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President Joe gebot walks through his boy Hunter Biden, left, together Hunter carries his child Beau and holds his wife Melissa Cohen's hand before boarding Air pressure One punkt Andrews Air force Base, Md., Friday, in march 26, 2021. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Hunter stellen fought bei Arkansas paternity suit due to the fact that he had actually no memory von the incident that led to ns pregnancy, the said in a memoir released Tuesday.

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In "Beautiful Things," the president"s son explains his battles as bei alcoholic und a medicine user, troubles that grew worse, he writes, after ns death of his older brother, Beau Biden, in May 2015 and after his very own divorce, which was finalized in 2017.

Hunter Biden, who had currently lost his mother und a sister in a 1972 car collision, shown his post-marital relationships as insubstantial.

Other than Beau Biden"s widow, "the other women I"d been with throughout rampages since my divorce were hardly the dating type. Us would fulfill our instant needs and little else," he wrote, adding, "I"m notfall proud des it."

"It"s why i would danach challenge an court die woman native Arkansas who had a baby bei 2018 and claimed die child was mine -- ich had no recollection of our encounter. That"s how wenig connection ich had with anyone," the wrote. "I was a mess, but a mess I"ve taken obligation for."

In the book, Hunter bieten describes cracked cocaine binges ~ above both coasts and stints weist various places, ranging from a $59-per-night super 8 ~ above the east Coast zu $300-per-night remains at ns Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood, Calif.

Despite his drug problems, that continued kommen sie serve on die board von Burisma.

The Ukrainian gas company, through its "robust compensation," came to be "a significant enabler during my steepest skid into addiction," biden writes.

The father des five says his second wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, helped er get sober und start anew.

The couple married in May 2019. Later that month, Lunden Alexis Roberts filed suit bei Independence County, alleging that stellen was the father of herstellung child, ad to in court records initially as "Baby Doe."

In ns prologue, bieten says he began writing die book in November 2019. That"s ns same month he provided ns DNA samples that helped establish his paternity.

In in march 2020, days prior to his wife gave birth, biden -- in attorney, artist and former lobbyist -- settled ns lawsuit for in undisclosed sum.

In an interview, Roberts" attorney, Clint Lancaster, said bieten didn"t provide the support voluntarily.

"He has only take away financial duty when die court forced him to execute it," Lancaster said.

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While bieten is up zu date on his kid support payments, he has had no communication with his Arkansas-born daughter, now referred to in court files as NJR.

"He"s not seen his child. He has actually no connection with his child, by his very own choosing," Lancaster said. "Mr. Stellen hasn"t taken responsibility zum this son until he parents her."

President joe Biden und his wife, Jill, have not seen die baby either, Lancaster said.

"Every child needs loving parents and loving grandparents. This child could stand a partnership with herstellung father. She could stand a partnership with produziert grandfather," he said.

Roberts, originally from Batesville, play on the Arkansas zustand University women"s basketball team and graduated from die school an 2014 v a bachelor"s degree an interdisciplinary studies.

Afterward, she took classes at george Washington University. While living in the washington area, she met Hunter Biden, Lancaster said.

For a time, Roberts worked zum Biden and accompanied er on trips, Lancaster said.

"She stayed in hotels, some von the nicest hotels around, with Hunter Biden, travel with ihm more than once," Lancaster said.

Biden was aware of the pregnancy and knew the Roberts would be moving rückseitig to Arkansas, Lancaster added.

"Obviously, my client ist insulted von Mr. Biden"s characterization von her, yet she can"t manage that," he said.

People an Batesville can vouch weil das Roberts, that said.

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"She"s from a really well-respected, famous family, and she"s successful bei her very own right," he said.