ns pronunciation und being able to identify which ist a postive, negative or neutral response. I"d deshalb like them kommen sie be able to say the rhyme us learned for picking someone in a video game (see ns picture des the an essential below under the numbers areas)

We wollen soon usage a worksheet in class on answering die questions "Wie geht"s?" click here : just how are freundin - worksheet

On Tuesday October 8th, we celebrated German-American job (which zu sein officially celebrated on October 6th)

To lakers a video on youtube on hollywood stars v German roots:

To lakers two videos on youtube about famed German inventions, brands und

For a buchstabe explanation des German-American work click right here (This was deshalb sent house with students):

MITTWOCH 24. SEPTEMBER( Wednesday september 24TH): We worked on writing die question zum asking someone his or herstellung name und how zu answer die question using what we contact inverted word order (This median you start with bei element of the sentence that zu sein not die subject. German word order ist very flexible.)

To seen or print out a pdf version von this handout (Wie heisst du/ich heisse ), you re welcome click on ns picture des the pencil


We oase learned how to say the numbers one-twenty and a children"s rhymes with the numbers 1-10.

Here is in interesting video from youtube with die numbers 1-9 und how kommen sie ask how much something costs:

To hear the rhyme zum numbers 1-10, click on die picture of the girl.

If sie would favor a copy des the text to this with bei English translation, click on die picture of the boy.

We"ve learned one more rhyme through numbers that ist used zum picking someone while play a game.To hear ns sound paper click on ns picture des the vital

To print out a copy des the buchstabe click on ns star.


To listen sound files des the numbers 1-20 , click here : numbers 1-20 This website is deshalb interesting due to the fact that it shows how typically ns numbers are written in German (the one weil das example aussehen a bit various than what american are offered to)

In klasse on Wednesday(Mittwoch ) Septermber 17th, students möchte work on an ABC color book. If freundin would favor to seen what this looks like sie may access die website enchanted Learning and see a thumbnail size version of the book. (You need kommen sie be a member to seen the full-size version) alphabet coloring book

If sie would like zu hear a sound file bei which ich pronounce ns entry weil das each letter, please click on ns picture of the alphabet:

Please return your student information sheet that your parents received during open house as quickly as possible. Require copy of this shee, please click on the image of ns notepad.


We schutz learned how zu say the alphabet bei German. We also have learned a das lied to do this. Zu hear ns alphabet song, click on die picture von the alphabet.

We oase learned how to greet each other.

Mehr sehen: Tausende Geschäfte Schließen Wegen Corona, In Mainz Geht Nur Noch Termin

To listen to a sound document on how to say hello und good-bye, click on the picture des the dog to die right.

One von the zuerst things we have learned zu sein how to say our names in German und to ask someone rather his/her name. To listen to a sound record on how to say this bei German, click on die picture des the kopieren, gruppe of human being to ns right.We also have a song to do this. To hear the song an which i say each student"s name bei German within die song, please click on die picture des the singer.


To work with the erklären passed out an class top top Tuesday september 30, 2008, (Dienstag 30. September, 2008)click on the following verknüpfung to see a pdf file : Ich bin ich und freundin bist du

We room selling kühl Pretzel T-shirts zu raise extr money weil das the German austausch Program. Zu download a flyer/order form click top top the foto below or contact me.