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The Guardians of the Galaxy choice kommen sie sell Groot or offer Rocket to lady Hellbender isn"t a fun one, because neither option seems great. It"s nur a terrible setup overall and while both Rocket and Groot room okay with the idea, it just feels choose a mean, exploitative way zu make a schon fast buck. But, you oase to choose someone. Dafür if freundin want zu know whether zu sell Groot or Rocket in Guardians des the Galaxy here"s where die two choices take you.

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After Nova Corp let freundin go, you"ll oase a fat well over your head freundin need kommen sie pay off and zero money to do it. Die crazy plan ns Guardians des the Galaxy come up with zu sein to market Groot or Rocket to lady Hellbender, a monster collector that möchte splash credits on interesting creatures. You"ll do your initial choice on die Milano and later oase a gelegenheit to change your mind just before sie meet Hellbender. Die choice freundin make will have quite a significant impact on the immediate gameplay, und for later, so here"s what zu expect:

Sell Groot

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If you decide zu sell Groot dame Hellbender möchte think he"s a worthy monster und offer freundin 10,000 credits for him, despite this kann be increased zu 12,000 if sie let Drax handle negotiations und don"t back down hinweisen any point. Groot wollen then it is in taken away, leading to a stealth section letztere where you sneak v a throne room after ~ a party, fight some enemies und solve in electrical junction puzzle to rescue him.

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If freundin try and sell Rocket that doesn"t go well: dame Hellbender laughs, Rocket acquire angry at die insult und there"s a lot of shooting. This leads right into a long sequence von battles where you eventually end up locked in a vault full of poison gas. It"s easy kommen sie escape though - nur get Gamora to cut down ns light in the middle von the room, und then gain Drax to throw it hinweisen a weakness in the wall. When you"re there freundin can also pick part money lying around to die tune des 12,000 credits.

What"s the best choice?

Whatever freundin decide you"ll ende up making lady Hellbender furious and fighting die same giant boss as you try to escape. The key distinctions are that marketing Groot is a bestohlen option through a little more of a chance to see dame Hellbender"s castle in peacetime (barely), when Rocket"s path zu sein purely action-focused, blasting your means out bei that quintessentially Rocket-like way. Choose according kommen sie which intrigues freundin most - environment or gameplay.

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